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Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Think you can't eat healthy because you're on a budget? Think again! has put together a fantasitc visual representation of what you may be spending your money on now, and the healthy food you could be getting instead. Check out their article, "$20 Food Showdown: Fast Food vs.

Enrich your diet

You can afford to buy fruits and vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables should making up most of your daily food intake and it is actually cheaper to buy produce you love. The U.S. Department of Agriculture found that consumers can eat 3 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables a day for only 64 cents! Stop buying the junk food and use your money to gain a healthy lifestyle. Try a new fruit or veggie every week and eat all different colors for added nutrients to your diet.


EXERCISE- Preadolescents  



The Illusion of Identity

“We hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye.”Carlos Castaneda

Random musings on what's important....

It's a gray, rainy morning - it's great for reflecting.  There's been a lot that has happened this past friend's incredible, amazing, great father passed away; my paternal grandmother's health is declining rapidly; my maternal grandmother's roommate had a birthday and no family or friends were there to celebrate.  Wow!!!

Insanity: Day 1, Fitness Test! 

Apple or Pear does it matter?

Hey there everyone sorry that I am  late on getting this blog done but I have been going through a transitional period with my internet connection. I will be doing this blog and you will still see this week’s blog on Wednesday as normal.Does my body shape effect my health? Apple or Pear which body shape is better?First I will define the two different body shapes and where your body stores the fat for each of them then I will discuss the effects that the fat storage location has on your health.

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