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5 Secret Techniques To Lose Weight Quickly

Every health and fitness and medical expert will tell you to adopt an approach that is characterized by the following when it comes to losing weight:

Fitness Trackers

Beware of using your activity tracking device, be it expensive or not.This can save your life or harm you. How?The information being stored has been used at the doctor's office to help diagnose the presence of illness. The doctor will compare your information with their office numbers. We are more relaxed and active when away from the doctor; so, you can see how this will give the doctor a more complete picture of your well being. If you are lost, the gps will help locate you.

The Inextricable Link Between Water And Good Living

Water is life. However, you should note that this assertion is only accurate when you the quality of water that you consume is good enough for human consumption. In this regard, high-quality water has a lot of benefits and the Center for Disease Control & and Prevention, popularly known as CDC advises people to drink up to 8, 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Therefore, drinking water is an important aspect of staying healthy.

Have you met the A Team?

I would like to introduce you to the BEST instructors around - the A Team! They have it all: training, expertise, and a TRUE LOVE of fitness. No divas in this group. No drama. Just a bunch of nice, super smart women who deliver a specialized, fabulous class each week. These women are all BUSY moms. Some days they teach they are not feeling 100%, and yet they never fail to show up - many at 5:30 AM - to encourage and motivate YOU. It's for the love of fitness and empowering others that they do this - they sure aren't in it to get rich :) 

Not Magic Berries Found Under a Bear's Bottom!

Many people today are trying to sell you the Magic Berry found under a bear's bottom, I can assure you ID Life is NOT that!  With a medical panel, third party credibility and science, we can offer you the purest, most natural supplements on the market. Watch the video and ask the questions.  It's important to know what you are putting in your body. Take the FREE, HIPAA assessment on my page and ask WHY ID LIFE!

Danny Jacobs and the 5 most inspirational boxing stories// boxi

 Danny Jacobs and the 5 Most Inspirational Boxing StoriesBilly Miske William Arthur Miske, aka the “Saint Paul Thunderbolt,” started his career as a middleweight in 1913, during what would later come to be called the “no decision era,” eventually fighting at light heavyweight and heavyweight for the remainder of his career.

TPI performance test 8: Cervical Rotation Test

This is the last in our series of TPI Performance tests.  If you haven't read the other seven, you should check some out at

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10 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn Fat...

1. Eat every three hours or so as this will keep your metabolism running in ‘high gear’ for extended periods. If you are unable to eat every 3 hours try incorporating protein shakes into your routine.