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Woot woot, alle geplande trainingen afgelopen week gehaald dus....

beloon ik mezelf met een t-shirt :-) Ik wacht nog even met bestellen want als het de komende 3 weken lukt alles te volbrengen wat de bedoeling is dan worden het er 3!Gisteren eerst lekker anderhalf uur gefiets met aansluitend een zwemtraining. Tijdens het fietsen een nieuwe muziekmix gebruikt om te zien of deze inzetbaar is tijdens de spinninglessen deze week. Ik ben erachter gekomen dat ik hem niet tijdens het spinnen inzet maar tijdens de FIRE les van morgen.

Metabolic Effect of Exercise

I want to share an article available at the link below that describes the significant effect on fat loss produced by exercise in

As You Count Your Blessings.....

After launching the fitness class, "The Warrior Within (BOSU)" nine months ago, my take-away from the experience is a source of inspiration.  Those that sign up for this class are usually stunned in how grounded they feel during and afterwards.  It no longer surprises me that tears well up or that one will nod to another in agreement on what is being shared.  We spend time standing on the floor, on the BOSU, shifting weight, experiencing new balance points, feeling off center and deepening the awareness of working with instability, unexpected situations and deepenin

Winter in the islands - Surf's up

Yes, it i winter here.   Evening temps have been as low as 60, brrrrr.   Daytime temps are 70 - 75.  The surf is up on some days and down on others, but in any sense, the ocean is always reminding us of the changes we experience in our lives.    I'm enjoying seeing my friends/clients at monthly Yoganna sessions and/or in their homes or at the beach at other times.   

Another Year Wiser?

 I hope so. Definitely another year older as the calendar goes. Oh well. It strikes me, though, how fortunately I am to have my own business as a personal trainer. If I had been able to stay with IBM where I worked for 18 years (and not being laid off years ago), I would bite my nails for fear of being let go now and hope that I can make it to retirement. No matter how one looks at it, age discrimination is alive and well in the work place, particularly when it comes to new hires. 

Sailing away....

I recently had the privilege of embarking on my first cruise ever - I am now a believer and have joined the ranks of those who say nothing beats a cruise!!!! I've taken many vacations and have enjoyed them but there is nothing like being on a ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico where time just seems to stand still.


 1. TRANS FATS- Trans fats have been strongly linked to chronic inflammation. They are so bad for you that it has been recommended by Institute of Medicine you avoid these at all cost. 2. SUGAR- Do i really need to explain why? Having high levels of both sugar and insulin in your blood is a cause of chronic inflammation throughout the whole body. Bad for you!

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LA Fit Expo 2013 - CrossCore® and Friends

Check out the 2013 LA Fit Expo Video Here 

National Posture Institute-University of South Florida Posture Correction Workshop-Tampa, FL-March 22-23, 2013 (Earn CECs/CEUs)

 National Posture Institute-Posture Correction Workshop at the University of South Florida-Tampa, FL-March 22-23, 2013 (Earn CECs/CEUs)