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I Love My Job

Yesterday was a great day, it started out with me shadowing my boss in his Women's Only Workout group. Yes, it is a man who teaches/leads this group and yes it does seem a bit strange to me too, but the ladies in the class adore him and that is all that matters. The class runs from 9:15 to 10:15 but I had a PT client at 10 so I knew I would have to leave early.

Finding time

Hello there again and sorry for the delay, been working early mornings so I have been sleeping a lot and resting/recovering from workouts too.Though on Monday night, went to see my family and all the gyms in that area was closed at night. My buddy and I were disappointed in that but I dusted off my old Charles Atlas book and started using those old exercises and man did we get a workout and in just under 30 mins.Lesson today, always go back to what you know best and haven't done in a while and visit

The search for healthy“

  Its been a fun and busy week working with clients, but what I kept coming back to is the fact that so many of us have a different defection of what being healthy is“yep we all read and listen to different information and think differently but what we must all start to realized is that there is so much information out there about healthy living and not all of it is true. So we have to be wise about our health and research the information we read or hear and make the right lifestyle changes that will best improve our overall health.

4 steps to weight loss

According to the CDC Half of all americans will be obese by 2030. That's 50% -- Half -- good grief, it's an epidemic that will have health care costs of over 66 Billion dollars. This is serious. It's time to help yourself and help others get their weight under control or maintain their weight..

Who Am I?

TEAM MOTIVATION: "A MAXIMIZER is someone who has unlimited capacity of learning, sharing, developing, and nurturing. He is someone who does not set boundaries but expand them, and reach deeper up to the point of resistance. He does not stop when he meets hindrances along the way.


Walking is free..Never Ever Stop Training..


 Post workout of course! Your muscles that you will train hard today will soak up" extra nutrients - especially carbohydrates like a sponge. It more technical terms the enegry will be used and stored in your muscles, instead of you waistline. Also have lean protein has well. Pairing lean protein will carbs after a training will is optimal fpr recovery. HAVE A GREAT THURSDAY 

12 Easy Steps For Beach Ready Abs


National Posture Institute News Story: New high heeled sneaker trend is dangerous, according to podiatrist

National Posture Institute News Story: New high heeled sneaker trend is dangerous, according to podiatrist