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Thinking about the next set!

Thinking about the next set!

Back into the swing

I had my 6 weeks post pregnancy check up - all is good.  I can start working out again but I will take it slow and build up to where I was pre-pregnancy.  I have gone for several walks, making sure to take a few hills along the way.  I can still feel a bit sore from the incision every once in a while so no high impact activities yet.  

Stress, Eating and Exercise

Did you know that researchers are keenly interested in how stress influences eating behaviors and leads to obesity? In fact, a substantial amount of scientific research has been committed to unraveling this complex question. What does it say, and how can it help you stay healthy?

Valentine's Special

With Valentine just around the corner why not celebrate with health and fitness?

Want to be a part my Test Group to get Fit?

I'm looking for people who want to tighten up, build muscle, and lose FAT in only 21 Days.If you have eve

Water up

You need to be well hydrated while you're on the go in your busy day to day busy routine!!! Being hydrated by just 2-3 percent will impair aerobic workouts up to 10 percent. Yes this means no water no weight loss for you my friend. Luckily there is a chance you can lose all the weight you want and the remedy isssssssss !!!! Yep you guessed it WATER

Never Eat These 3 Foods


Hot Weight Loss

If you enjoy eating spicy foods you're in luck. Besides being delicious, spicy foods have been shown to increase metabolism. That doesn't mean you can cover your junk food in hot sauce and make it healthy. Just eat healthy and add a little spice to it. Better Body, Better life!

Need a Nice Studio Space in Hilo Hawaii to Teach Classes

I'm looking for a bright energetic happy fitness studio with positive motivated people where I can go to teach my Whole Body Blast Fitness Classes every week starting in MARCH. If you know of any leads I would love to hear from you.

When Life Gives you Lemons.....USE THEM!

The morning after a night of indulging in a decadent dessert, drink a glass of warm water with lemon before eating or drinking. This will help stimulate digestion and elimination—in other words, it helps to clean out the pipes.