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 HIIT involves alternating brief bouts of cardio ( 30 sec - 3 min) of high intensity with a rest or a recovery period. Anything can be used from a treadmill, bodyweight, bike to a rowing machine. Now this is not just for the super fit. Anyone can do this if you follow these 3 guidelines.

Mother & Son workout together

Staying hydrated

Drinking water and other liquids throughout the day can keep you from becoming dehydrated. It can also help your muscles contract and relax more easily. It's especially important to replenish your fluids when engaging in physical activity and to continue drinking water and other liquids after being active.

BTS & are Teaming Up For You!

I am excited and happy to announce that Balanced Training Solutions (BTS) is now a sponsored coach by  This means all BTS coached athletes receive a 15% discount on items (excluding bikes) purchased at the store or online.  Also, 10% discount on bikes purchased.  Please contact Pete for your discount code.  Also, be sure to check out's annual "TRIFEST" event which is a great way to start off your training year.  If you attend TRIFEST 2013 be sure to let me know so I can do some serious pre-season training with you.

Join the Revolution!

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction

Harvard Researchers have concluded that regular exercise can reduce risk of erectile dysfunction by 41%. Sex, what is it good for? Other than the obvious, sex lowers stress and blood pressure, increases immunity and heart health, improves self-esteem, may lower risk of getting prostate cancer, enhances quality of sleep, and decreases pain, just to name a few. It's as simple as getting out and walking 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes. Your Life. Your Choice.

No secrets to success

4 Fundamental Laws of Success: 

TRX Training and why its amazing...

It helps us deliver the fastest results to our clients in the shortest amount of time - Period. If you’ve never used one before we’re not surprised, it’s only been around for a few years and doesn’t really look like much.Two unassuming yellow and black hanging straps doesn’t look that bad, right?

Holidays and special events

To indulge or not to indulge? Holidays and special events like the Super Bowl always bring out the spectrum of eating decisions as in "i'm not gonna blow my diet" to "i'm eating like there is no tomorrow". Which is right? The "Eating Elite" will have all of their healthy organic low fat low calorie options, and healthy twists on traditional favorites, and your everyday folks (like me) value a healthy eating plan most of the time, but understand that indulging for special occasions is just fine.

Starch and Fruit Carb Cycling to Aid with Weight Loss

Why Starch and Fruit Carb Cycling?  These two types of carbohydrates have a greater effect on your systems, and can aid in fat and sugar storage.  Adding a starch and fruit cycle to your nutrition regimen, can sometimes aid in speeding up the weight loss process. If you have established sound nutritional habits on a daily basis (examples: eating breakfast, protein at each meal, 5-10 servings green and brightly colored vegetables a day, etc.), then adding this strategy may be one to consider for an extra kick to your weight loss journey.