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No Excuses

We can all find excuses for anything that we don’t want to do. When it comes to fitness, the excuses are endless – I don’t have time, I have to take the kids to their activities, I am too tired, I work too late…. the list goes on. This isn’t just women, men, you do the same thing working long hours, being coach of the football or baseball teams. We put our kids in sports to keep them active and healthy and in reality, we are getting them to exercise.

Balancing Exercise with Rest and Recovery

It is important to be in tune with our bodies, listening to what they are saying to us. When we are working out we need to focus on the muscles we are using so that we can grow their strength, shape and size. We also need to know the correct form of an exercise so that we don’t injure ourselves in the process. Just as important is knowing when to rest your body. I tell my clients that there are three prongs to a fitness regimen but actually there are four, they are strength training, aerobic conditioning, stretching/flexibility, and recovery.

Love Letter to Yourself

We regularly tell the people who are dear to us how much we love them, how beautiful they are, that we know that they can do anything they set their minds to, and how proud we are of them. As a mother of three daughters, when they were small I would write notes to put in their lunch boxes. They would be filled with words of encouragement and love. Though my daughters are all grown and there are no more lunch box notes to write I still find ways to communicate those same messages.

The Benefits of Taking Your Workouts Outdoors

For many people working out in a gym holds a great appeal where the climate is perfect, it is convenient and predictable, especially during the inhospitable temperatures of winter or summer. But there are benefits of exercising outdoors that can’t be replicated on a treadmill, recumbent bike, or track.


LET'S BE HONEST................................. When it come to health and fitness I am not perfect. Sometimes I1. Eat badly2. Lack motivation3. I have "one to many"Could go on and on but I won't. You get the picture. I struggle with some of the very same things you do. But I make up for this by1. 80/20 rule.  80% good. 20% not so good.2. Training with intensity and using my whole body.3.

Did you know?...

You really do not have to pick up your pace that much, if you have enough of will, determination, stamina and time to go at a slower speed towards your goal! Tortoise is a winner for those of you who would rather, for example,  walk than jog. Of course, if you are one of the cases who prefers to speed up and run versus walk, it makes you a winner, as well: you’ll need less time to accomplish the same fitness goal as a walker.

I'm not happy unless you are!

I'm not happy unless you are! Every session I will ask you what you want from that session. Why? Because you deserve to have fun and a great workout. but every session is different and satisfaction is guaranteed!, I don't prepare ahead of time because I don't know how you feel so I could prepare something you can't do. That would be a wasted session and your money! I know the human body and I don't need to prepare until you get there.

Love, Insecurity, and Change


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Obesity a disease says AMA!

The AMA (American Medical Association) has declared that obesity is a disease. I agree that it is becoming an epidemic but not so sure that it is a disease. For one thing, if it is labeled a disease then that means we have pretty much thrown the towel in and exclaimed "We have no control over our hands putting food in our mouths". The other thing is that we don't seem to be taking a bite out of some other disease processes like diabetes, cancer or heart failure rates and we just try to manage them so is that what we will do here?