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Weight Loss Supplement Harmful

A study done by Oregon State University has confirmed that weight loss supplements do not work and can cause anxiety , insomnia, liver problems and stroke . I have tried a few of these supplements and did not respond well , I believe that proper diet and vitamin / mineral supplementation work best . The body is a delicate eco system and when that balance is shaken with overstimulation from these products you don't know if you are coming or going.

How Task Demands Affect Balance and Mobility

Balance and mobility skills are affected by the complexity of the tasks being performed.  This includes whether the individual is standing still or moving, or seated on a firm or unstable surface.  Is the individual performing a single task or dual/multi-tasking?  For example, walking while carrying on a conversation with a friend will create more challenge to balance skills than just walking without conversing.   Dual-task situations require attention to be divided between two or more tasks, which means some attention is taken away from the task of maintaining bala

30 Cheers for 30 Years

 Today is Monday, the day following 4 days of the most rich and fun IDEA World Fitness Convention I’ve ever attended. I am both exhausted and elated.This morning I woke up with flecks of glittery eye makeup still clinging to my face, reminders of the great parties I attended during the weekend. The makeup will wash off, but the inner sparkle I gained over four days of pure atomic energy from 6,000 attendees hailing from more than 80 countries is permanently engraved inside me. What a wild and fun ride this one was!

Grow Up!!!

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Trust the good in your HEART. Go for what you believe is within you to do. Trust that it is right and leading you into the way of, what may not be called easy, however the way that is RIGHT just for you.

UNDER ARMOUR Metabolic Conditioning

UA Metabolic ConditioningGoal: Setting and achieving a goal, whether it’s weight loss, inch reduction, cardiovascular endurance, or strength improvement, UA Metabolic Conditioning will set you up for success by having you on a program that includes bi-weekly weigh ins, weekly motivational e-mails, nutrition logs, and take home workouts.What will I achieve?

Change Up Your Workout and Reap The Benefits!!!

I have spent the last 4 days traveling and visiting with family. Just because I am on vacation doesn't mean the workouts stop. I continue to do my physical therapy for my knee and my daily strength/cardio/flexibility workouts. My parents have a great personal gym in their basement and a pool. It's been wonderful to change up my workouts with the equipment and different environment available to me here. I feel reinvigorated, stronger, faster and able to take my workouts to the next level. Surprisingly, the only thing that's changed is my environment!

Supplementation Labels

 Make sure to read the entire label on your supplements:To ensure that your children and the kids your personal circles, exercise groups, and fitness facilities are completely aware of the age limitation on many labels. In fact, many supplements are not for kids at all. Only specifically recommended supplements that are for kids should be taken by kids.Remember if you can get quality food, go with it first. Then supplement as recommended by doctor or as needed if you're under you”re dietary needs and your doctor approves.

Welcome to my fitness blog

Here I will not only hold you accountable for your fitness and health, but I will hold MYSELF accountable for my own choices and workouts. Stay tuned!


Hello! BODY, MIND & SOUL (Physical, Mental and Emotional) make sure you are taking care of all of these on a daily basis.