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Sitting: The Hidden Killer

Hurry! Stand up! Sitting down - harmful?I'm sitting down while writing this. You're probably sitting down reading it. It sounds ridiculous, how can such a natural occurence be detrimental?

Keynote speaker at FIBO Innovation Tour 2017 in London

Representing EuropeActive (formerly known as European Health and Fitness Association) and promoting specialized education and certification focused on special populations at FIBO Innovation Tour in London, UK.

What is the future of the health and fitness industry?

According to the main results of a survey that was conducted by EuropeActive (formerly known as the European Health and Fitness Association) and the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), the top future credentials for fitness professionals and the most promising work settings in the European fitness industry are highly associated with the varitety of special populations. 

How to Pick Out Swim Paddles

Looking to level up your power and strength in the pool? Strap on a pair of swim paddles and give your shoulders a workout that will leave you a faster, stronger swimmer.When it comes to your swim workouts there is no shortage of different ways that you can tweak your training. Whether it’s focusing on the upper body with pulling sets, or hammering away at your legs with kick sets, there are an endless number of ways to train.

Tips in Choosing The Best Facial Machines

Various Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Hemp Oil


To Get A Beautiful Skin With CBD Skin Care Oil


This is what you should expect after a Breast Augmentation Procedure.

Breast augmentation surgery takes around an hour or two to complete and doesn't require you to stay overnight at the hospital. When you wake up from the anesthesia, you will have the capacity to run home with a relative or companion staying with you.


Importance Of Blepharoplasty And Thing To Consider