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The Role of Core Training in Athletic Performance

A majority of strength training professionals have their fair share of core exercises that they would not think twice about using in an athletes program.  The core is believed to play an integral role in the body's ability to generate, transfer, and absorb external forces.  Athlete's undergo many external stressors during training and competition, and must have a strong "link" (the core), to keep the body functioning as a unit, or so we have thought. What research has shown


FANPAGE. Starting out a brand new Facebook focusing more core, posture , strength and balance. But still keeping with my sense of humor( if you think I have one). Please visit and like, if you like what you see. Thanks.

How to FIND OUT about MELT and Upcoming FREE Workshops and Events

To find out more about MELT and FREE Workshops you can attend, go to and click on "upcoming events/classes" under the map! Also, I'll be happy to set up a workshop in your Kansas City area community or at your workplace. Contact me at with questions or to sign up to participate!

Better Than Getting a Porsche! by Jane Birr-Life Coach

My brother John gave me a Porsche. Yes, you read that right. Who does such a thing? My brother John did and I never grow tired of telling the story. But please read through to the end because he recently gave me a gift that was even better than a Porsche! Is that possible? Yes…and you and I can give the gift as well. Hang with me as I explain.

Multi-tasking- Am I nuts?

How saving 15 secs filling up my water bottle affects me personally?  I do it 4 times a day (1-min).  Twice for the dog bowl at 30 sec each (1-min).  When taking kids to the sitter and already running 2 minutes behind another 15 sec just ain't in the cards.  Forfeiting vitamins and hydrating before the day even starts is a big blow to my energy level and motivation.  Bad choices here I come.  Bottomline for this one: if filling up my water bottle is fast, I'll do it and a cascade of positive choices will follow.

Reading Scientific Research


Today's Fitness/Health Tip: STAYING ACTIVE AT ANY SIZE?

Would you like to be more physically active, but are unsure if you can do it because of your size? Large, small or somewhere in between, physical activity can give you more energy, lower your stress and help you feel better about yourself. If you feel self-conscious about exercising, try doing something in the comfort of your home, like gardening or dancing to music, or consider a walking group with friends that you are comfortable with. It is always a good idea to talk with your health care provider before starting any physical activity.

Rest and Recharge

I often find it funny when my clients give me the double take because I've told them to take a "rest" day.  Or when my Mommy Recess clients, give a big exhale of relief at the end of class when I tell them to take a moment for themselves and just breathe.  

Ageless Skin Part 2

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! Here is part 2 in my Ageless Skin post. Below are some things that I have come to rely on to keep my skin looking great.