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I'm Back

Glad to say my grandson's surgery went well!  No sleep for 48 hours but well worth it.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Hopefully everyone will be back on track and start eating healthy. Some of my clients ask what type of diet works best.  I tell them to just focus on eating healthy and there is no diet that works.  It is a lifestyle change.  You have to look at things differently.  Try to think of exercise as an everyday occurance like brushing your teeth. 

Marla Has Published Her First Book!

Harvey the Cat Finds a HomeIt is the true story of a wayward kitten who meets a hardnosed Mom that won't allow her family to have any pets.  It is available on Amazon (for Kindle) and makes a great bedtime story!  A great stocking stuffer this Holiday! 

Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season!

Purchase $100 worth of training for that "Someone Special" for only $80.  Call me for a Gift Certificate. 

Confessions of a Wellness Blogger: Do Healthy Holiday Eating Tips Really Work?

 It always looks good on paper.

CrossCore® voted Best Fitness Gear Of The Year

CrossCore® voted “Best Fitness Gear Of The Year”,22145?pos=3#top  . Get your own CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™ 

Free training

Win 1 month free training and 50 percent of all supplements. I create the program based on your goals and individual preferences and provide supplement recommendations to get you to your goal safely and in a timely manner. Just post on my facebook fan page between now and tomorrow at midnight and tell me why you want to win. I will pick a winner Tuesday (11/27/2012). There will be 2 winners!

Thanksgiving Skydive

 It’s the old question: “Why would anybody jump out of a perfectly good airplane?” Well, I have an answer now: “It is exhilarating!” I came to this piece of wisdom yesterday, November 24, when, after several weather-related re-schedules, my day had come and I went up in an airplane, jumped out and landed a few minutes later. Mind you, it was a tandem jump. I was perfectly secured and strapped onto an experienced instructor and had nothing else to do but to enjoy the ride. But enjoy the ride I did. 

Everest for the Animals

....getting very close!!  March 24th - April 13th stay tuned for blogs straight from Everest.  Remember to support our local Valley Animal Center this Christmas.