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Love, Music of the 1960s, and Martin Luther King, Jr.


Stop asking me to peddle your shit

In a little over a year since I became a full-time trainer for the YMCA, I've been approached by seven individuals who have a business proposal (creating a side business) that will supposedly grant me financial freedom.  I've often found these individuals to be a bit ignorant in what is permissible for a personal trainer.  Most of them are unaware of the fact that I do have a scope of practice to follow.  Most of them just assume that because I am a personal trainer, that whatever they have to sell (health products, supplements, drinks, etc.), will be an easy sell to

HowStrong Are You?

We all measure strength in different way, some by physical weight, others on the problems, burdens or situations we bear. I say define what strength means to you, then revisit your definition. Does it change based on circumstances or situations? As long as you are comfortable and secure in defining strength in your life, the. You will be strong!.............. "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

A Meditation on the Beauty and Science of Movement

A bicep curl is a movement where a muscle called the biceps brachii shortens to pull the forearm up into flexion. 

How much water do you drink a day?

That is a question many people can't answer because they have no idea.   Drinking coffee for breakfast is not drinking water.   Drinking soda during the day is not drinking water.   Drinking milk or juice for dinner is not drinking water.   Yet often times people think that any liquid is good for their bodies.  

Can studies ever clarify the weight training vs. cardio debate?

Even if you haven't done much research at all into health and fitness routines, it should be fairly obvious that combining weight training with cardio exercise, such as running, will be most effective at burning calories and reducing bodyfat. Studying the studies

XTREME MAKEOVER - These women are amazing!

If you are following this blog please help me cheer these gals on.  They absolutely rocked their group workout this morning!  Energies were high and with obvious determination they powered though RIP TIDE.  In the coming hours I am sure they will be icing, foam rolling and stretching!  It's a good thing we covered those 3 very important revovery items. :)  If things continue as they are now there is no doubt what so ever that goals will be met and every one of these ladies will continue their journey.   Check ya later and have a great weekend!

STUDY: Lack Of Exercise Twice Deadly As Obesity

It’s no secret that inactivity is bad for your health, but it may be worse than previously thought. According to a new study, it’s even more deadly than obesity—twice as deadly, in fact. Researchers at Cambridge University studied more than 334,000 men and women over 12 years. After measuring height, weight, waist circumference and self-reported levels of physical activity over that time span, it was found that moderate physical activity helped to lower a person’s chances of premature death.

Drawn to it

I am once more moving away from my fitness field to talk about art which to me is therapeutic and stress-relieving (well, maybe I am talking about wellness after all …..) I bought a beautiful piece of artwork called ‘Odette in a Dogwood Forest’ by Jaimon Caceres which unites in one piece my love of painting and my love of ballet. It is in a place where I see it often in the course of the day, and every time I pass by it makes me smile and feel happy. 

10 Fitness Trends for 2015

 10 Fitness Trends for 2015