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  I wish you health, happiness, and courage to take on whatever challenges you choose in 2013. Now is the time to define goals and intentions for our lives, and to set the wheels in motion to achieve them. By taking action in 3 simple steps, we can see results immediately. 1. Define your top 3 goals; write them down; transforming thoughts into action raises them from one’s subconscious to conscious mind. 

Some Assembly Required

 Throughout the month of December, we have been giving our fitness studio a serious facelift. We replaced the office type flooring with light rubberized gym-flooring and painted the walls and ceiling. While we had everything out and about, it was a good opportunity to re-think the layout of the equipment which resulted in some rearranging of the larger machines. 

PILATES ON THE BEACH; Bring in the New Year at the Malibu Beach Inn


Difficult but worth it!


National Posture Institute Research Review: Consuming breakfast and exercising longer during high school increases bone mineral

Consuming breakfast and exercising longer during high school increases bone mineral density in young adult men. Abstract Details: We examined the bone mineral densities (BMDs) of young adult men and analyzed the factors associated with BM...D differences.

Healthy Holiday Sugar Cookies

Try something sweet without butter & eggs this year!

Taking The Easy Route?

Post about incorporating both nutrition & exercise into your weight loss efforts.


It's that time of year again - resolutions.  Lose weight, save more money, spend more time with family. Rather than make "resolutions" I like to create a list of goals.  Things I want to accomplish this year.  I'm speaking with my clients about coming up with fitness goals for 2013.  Not how much weight they want to lose or what size clothing they want to wear.  I want them to focus on feeling stronger - how much do you want to bench press?  Have you ever tried a 5K?  Let's pick one and you can walk it, see what you think.

New Year and New Me

Every New Year many people make a resolution to change their lives. Most of those resolutions are health related. Such as to eat better, join a gym and exercise, or to start a new diet. They resolutions are always started with great intentions. The person making the resolution jumps in with both feet, exercising every day or not touching anything with sugar, whatever that resolution is. Unfortunately, by March most of those resolutions are already broken. Making a big change to your life is really hard. The best way to be sure to stick with your resolution is to take baby steps.


"Gift = to endow with some power, quality, or attribute" - be a gift giver and provide your circle of influence the greatest gift, YOU. They will appreciate it.