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Ask the Trainer.....

What are YOU doing to save more lives and make a dent in the obesity epidemic with your fitness business?   I love what I do. I help to motivate  individuals who never ever thought that they could change their lives. I help people to see a number on the scale that they have not seen in years. Through Fergie;s Instructional Training, individuals learn about nutrition and healthy choices.

Staying Healthy vs. Getting Healthy

Do we ever really appreciate our good health? Maybe not until we experience an injury, sickness, illness or some type of condition that sets us back. In reality, most of us are striving every day to either maintain our good health, or to get it back! Either way, I believe that it is super important to keep a strong mental attitude (think positive) and to listen to how our bodies are responding. The mental game is just as important as the physical aspect. I see it all the time in athletes, as well as non-athletes when they share their stories of miraculous recoveries.

Changing the Conversation

When meal time rolls around, do you ever find yourself thinking, "What do I feel like eating? Chinese? Mexican?

Focus T25

As I enter my 5th week of Beta round of Focus T25, I find myself really looking forward to my favorite DVD. Speed 2.0. OMG!  I love the energy, the exercises, the music and how you can exercise to the down beat. The time zooms by even faster and makes for a real sweat fest. I LOVE IT! Shaun T is an exercise genius!

Today's Fitness/Health Tips: HIRING A PERSONAL TRAINER

Working with the right personal trainer can really help you reach your goals. Our fitness experts recommend you consider these important criteria when hiring a personal trainer: Is he or she certified by a reputable organization such as the American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise or National Strength and Conditioning Association? Do they have an academic background in health or exercise science? Have you heard positive comments from other clients? Are their fees reasonable? Can they meet your schedule?Does their personality click with yours?

Pushing the Limits

Yesterday was a challenging day for me. I set the bar high for myself with a 3 mile hill repeat run followed by a 90 minute hot yoga class. Twice I found myself right on the edge. I felt like I had no more to give, and slightly sick, but I pulled something from somewhere and finished the workouts. By the end of the yoga class I was limping in, but I finished, and I felt so accomplished it's not even funny. 

Why do you workout?

Have you ever thought about why you workout?  Is it maybe to lose weight, look better, health reasons, prepare for a sport or activity?

Muscle vs. Fat


The Travails of Travel

I loved the last IDEA conference but getting there and back was a different story. I remember those days when I thought that traveling for business was so glamorous. Actually, I hardly remember it because it lost its glitz very soon while I was still working with IBM. And there I had the advantage of turning my expense sheet in and getting reimbursed. One of the joys of being self-employed: you pay for yourself. It being a business expense does not change that. 

OH CRAP...........................MY BACK!

What To Do When You Strain Your Lower Back? Haven't you always wondered? Watch the video for answers.