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Eat and lose. Eat and WIN!!!

I am reposting this blog from "Just Eat Real Food", whom you can 'friend' on Facebook if you'd like.  I wish that more people would understand how easy, how important, eating healthy food is.  Your entire body reacts to the nourishment [or lack of] within the foods you feed it.  Why feel less than the best you can??  Why look older than you are?  It doesnt take much to change your eating habits.  Once you do that, the changes begin internally.


 1. Pick an exercise and do as many reps has you can do in a minute. You will use all your muscle fibers in that body part and breakthrough and spark new growth.

As seen on Dr. Oz, Get out of Pain, Get Melted!




You Decide!

Decide today that you will have no regrets.

You CAN do pull ups!

Bodyweight Training Equipment Comparison – What Is The Difference?

If you are pondering the differences between CrossCore®, Straps and Rings, this is a good video that addresses just that. All are good products, but none are as versatile as CrossCore180®.  

Time to get into gear

Sorry if I haven't been keeping up to date with the blog, currently dealing with some personal matters but I am back. I am here to help out as much as I can with what I know.

Spring Cleaning for Your Nutritional Habits

Spring is around the corner, which can provide you the opportunity for a brand-new, you!  Your nutritional intake may need an overhaul from the long winter, or just in general.  I have a few tips that may help ditch the bad nutrition habits, and give you a healthy fresh start.  Let’s spring clean those nutritional habits. Overhaul your cupboards