Conference Blogs

Most Improved

Congratulations to Bob Burleson for being the most improved triathlete of this year.  Bob managed to place 8th at Mini Musselman, 6th at Pittsburgh's International Triathlon in his age group (40-45) and 1st  in his age group at the Pittsburgh North Park Spring Triathlon.  Bob has gotten better every race he has entered this year.   Bob trained consistently over an extended period of time and as the saying goes..."You race like you train."  

Congratulations to David Rosa

David Rosa won Elite Nationals this past July for his home country of Portugal.  David has worked very hard for this goal all year long and is now setting his sites on even bigger goals.  By tracking David's data over this past season we now have data for preparing him for his next major goal of competing in London and beyond.  Every year David has gotten stronger and his power improvements on the bike have been increadible. Congratulations David!  You worked hard for this and fought against all odds to be the National Champion.  

1/2 hour of power

This is a shameless self promotion. I've just made available on my website my first home workout video. It's only five dollars for a half an hour total body workout that, when accompanied by a sensible diet plan, will get you results. It's a no joke, all out half an hour.  If you would like to make suggestions of video you want to see please feel free to comment.  You can catch the teaser for 1/2 hour of power on my idea page.   

The "Hubby Push"

I've been working out with my hubby each night...he's actually pushed me to get going to the gym the past 2 days!!  I love that... We are going to Cancun in 2 weeks!!!  Both of us wanna be BUFF!! Last night we did a leg workout, mostly squatting...I also did bulgarians, side lunges, hack squats, leg extensions and calves.

It's your turn to pick the topic

  I have been blogging about what I want to for about 3 months now and it looks like I have a few of you following my blog. At this time I would like to know what you guys would like to know. Ask me any fitness question and I will research it for you if I don't know the answer and blog on it for you. 

Consigue una cintura de envidia...

La cintura es y seguirá siendo esa zona que tanto mujeres como hombres siempre quisiéramos que sea lmás pequeña, por lo que quiero empezar explicando que no importa cuántos abdominales hagamos ésta no se hará más pequeña como consecuencia del los 500 abdominales diarios.

It's time to take a stand (correctly)

It should come as no surprise that poor posture can and usually does affect one’s overall quality of life in a negative way. With this in mind, it’s important for us as exercise professionals to educate our current and prospective clients on the value of good posture and how they can begin to incorporate this concept into their lives daily. 

How to Eat for Weight Loss

Women's Weight Loss Diet Many of my clients are frustrated with their diet. Between atkins, high protein, fat free, low calorie, gluten free, paleo, anti-fungal, and the HGC diet (to name a few) it is incredibly difficult to know which one is right for you.

Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis?

        Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common orthopedic issues related to the foot and is defined as an inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot that connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot. Plantar Fasciitis can develop when the tissues that create arch of the foot, the Plantar Fascia, is overstretched or overused as a result of many possible causes.

Is Fat an Organ?

Many people think that fat is simply excess tissue that just accumulates from a poor diet and lack of exercise, but in truth it is much more than that.  Fat is actually very active.  It plays an important role in the healthy functioning of the body from a woman's reproductive system, to metabolism and immune function.  So if we think about fat in its true role, what does having large amounts of excess do for our body?