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The Most Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables to Include in your Diet

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is the simplest and most beneficial choice you can make to improve your health, ward off countless diseases, and even shed off excess weight. These superfoods are packed with essential nutrients, fiber, and tons of antioxidants. Virtually, all fruits and vegetables are good for you, although some are better than others. Below are some of the most nutrient-dense fruits and quality seasonal vegetables. Fruits

Olympic Reflections

There is something about the Olympic Games which set them apart from any other sport event. The scale in terms of events and number of athletes; the triumphs and heartbreaks; the potential of human performance. 

PHIT Act to Pay for Physical Activity

I just sent notes to my members of Congress around the Personal Health Investment Today Act and hope that you will consider doing the same.  

Loosen up that upper body and spine!

Core engaged, inhale reach and drop the spineExhale, round the back and reach arm back.  

BOOTCAMP - A Class Review ... The HG Ghostwriter

Ana’s Bootcamp class at HG is like a combination of Field Day and your favorite P.E. class from  childhood ... but with the intensity turned waaaay up! And it does not involve balancing an egg on a spoon or hot pink sunscreen on your nose!

Are you ready for some football?

Are you a fan of professional football? I am.  Preseason is nearly completed--and the 2016 season begins in a few short weeks!  This year consider getting up off that couch during the halftime and move your body.  You could rake a few leaves, go for a short walk, do some stretching, throw the football with someone(s).  And if you watch football on Sunday, Monday and Thursday...well you are already on your way to working out three times per week.   ...for your team schedule.

Checking In

How is everyone? I hope you are all well and moving forward in your fitness goals! With Summer coming to a close and school starting, are you finding less and less time to fit in a workout? There are tons of great 15-20 minute plans out there that can be done with little to no equipment. They can be done at the office, at home, or just about anywhere you can squeeze them in. I would be more than happy to share some with you. HIIT style workouts can be very benificial when there is a time crunch. As always, make sure your healthy enough to start a program by talking with your Doc.

Physical Fitness

1 Timothy 4: 8  For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

The Magic Pill


Dear Client or Employer –

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