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CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ NASM and ISSA accredited provider.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation… In order to mimic the natural mobility of your body and sport, it takes rotational movement – Period! Whatever your sport, whatever your fitness goal, CrossCore180® offers the most advanced fitness training tool in one small package. The ability to train in static mode when the pin is engaged and rotational mode when the pin is pulled makes it safe for beginners and a rude awakening for the most elite athlete.

Personal Fitness Training Starting at only $99/month!

FIRST MONTH – $99Includes Individual Fitness Assessment plus (3) 60-minute sessionsMonth-To-Month contract. No long term commitment required.PRIVATE TRAININGOPTION A – $99/month (4) 30-minute sessions per monthOPTION B – $129/month (4) 45-minute sessions per monthOPTION C – $149/month (4) 60-minute sessions per monthAdd (4) additional 30 minute sessions to any private training plan for only $60 per month.

Calculating Daily Caloric Expenditure

To figure our estimated daily caloric expenditure we need to calculate your RMR* (Resting Metabolic Rate), Daily Activity Level, and your average daily caloric expenditure from exercising.Formula: Daily Caloric Expenditure = RMR + Activity Level + ExerciseStep 1: Calculating Caloric Expenditure from RMRMen RMR = 66.473 + 13.751(BW) + 5.0033(HT) – 6.755(Age)

Lose 10 pounds of body fat in one week!!!

OK, before you go any further, let me inform you that this is yet another fitness myth. Read on to find out why.Let’s say that you hear about a new great diet that claims you can lose 10 pounds in one week. You want to lose weight so you imagine this could be the diet for you! Before you consider trying something similar to this scenario, let’s figure out if it’s in your best interest and if it will work right for you. What does it take to lose 10 pounds of fat in one week?1. We know that 1 pound of fat is approximately 3500 Calories.

Got to be willing to Give!

Take every opportunity to give a little bit more. Doing so, you will easily distinguish yourself and set yourself apart from the crowd. Make the most of the momentum you’ve built by extending it as long as you can. Once on a roll, give a little more, and keep your efforts strongly on the move. 

"I Train Heroes."

When people I meet find out what I do for a living I’m often asked… “Do you train movie stars or pro-athletes?” I answer them thoughtfully and honestly… “I train Heroes.” 

Day 6.

   It was strong rain outside - I have to push myself to run.  6 a.m. - oatmeal, skim milk, haselnuts, apple, coffee.  8 a.m. - 2 cups of water.  9 a.m. - mango and cottage cheese.  10 a.m. - 2 cups of water.  11 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. - run.

Don't quit!

 I thought about quitting. I thought about giving up on this whole crazy idea this week and throwing in the towel. The last 6 weeks of diet restrictions and exercise didn’t even matter, I was frustrated.My trainer cancelled on me again. I felt disconnected, being my first time doing this. I am not one to need moral support; I can be my own cheerleader. I felt like I needed guidance and instruction. I knew that 8 weeks is a milestone towards this competition and I felt like a stray.

Are YOU Willing To Sacrifice ?

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: The greatest people in the earth are the ones that make the highest sacrifice of serving and and building up others. Each of us should be in the business of serving someone else.

May; It's Still National Health and Fitness Month

"Did you know... walking for 10 minutes burns about 50 calories?"  This and more ways physical activity keeps a healthy weight from the National Health Information Center http:/ So if it's as easy as adding 10 minutes of walking a day to increase your calorie burn, why aren't you doing it?  Why is it that so many of us humans won't do these simple little things for ourselves?