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Personal Best

When you think about a personal best usually the first thing that comes to mind is a person beating a time or previous record that was set by that individual.  A few weeks ago I was asked to be a buddy runner in a 5k race for a school running club event.  Prior to the event my 2nd grade buddy completed a practice 5k at a time of 37 minutes which I thought was really good time for him.  Race day comes and he was just so excited that I was able to make it and I was really looking forward to running with him.  To make a long story short he ran his 5k 27 minutes which was 10

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a vibrant, healthy, happy holiday season.Best always,Jennifer

Cardio Basics & Benefits

by Marc D. Thompson Cardio, when done properly, is a strong foundation of general hea;th and fitness. Here are osme basic cardio tenets and benefots. Adapt your cardiovascular routine to your goals and change as plateaus occurExercise in your target heart rate range, not that medication, heart conditions, athleticism, etc. may alter your rangeExperiment with various programs and settings available on each machineIf seeking fat loss, work up to 30 or more minutes per cardiovascular session

Mix It Up with These Exercise Routines

One of the most common reasons that people quit exercising is boredom with the routine. Mixing up your exercise program from one day to the next is a great way to keep your mind and your body engaged and working. You’ll see better results and feel invigorated every time you work out. Try some of these great exercises to get the most out of your workout without burning out: 

Take It Easy!!

 2ND CUP OF MOTIVATION: Be easy on yourself today. Be certain to LOVE yourself. Where YOU are right now is all apart of the process. No matter what the situation looks like or how challenging it is, just between YOU and YOU, say that, I am willing to COMMIT to this. I'm willing to stick to it. I'm willing to stay on this path.I believe in YOU. Have a great Holiday Friends!


Tis the season of being bombarded with articles and commercials showing you how to be a completely new person.  New habbits, new feelings, new friends, new food = new you. To many of us, this feeling is very familiar. Every year we anticipate that we will be the girl in the commercial wearing a bikini on the beach and feeling oh so confident.  We'll only eat clean and we will never feel bad about ourselves.  Our relationships will be perfect and we will float through life with a perma-grin :) 

Redefining Wellness and Aging

Fitness & Function LLC has embraced the newly recommended paradigm shift of integrating structured/progressive exercise protocols into an individual’s plan of care, and innovative partnerships between physical therapists and health/fitness professionals to create longer duration interventions for the greatest results and to benefit the older adult who may be at risk of falling. We are the balance and mobility specialists and have the credentials and expertise to deliver results. Fitness & Function LLC is a qualified program provider with Empowris.

Laser Hair Removal in Sydney - Why to Choose

If you are absolutely vexed about frequent waxing or shaving, then you might have heard about laser hair removal in Sydney. If you're not aware of this treatment, then here's an overlook into how it works and find out why it’s the best one out there. It is one of the most effective, painless and safe ways to get rid of excessive or unnecessary hair from literally any part of your face as well as body. 

Free Your Posture with Mary Bond; Liberate Your Head and Neck

Haivng listened to another great interview with Mary Bond, I am inspired to share the information; Mary studied with Ida Rolf, and is leader in the field of balancing the body from within. Mary eloquently differentiates between support and stabilization and how this affects the way we inhabit our bodies.  Support is received from the environment; if we trust our environment and feel supported, we may release tension and arrive at a sense of relaxation.  Stabilization is generated from within, and demands internal tension, in essence to protect oneself.

How Exercise Changes Our DNA

The field of Epigenetics illuminates how our environment and behavior affect the expression of our DNA.   A fascinating study highlighted in the New York Times, (