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Fun in the Sun Tips

I was on WJLA's workout wednesday segment yesterday giving some advice on staying safe while exercise. Watch the full interview using this link.   

Free Counseling for Obese Rating

No one likes to see or hear the obese word; but, there is good news. This too can be taken care of, with the proper help. Please check with Medicare for one year's worth of free obesity counseling, which is a new benefit being offered.Best of health to everyone.

The Truth About Energy Drinks

by Martina M. Cartwright, PhD, RD 

2 Days Left

2 Days left until TM 2015 in Lake Tahoe. . . Here We Go!  

10 Reasons Why Optimal Fitness is an Investment in You

Taking the time to work out and eat right is a legitimate investment in you and your wellbeing. Achieving a great level of fitness will absolutely contribute to your success in life. Let’s take a closer look at what fitness can do for you. #1-More Energy 

More Than You Wanted To Know About...Stability Balls

Stability balls are an awesome tool to add to your arsenal. They’re big, bouncy, fun and if you have one sitting in your living room, well hey…it makes for a great conversation starter. 

Get Fit Like Chris Pratt


Functional fitness

Most people don't consider golf a very fitness-intensive sport, and indeed it's not very intense in the cardiovascular sense, but it does require a level of control over the body that can only be achieved through athletic training and functional fitness techniques.

How Private GP Clinics are Working with NHS GPs

If you currently go to a private GP in London, such as the London Doctors Clinic, you may have heard about how private GP clinics are working alongside, rather than in competition, with NHS GPs. But if you're unclear about how exactly this will work, or if and how it will affect the level and type of care that you receive when you see your doctor, continue reading to learn more about this important topic.