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Put down that little pink dumbbell

What do most women want when it comes to how they look?

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving to me is time spend with loved ones.  Thanksgiving is always celebrated with family and then we add friends into the mix, too.  My mom has spoiled us all by getting up early and filling the house with the aroma of food being prepped for the turkey and the stuffing.

Doing Yoga on Thanksgiving

There will be no lack of options for yoga classes on Thanksgiving. However, I suspect that many of my students, and many people generally will less be making a choice of which of a dozen classes to attend, than between yoga and cooking, travel, family, and other duties and pleasures. I thought I would make a few suggestions of ways to adapt your practice to the more common needs of this time of year, and to doing that practice even if you cannot make it to your usual class. 

Dealing With Hearing Loss

Dealing with hearing loss isn't easy. You may feel like people are mumbling or not speaking up. You may also wonder why some sounds are uncomfortably loud to you, or why people sound "muddy" when they speak. Friends and family may get annoyed with you always asking them to repeat themselves, and you may start to feel self-conscious.

Finding the Best Heroin Rehab Program

Finding the right heroin rehab program is a key step in overcoming the addiction that people who use heroin face. The following are questions that help people find successful programs that lead to recovery. Cost and Treatment — How Do I Pay for Treatment?

Body Treatments That Really Help

Is there anything worse than cellulite? As far as body issues go this is a huge one for many people. Women since the beginning of time have been complaining about cellulite on their thighs, stomachs, and backside. This dimpled skin that can even plague very thin women is the bane of many people’s existence. Even supermodels have problems on their thighs with this issue which gets promptly airbrushed out of any editorial photo shoots they do. Sometimes a specific diet and exercise can help, but stubborn cellulite needs a more specialized treatment.

5 Steps For Women To Stay Young, Fresh, Fit, And Sexy No Matter Their Age

Eat Healthy It can not be stressed enough that eating healthy is one of the most important factors i

Move more & worry less!

Are the upcoming holidays stressing you? Try this simple trick and MOVE MORE. You don’t have to join a fancy gym or follow a crazy exercise video. Find something that you enjoy doing on a regular basis, it can be a 30 minute walk with the dog or an easy strength training routine. Regular physical activity is great for your muscles, bones, heart and especially for your mind. Once you start moving you will instantly feel better about yourself and your situation.

Stop Skipping Workouts!

IntroductionStop skipping workouts! Yes, I said it.  I know, I know, exercise is hard for you to do on a regular basis. Whether it is a matter of scheduling, lack of motivation, or being too busy, you find it hard to be consistent with exercise. Here are three things you can do to stop skipping workouts.

Benefits Of Vitamix Blenders

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