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Prevention And Diagnostics In Dentistry: Modern Miracles

When was the last time that you read about the exciting field of dentistry in the news? It is not something that is covered that often, and yet some of the most ground breaking and astonishing advancements that we have seen in modern times are being made in that field and in that field in particular – something that most of us are completely unaware of.

Two Biceps Exercise for Bigger Guns

Biceps are also known as guns, but if the biceps looks like peashooters, it will be a male embarrassment to call it guns. Having a significant, defined arms needs hard work and some blood, sweat and tears for sure. Patience for workout after workout, perspiring through the same style of curls, daily, monthly or yearly with no end? Sounds painful and impossible!Focus on this two biceps exercise

Secret to preventing premature baldness among men – Some health and fitness tips

It is surely a blessing to have healthy, strong and glossy hair. However, many people aren’t too fortunate to be blessed with that kind of unicorn hair which we usually dream of. In fact, there are many who lose their hair during the early 20s which leads to premature baldness at a very young age. Among majority men, baldness is the primary cause of their trauma as experiencing baldness during the middle age seems usual and ordinary. But if you become bald at a young age, this seems to be like a physical disorder.

Mad Scientist ... by The HG Ghostwriter

She is a mad scientist and the gym is her laboratory … mixing, adding, planning, executing. You can see it in the class schedules and you feel it in every class. All the instructors share in her “madness.” They take a little of this, add a bit of that, and a touch of who knows what … they build, they blend, they blur the lines between practices and thus bring us creations like Tabata, Piloxing Barre, YogaBlast, BarrreBell, and coming soon - POWERBarre.

Want a Rounder Butt For Summer?

ummer is here and so is swimsuit season. What’s hotter than a nice round butt at the beach? Nothing! We all want this rounder fuller butt. Well in this post, I will give you three good exercises to get the best bum this summer.

3 Ways Regular Exercise Can Change Your Life For The Better

Most people understand that exercise can improve their health, but they only have a vague idea about how. As a result, they avoid exercise because they focus on the strenuous nature and difficulty of fitting it into their busy lives. They think the idea of getting sweaty and uncomfortable as something negative. They don't understand that the worst workout you can do is the one you never do.

Late Night Cravings

  I know most of us have had a love/hate relationship with food in the past (love the taste of chocolate cake, hate the extra calories showing up on my tummy), but moving forward we need to re-think the way we view food. Not so much in terms of good/bad, but rather how useful is it in giving us what we need to be at our best.  Believe it or not, food is your greatest ally in creating an active, healthy lifestyle. When it comes to nutrition, here is the question I ask people quite often.What do you really want? 

Spa treatment for Stress

Most of the people admit that they have been suffering from stress. Moreover, maintaining healthy eating habits is also difficult in today’s time. Whether you eat a lot to fill your emotional needs or grab the fast food because you didn’t had the time to prepare something healthy, a stressed out lifestyle like this is unlikely to be a healthy choice for your body. Weight gain during stress is also very common and it might be due to body’s system of hormonal balance and check. Dealing with stress can be painful and finding solutions to get out of it is not that easy.

The Pyramid People Keep Falling For

The first food pyramid was introduced in the 1970's, and it is supported by the USDA. The food pyramid calls for a diet high in carbohydrates, such as grains, cereals, rice, etc., and a diet low in fats. With that said, why are obesity rates and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's on the rise? Society is constantly told to exercise and follow proper nutrition guidelines.