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Know when to rest...and do it!

I recently injured myself at school teaching high jump. I pushed off my left leg and POP! I thought someone had held a microphone to pocorm kernals popping!  It was loud! But, was the sound in my head or did it actually sound like that for real? I landed, on the mat, with a million thoughts going through my head such as: " Did I blow out my ACL? PCL? Pull a muscle? Twist my knee, dislocate my hip???? What did I just do?"I hugged my knee- collected my thoughts said out loud "Oh my knee!"  

Back on Track

Hi!I have been sick for 10 days and this is really kicking my butt!  I am starting back on my exercise routine today at a slower pace.I read an article in my personal trainer magazine about a study done involving exercise and diet and diet alone.  I was shocked to read the people who did both exercise and diet on lost 1 pound more then the people doing diet only! 

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: KEEPING KIDS' SPORTS SAFE

The popularity of children's sports continues to grow as parents recognize the benefits of having their children participate in sports and recreational activities. But parents need to take necessary precautions. More than 2.3 million children ages 14 and under suffer medically treated sports injuries each year. It is estimated that half of all sports- and recreation-related injuries can be prevented.

5K Benefit Run with Brothers In Arms Foundation

Elders Fitness is sponsoring another 5k Benefit Run for Fallen Marines, the families they left behind, and combat wounded Marines from OIF and OEF. I will be posting BIAFs mission statement later this week. This organization is doing spectacular things for the families of its Fallen Brothers. Really touched my heart.Again, the Monroe Parks and Recreation Department has authorized the use of the Parks Williams Athletic Complex at 2011 Ashton Ave Monroe, NC 28110 for the event. Monroe is a stellar city and I am proud to say that I am a resident.

These foods, drinks, and tips help you sleep better (preventing insomnia

) by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist I've noticed in my travels and with working with clients that a large majority of people in today's fast-paced stressful world are struggling at least part of the time with falling asleep at night.


 Shane McLean, ACE Certified Personal Trainer with the T. Boone Pickens YMCA Recently my kids challenged me to wrestle. How could I resist? This is a regular activity in our house and is something we have done countless times before, without incident. However this time was different.As we were tussling, I suddenly felt an intense, sharp stabbing pain in my lower back. My back locked up, and I could barely get up off the ground. My kids looked confused. “Daddy hurt his back again,” I explained. “No more wrestling. Sorry.”

The Key to Great Abs!

A toned, lean stomach is the ultimate sign of a fitness plan that's working.  

Mr. Rick

As I look back on my blog history, I can't believe it's been so long since I've written one. Many people know me as a personal trainer and health coach. Many more people know me by my day job. Yesterday I was driving through a parking lot and saw a man open his trunk. He had no less than six pairs of shoes in his trunk. I worked my way up to him and politely asked why in the world he had so many shoes. The man (Mr. Rick) told me that he loves to walk, sometimes 4 hours a day, but he just can't seem to find a pair of shoes that will keep up with him!

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: REAP THE REWARDS OF 10,000 STEPS

Consider wearing a pedometer! Numerous studies have shown that pedometer users not only increase their activity level, they also enjoy the benefit of weight loss and lower blood pressure. This small, inexpensive device measures the number of steps or the distance you walk each day. It tracks both structured exercise and everyday activity. One mile is usually 2,000-2,500 steps, depending on stride length. Start sensibly and gradually increase your steps or distance.

Dismantling Muscle Dysmorphia

     Muscle Dysmorphia is defined as a disorder that deals with obsession over the perceived muscularity of one’s body. Simply, it is the psychology that one’s body is too thin and not muscular enough. Essentially, Muscle Dysmorphia (M.D.) is the male reverse counterpart to female Anorexia nervosa. It is categorized as a branch of obsessive compulsive disorder and is VERY COMMON in today’s gyms and society…much more than we think. I will admit that some define M.D.