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Hello Again

So sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have been busy really trying to get this business together. In fact, I do have a few new offerings that are cool. I am partnering with Commuter Fitness to offer my Move It Fitness Class now Mon-Wed-Fri at get this 5:30am. So this non morning person is getting up at 4am to inspire others. The first class was on Wed and we had 3 folks.  I am really hoping the group starts to have a following because with only 3 people it is a losing proposition for my partner.

Power Walk through Neighborhood, September 6.

What is the great day today! The school have been started, so I have decided to celebrate this date.8 a.m. - oatmeal cereal, nuts, cranberry.Coffee, water, bread with butter.10 a.m. - 2 p.m.Walk.

The National Posture Institute (NPI) Posture Pro Software System-Perform Detailed Posture Assessments! (SPECIAL OFFER)

NPI’s Posture Pro Postural Assessment software is the latest and most advanced postural analysis software. NPI Posture Pro was the first digital posture system available and has continued to be the best.

New Cafe Image: het is bijna weekend!

Het is bijna zover, 8 september ben ik vanaf ongeveer 21.00 uur te vinden in New Cafe Image achter de tap. Ik hoop uiteraard dat ook jij even langs komt om iets te drinken. Ook deze actie is in het kader van "Wings for Life" De donatie update vind je op De 200 BP grens is in zicht, help mee om deze te bereiken!

Studios, Gyms and Clubs – Maximize your ROI with CrossCore®

Studios, Gyms and Clubs – Maximize your ROI with CrossCore® Based on the 55” x 55” rack shown, CrossCore® gives you at least 29 exercises per square foot. Your total cost for the Functional Training Rack and two CrossCore180's is under $2,000.00 (optional accessories, shipping and applicable tax not included). That is an operating cost of only about $94 per square foot.

The Squat

So proper technique is vital. Best way to be sure is to have a trainer spot you and make sure you are in good form for the exercise. If you have knee or back problems talk to your MD first and use a personal trainer to make sure you are doing your workouts right. Bad form can lead to more problems. Ok so you want to learn to do a squat.1. Stand with feet hip distance apart with your toes, knees and hips all in a straight line . Start in good form and move with good form, end in good form.