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Play it Safe!

Everyone loves to get into great shape at the speed of sound, but the extremes gym-goers are willing to endure need to be taken into serious consideration. Believe me, I’m as big of a fan of high-intensity exercise as anyone on the map, but you need to draw a line at what’s safe and just plain stupid. Forgive my abrasive language, but if I don’t give you the straight dope, you might not take me seriously. Speaking of serious, this is a good segue into what I want to cover—a SERIOUS condition known as Rhabdomyolysis.

"I simply can't get physical activity because...

I work long a desk”in front of a computer”on the phone”in meetings”on business travel” 

Have a Fit Summer!

Fit tips to have a fun and healthy summer! 1. Swim for Cardio - Swim a few laps or play around with your family in the pool--> Great way to cool off and get your heart pumping! 2. Choose Fruit instead of Sugar - Cupcakes can be tempting at those BBQ's...but try some fruit to fix your sweet tooth! If you're chosen to bring the dessert make up a nice fruit salad! 

The Best Motivational Technique

I frequently blog on techniques to improve motivation, such as goal-setting, finding like-minded people to train with, keeping a fitness journal, etc. It is often difficult to stick to a regular exercise routine and all too easy to blame the demands of our jobs, the kids, our spouses, etc., for our lack of exercise. However, today I am going to offer up a motivational technique that you may not have considered… Become an Instructor 

Chronic Stress Leads to Weight Gain

Chronic stress, which causes prolonged secretion of cortisol, leads to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome (i.e., adult-onset diabetes), which leads to weight gain. In addition, studies have shown that when cortisol is released into the bloodstream, you become less sensitive to leptin, a hormone that controls our appetite so you end up eating even more when you are stressed out! Being in a chronic state of stress also decreases growth hormone, testosterone, and HDL (good cholesterol) and it increases your insulin, blood sugar, LDL (bad cholesterol), and blood pressure.

Weight Loss and So Much More!

I'm often contacted by clients who want to lose the weight they've gained through pregnancy.  They long to get back the body they had before they got pregnant or, in some cases, even a healthier one!  Most of the time they have a "number" in mind.  A number they want to see on the scale or a number of pounds they wish to lose.  Sometimes they let me know that number right off.  Sometimes I have to ask some questions, but almost all of them have a "number" they want to achieve. 

Fertility Fitness

How exercise and weight-loss can prevent and reduce infertility.One of the most significant developments in infertility management has been in changing lifestyle factors. It has become obvious that there is a clear relationship between weight and fertility as well as fitness and fertility. 

How Moms can Mold the Health of Their Babies

Epigenetic scientists have discovered that moms while pregnant can with their diets and lifestyle mold the health of their babies. The FASEB Journal published a study proving that we are what our mothers ate or didn’t eat while pregnant. Genes can be modified by the environment (mom’s lifestyle).  Rat fetuses receiving poor nutrition grew to be smaller and at higher risk for diabetes, growth retardation, cardiovascular disease, obesity and neuro-developmental delays etc….

How Does Exercise Make Moms Healthier? Active Moms Have Longer Stem Cells

Exercise affects the length of muscle stem cells, which play an important part in the muscle, organ and tissue repair process. Telomere length -- the length of the terminal caps (teeny DNA) of your chromosomes -- is considered to be a factor of aging and health. Vigorous exercise and activity may be associated with longer telomeres, and hence greater health and longevity.

Starting Again

In my own attempt to keep on track with my fitness goals, I purchased a great pair of jeans today.  They are one size small.  I see this as encouragement and a remeinder of where I want to be.  Can't wait to wear the jeans with the butterfly stitching.The up and downs of the fitness journey lasts a lifetime.  One goal is to just keep taking steps no matter how small or large.  Determination can create fantastic results.