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National Posture Institute News: Sugar-sweetened beverages associated with increased kidney stone risk

National Posture Institute News: Sugar-sweetened beverages associated with increased kidney stone risk New research from Brigham and Women's Hospital finds that some beverages may be more helpful than others when it comes to preventing recu...rrent kidney stones

Need Some Motivational Tips??? Here's 3!!!

Here's a list of tips that will help get you get motivated to get in awesome shape - and stay there! 1.) Remember that an awful workout is better than none at all.

Skinny-Fat: What It Is & How to Avoid It!

What is ‘skinny-fat’?

Why I Love July!

Yes July is the month that marks the middle of summer.  Even though we all know that summer does officially start the third week of July we all seem to look at summer is being June, July, and August. July being the middle of summer is not what excites me.  July excites me because it is the month where I personally get renewed with energy in my own exercise, fitness, wellness, and nutrition regimen.

Monday Meal Plan

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to show you a quick snap shot of a meal plan I created for myself last Monday. I have been doing them everyday this week. I really think they have helped me stay on track for healthy eating. Why not give it a try?!? Have a great weekend!

Here comes the heat

The summer is officially here in Washington State. This weekend is suppose to get into the 90's. it's wonderful having the warm weather. We spend much more time outside enjoying the sunshine. After all, we spend 9 months waiting for sunshine to come out around here. As you go outside to garden, swim, bike or walk around the farmers market, be prepared. The warmth can really catch up with you. Long before you are ever thirsty you will be dehydrated. As you head out, make sure that you keep water with you. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids.

How To Pick a Personal Trainer

Every one of us has heard the news talk about how to pick a good trainer. Well as an owner/trainer of a fitness and wellness company I also have to worry about whether or not I have picked a good trainer to work for my company. I have hired and let go many trainers over the years, all for many different reasons.  Every trainer I hire for example has to pass a qualifications test. The qualifications test involves a hand written test as well as a practical test.


Many of us experience back pain from time to time due to tight back muscles. Stretching can help to alleviate or even prevent this tightness. Lie down on your back; pull both knees to your chest; relax and hold for 15-30 seconds; release; and repeat at least twice. Doing this exercise each day can often reduce the risk for future pain.However, if you already have diagnosed medical problems with your back, consult your doctor or physical therapist before doing any new back exercises.


This has become my rally for the past several the temps start to rise, the need for people to drink more also rises. But many people also resort to drinking more than their bodies need just to help keep hunger at bay--true hunger cannot be squashed by drinking more water. Hunger is your body's cue telling you that it needs fuel--food. Thirst is your body's cue of telling it needs water--fluids.

Best Protein Supplement

I have tested various protein supplements, and my favorite is BioTrust. Hands down! Great tasting products for fatloss/ muscle building/ overall health made from top-quality all-natural ingredients. Give it a try! Check out the product here: