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. We have less and less of it each year it seems. The demands on our time are greater. Exercise seems less of a priority. Who has an hour to train these days anyway? Here are 2 tips to make your training time more efficient.

What a Character

2nd CUP OF MOTIVATION: Our Character is who we are on the inside, showing up everyday, on the set/stage, in our daily lives. Awareness is where we start, the practice and rehearsals. Our CHARACTER is the daily program and career, where we continue the work. 

So Many instructions.....So Little TIME!!

Confused by all of the health and fitness advice you see posted just about everywhere?  You are not alone.  I mean who isn't confused by No Carbs, No Sugar, Fruit only, just eat cabbage soup, sprinkle this on your food and you will shrink a size, Juice cleanse, Paleo diet, HCG diet, 1200 calorie a day diet, and so on and so on.........What the H~E~ Double hockey sticks are we supposed to eat!  I seriosuly see things about these posted evry single day and am quite frankly getting sick of it.  Who has time to read it all, let alone try to process and understand it

Eat and lose. Eat and WIN!!!

I am reposting this blog from "Just Eat Real Food", whom you can 'friend' on Facebook if you'd like.  I wish that more people would understand how easy, how important, eating healthy food is.  Your entire body reacts to the nourishment [or lack of] within the foods you feed it.  Why feel less than the best you can??  Why look older than you are?  It doesnt take much to change your eating habits.  Once you do that, the changes begin internally.


 1. Pick an exercise and do as many reps has you can do in a minute. You will use all your muscle fibers in that body part and breakthrough and spark new growth.

As seen on Dr. Oz, Get out of Pain, Get Melted!




You Decide!

Decide today that you will have no regrets.

You CAN do pull ups!