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Accountability and a Balanced Meal

 I have never been able to keep a diary or food log.  When I had tried, it lasted 1 day and was written on at least 3 pieces of scrap paper.  So last year when I decided to go through my first version of the Eat Clean Program (which was 8 weeks long) I kept a photo log and posted a photo of each meal on FB for accountability.  Yes, I did this for 8 weeks.  I thought my friends would think it was crazy, but come to find out they loved the meal ideas.

Working out when you are tired?

We all get tired and we all have lots of responsibilities, yet we all need to exercise our bodies. When you are tired and not feeling like you can make it through a whole workout. Don't. Do something  but don't do the whole thing. Try doing the first half or the last half of your workout. If you just feel like stretching, do that. But don't skip it all together. If you pick one thing to do you will keep moving in the right direction and feel better about yourself at the same time. Don't be hard on yourself, just do something and feel better.

sugarholic...The devil in our food

this topic has been on my mind for some time now because of how crazy food companies have gotten by adding sugar to almost everything we eat and guess what most of us don't even know we are consuming it“that's right you might be shock to know that if you are one of the many people who pick up food without taking the time to read the labels then your most likely a victim of added sugar in your food.


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To Fear or Not to Fear-That is the Question. By Jane Birr-Life Coach

 I turn 50 this year and don’t know how.  What I struggle with is fear. What to fear-what not to fear, that is my question! Maybe you can help me out. My question relates to injury fear and mental fear.  When do you charge and when do you hold back? When half of your mind is saying, “Go for it!” and the other half is saying, “Caution! Caution! Caution!” how do you know who is right? Who do you listen to? 

National Posture Institute News- New Physical Therapy CEU Approvals California and Nevada

New Physical Therapy CEC Approvals for National Posture Institute's Certified Posture Specialist (CPS) Program for PT’s in California/Nevada: Onsite Posture Workshop: California Physical Therapy Association (0.7 CEUs) & Online CPS Program: Nevada Physical Therapy Board (1.5 CEUs) 

What A Character!

MOTIVATION: "You can always tell how much someone cares by the way they give." -

National Posture Institute News- Happy first day of spring NPI fans!

Happy first day of spring NPI fans! Even though it may still be cold in some areas, we are looking forward to warmer weather, sunshine, and a lot of outdoor activities!  

It’s not just quantity, it’s quality!