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No blog this week

I want to thank all of you for reading my weekly blogs. This week I am not going to have a blog topic because I have been swamped and dont have time to prepare it but I will have a new one for you all next week.

Think Positive!

Improve your quality of life by surrounding yourself with positive people, energy, and places!

Group Fitness Instructors Wanted

All American Family Fitness is accepting resumes for Group Fitness instructors in the North Richland Hills, Keller, Colleyville, Southlake and Hurst, Texas area.  We are looking for certified instructors with experience in yoga, pilates, step, RIPPED, PiYo, TurboKick, SilverSneakers, Zumba, Piloxing &/or other cardio/strength formats.  Current fitness certs & CPR certs are a MUST!  Apply online at

Heart Healthy Exercises

I have been asked to film a video discussing/showing 10 Heart Healthy Exercises.  A great project to help spread the message that we all need to MOVE!  If you are currently active then you are on the right track and keep up the good work yet if you do not include physical activity into your day please consider this:  for every hour a person walks they will add two hours to their life expectany.  If that is not a powerful incentive to move than I do not know what is. 

An Apple a Day

It may be an old adage, but the theory about eating an apple every day to keep the doctor away received some scientific backing from researchers at the University of Florida. They recruited 160 women, ages 45 to 65, to eat dried apples or prunes (about 240 calories worth) every day for a year. Researchers measured the subjects’ cholesterol levels at three-, six- and 12-month inte...rvals.

10 Days!

After today we have only 10 days left until the Big BLUFFS CLASSIC!! Wow!! So many beautiful Team BuffMother are going to be representing on stage- it gives me goose bumps!!I've been working hard so that I can fit in with the FIT ladies!!Sunday I had a great leg workout which got cut a tish short because I was needed in the woods. My hubby and son needed MY MUSCLES to help get the deer my son shot out of the creekbed in our woods. Here's a shot of the deer and my son- a beautiful doe- she'll make some good JERKY!

3 easy steps to lean, youthful health

In response to the ever-present search for the elusive fountain of youth, month after month, magazines feature articles touting anti-aging secrets. However, creating a leaner, healthier, and more youthful appearance really is easy. Just commit to a daily routine that’s fun for you and feel the difference. 

What makes bodyweight training special??

First off it's a great way to gauge your fitness level if you're just starting out, don't have much equipment to work with, and/or just want to change it up. Reccommended equipment to have would be some push up handles, gymnastic rings/jungle gym xt, and a mat.  With that equipment, there is a plethora of exercises one can do ranging from novice to advanced.  The best place to go would be a park with playground equipment or pull up bars so you can hang your rings on. 

The Power of the Twist

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }      Pilates is not only designed to increase flexibility, improve alignment and posture but of course strengthen the core. One sometimes overlooked component in an exercise program is rotation.Rotation is more often associated with Golfers or Tennis players trying to improve their game.

Why I feel people do not exercise

The more I read, the more I learn and the longer I stay in the health and fitness field I become more determined to assist people in finding their own unique fitness paths.  I feel that most people believe that in order to get in shape they have to "eat like rabbits" or follow that old (and very scary) gym saying, "No Pain , No Gain!"  I am here to inform anyone willing to listen to me that both of these thought processes are NOT TRUE!