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Do you need to unplug?

            Do you remember the days when you needed to send a letter to a friend in order to correspond?  How good it felt to open up the envelope?  Now a days, our postal service is in peril because nobody wants to take the time to send those messages.    Caroline Myss, a brilliant medical intuitive and author, says we are trying to remove time and space.  Letters, only a few years ago, needed both time and space to reach their intended targets.  "In the absence of this time and space, all chang

Not running - sitting in the playground, June 26.

Today I decided not to run - but instead help people to be active in my community. I choose Bailey Playground - nearest from my home.1 p.m. - 4 teenagers coming and starting in front of me broking down small children swings. /the favorite activity in each playground/Hello, /I smiled/ - would you like to exercise? - Teenagers rolling eyes on me, but with interest.And I showed them very fun and simple activity.They smiling and do it, totally forgot to breaking swings!

Take It Outside!

 As I write this post on out-of-the-box workouts, I hope Mother Nature takes pity on us with more cool weather in Chicago soon so we can enjoy ditching the gym and taking our workouts outside.  I know what you're thinking: Wait a second.  Now that I committed to a gym, you’re telling me NOT to go?  YES (weather permitting), and here’s why . . .

Your Workout is only 4% of your day....NO EXCUSES!!

BLUE SKIES to you Beautiful,I was thinking about how little time it requires to get healthy everday!! When you consider that it only takes 4% of your time in a day to workout and when you add up all the time we take up just to say, 'I just don't Have Time'!! It is hard to justify the numbers when all we have to do is take that first step outside and take that walk, walk up those stairs the stairs a few times, walk the dog, walk the beach, take a hike, take a Zumba class or any other way you can get your heart rate up a little and start living your best life!!

The humbling game of golf

How is it possible that I can take a golf lesson at 10am, feel like I am a golf rock star, then not be able to do a thing I learned later the same day??? That muscle memory is just so in control! I guess I better practice, practice, practice!


I underestimated the amount of work I have to do in order to be caught up! I have in essence due been "off" my routine all of June until this week-- 3 weeks behind! This month did not turn out the way I had hoped, but "C'est La Vie"!! I'll be working hard for a couple weeks to get back to a good sense of organization. I am not only behind in my work life, I'm behind in my exercise, diet, home life etc....Time to ATTACK!!

Summer Slim Down (boot camp) week 2

Last week we had a blast sweating at Berkeley park in cohoes!!  Today marks the beginning of the 2nd week of Summer Slim Down. If you haven't yet, come down and check out a class. As of now, classes are still small but we are growing fast! Come get registered before we're all filled up.  We learn all about the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and weight-loss while you have no choice but to sweat, and get your heart and lungs pumping!! 

Choices, Choices, Choices for Wellness

A personal life balance is created by having a wellness system and understanding how you are meeting each of the items below on a daily basis.  Individualism is the ability to freely choose the system that will work for you (the examples below or your own).

Our company standards

 Commitment to “X”cellence 

Stroops Fit Stik Pro for core strength and explosive power.

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