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My clients often hear me suggest "Let's mix up your workout routine!"  Changing an existing fitness routine is a great way to stave off boredom and aid in motivation as you progress toward your healthy goals.  It can also prevent fitness plateaus which can be barriers to your fitness success. 


Many people in our culture have a distorted perception of their physical appearance and worry obsessively about how to change the shape of their bodies. We are socialized to believe that the presence of fat on our bodies is an indication of weakness and that we can achieve happiness or perfection by changing our bodies.

Week Eight

What a gorgeous day in beautiful Chicago.  Our rooms are not ready so we are just relaxing in the hotel lobby bar.  The hotel is swarming with runners and spectators.  You can tell the runners by their medals and t-shirts.  Some are showered and in street clothes, many are not.  Some are limping and obviously in pain and others look like they are ready to do it again.  What an inspiration!

18 Days to Go~ THANKFUL!!

Hi Ya Ladies,18 days left to go and I am thankful I've done so well towards my habits this week!! Today's "TASKs" are located here:


My first blog ever!!  I am excited!  Thank you for visiting. 


Climb - To ascend or rise. Reach - To come to or arrive at in some course of progress, action, etc. Achieve - To bring about an intended result; accomplish some purpose or effect.  


The more often you see something in your mind’s eye, the more quickly you’ll reach it. The more intensely you see it, the more surely and completely you will attain it. 

Yoga Poses For Bench Pressers

Do you have tight pecs from benchpressing?  Many people, including myself, fail to stretch before and after exercise.  Lifting weights strengthens but also shortens your muscles. Torn rotator cuff is a common injury among bodybuilders. Two yoga poses that will keep your chest a nd rotator cuffs healthy and flexible are cows head/gomukhasana arms and eagle/garuda arms.  Do the poses before and after your weight lifting session.

19 days left! FOCUS!

We are on day 3 of the 21 day contest, leaving us with just 19 days~ We must stay focused during that entire time!!Be sure to READ and do the TASKS for today-- FOCUS!!!

Cycling & Krankcycle Instructor Wanted for Southlake Gym

All American Family Fitness is looking for a Certified Cycling or Spinning Instructor to teach morning classes at our new Southlake gym opening in April 2012.  We will have Johnny G Krankcycles in our new facility.  All of our cycling instructors will be given an opportunity to receive instructor training on the new Krankcycles so they will be ready to offer an exciting new Cycle/Krank Fusion class to our members.  Interested applicants should apply online via our website at