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Plan the attack...

...attack the plan!  Most of the successful events of our lives were born from a simple idea or thought. It is the same for our fitness goals.  After deciding on your goal it is helpful to put a plan into place.  Doing so will help you achieve a positive outcome.  Fitness is no different.  It is good to quantify all aspects of your new goal(s).   Exercise and nutrition both deserve equal attention when you begin to create your plan for success.  How do you create a plan? 


. 1. Squat jumps 2. High knees Start at 20 reps of each. With no rest do 18 of each. Then 16. Countdown by Twos until you do 2 of each. Better than the treadmill any day. Enjoy 

Treat the Cause not the Symptom: Part 2


TRX Certification

Recently at work my boss mentioned to me that they need more TRX certified trainers, it took me about two seconds to think about it before I said I would do it. Sunday April 7th I will become certified and I am so excited about this for many reasons.The first is I will then be able to use the TRX system when working one on one with Personal Training clients.The second is I love to teach and help people and this is going to not only allow me the opportunity to do group classes but also give me contact with more people who can potentially turn into PT clients.

I Am So Emotional

2nd CUP OF MOTIVATION: "You can act your way into feeling long before you can feel your way into action. If you wait until you FEEL like doing something, you will likely never accomplish it. The same is true for thinking. You cannot wait until you FEEL like thinking to do it."- John C.

Get out of your own way

     Get out of your own way. Seriously!  This may not be the constructive beginning to a blog that you might expect but I urge you to hear me anyway.  Get out of your own way! 

Hyperplasia vs Hypertrophy

Alot of the articles I have read concerning hyperplasia style lifting still suggest that it hasnt been proven in humans. I have utilized this style for myself for the past 5 years. At 5'7" and a consistent 230+ lbs with only 11% body fat, I would have to say it exists in the fitness world. I would like to hear about any opinions that anyone might have about this subject.

Tabata Bootcamp Workshop


Spring into Fitness

So it's spring. Sure doesn't feel like it.  Soon, though, the weather will warm and we will be wearing shorts and tank tops.  Oh no, you say?!?!?  Body image is a huge factor in today's world.  I hear all the time about arms that sag.  Boobs that sag.  Butts that sag.  To gain back the youthful appearance to your bodies, you can take chemicals to combat age, or you can build muscle mass that helps you produce hormones to counteract aging. I opt for building muscle mass.  There's nothing like a lift you get from firm muscles.

National Posture Institute News Story: UT study: Students who are more physically fit perform better academically

National Posture Institute News Story: UT study: Students who are more physically fit perform better academicallyKNOXVILLE—Middle school students who are more physically fit make better grades and outperform their classmates on standardized tests, according to a newly published study from a professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.The study is among the first to examine how academic achievement relates to all aspects of physical fitness including endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body fat.