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I have to say I do enjoy dining out. I like having someone else wait on me. I like not having to clean up and do dishes after the meal. I find it to be a fun treat. Another good thing is that if you don't like something about the meal you have someone else to blame other than yourself. Sometimes, though, I find the disadvantages of dining out are greater than dining in. When your watching weight, it's so much easier to control exactly what you are eating at home. Foods can be cooked according to your liking with less fat, salt, and/or sugar.

Foods that make you gain weight

1. Smoothies-- smoothies can be very high in calories, especially if you order them out somewhere. They add sugar and syrups. **Make your own smoothie at home-- add fruit, non-fat greek yogurt, a little water and ice cubes** 

Confidence is EVERYTHING

Have the confidence to act on who you are and what you know, even if you sometimes cannot explain why. We call this "Gut Instinct". We all have that place where we "feel" what is right and what isn't. Trust it, believe in yourself, and make choices based on it. Authenticity is always the best choice.

CrossCore® Training and Education Program – Come visit our newest Host Facility, Uncommon Age in Stillwater, MN

If you are in the Stillwater, MN area, please sign up for the first CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ Course Level 1 at our newest Host Facility, Uncommon Age. This class is being held Saturday September 22nd from 11AM-5PM. This is a 6-hour CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ course worth 0.6 CEC's through NASM and 6 CEC's through ISSA. For more info please go here 


Hi everyone -  In case you don't have Facebook, I decided you shouldn't have to miss out on the recipes that I post on that page. So I am creating a blog post every so often and will add a few recipes at a time, so you can try them as well.  Enjoy!Note:  These are my own recipes; I will post the source if I use a recipe from another source, so they get the credit!  

Help Each Other Out

The point where you realize what you don't know and seek to understand is a huge turning point in any situation.  As I progress towards a new certification it is quite humbling to realize there is so much I do not know and as the forever perfectionist this is a tough pill to swallow. This is where you have to realize there will always be someone out there who has the knowledge to help you and you need to pay it forward with knowledge you posess that others may be after. 

Mulling over Movement

 I recently had the privilege to review a manuscript which tries to address the question which we are all asking: considering the well-known risks of not exercising and excess weight, why is it that we – as a nation – are getting more unfit and heavier at the same time. To start with my punch-line; this may feel like a downer: I do not have the answer either. 

Drink Up!!

Summertime HEAT is upon us and staying Hydrated is of major importance!! It’s important to KNOW, severe Dehydration can lead to Death. 

Heat Exhaustion

 Summer weather encourages long durations of outdoor activity and exercise regimines.  Being aware of the health risk associated with high temperatures, will help keep everyone safe! High temperatures and humidity produce an increased risk for heat exhaustion, a common seasonal health condition.  Heat exhaustion is one of the three heat-related syndromes, whose symptoms are a result of your body overheating. Without prompt treatment, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, a life-threatening condition. 

KILLER Chest Workout on the CrossCore180®

Thanks to Mike Hamel of Canada for making this video.  Watch the video here