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Which is better to do? Cardio or Weight Training?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  It is better to always try to build more muscle because the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.  It also speeds up your metabolism and makes you a fat burning machine.

The I can do attitude for a DOG TAG!

It may sound cliche', The I Can Do attitude but I believe it.My clients prove it to me over and over again. As a Health Coach I have seen all of my clients achieve thier goals, yes, you read that right, 100% of my Health Coaching clients have succeeded. Now what about my bootcampers...well, I have thought long and hard about that. Physical exercise, the act of actually doing something that requires physical work is actually harder than setting wellness goals. I think the reason is because humans will only work so hard then they stop. 

Obstacle Course Races; fun, rugged, fear, intense.. are they for you?

A few months ago three  friends and I decided we would participate in an obstacle course race; The Barbarian Challenge.  Our training for the event consisted of running, kettlebell, TRX and sandbags.

Training: When to use machines VS everything else

When everyone walks into a gym the first thing they most often see is machines. Every big gym has them. Are they great to work out on No, but they do help the client feel comfortable about training. They are easy to adjust and come with pictures. Although, when using machines you still need to follow a program.

Win a LaBlast Scholarship: NM, June 29-30

Win a 2-Day NM LaBlast Training June 29-30 with Louis Van Amstel Louis Van Amstel, of DWTS and SYTYCD, will be in Albuquerque this weekend for the LaBlast Instructor Training and we want every local instructor to have the opportunity to participate.  Compliments of our host LaBlast Fitness, here is your chance to win a FREE registration. The $399 Prize


Eating eggs for breakfast can help you feel full longer, stay energized and reduce overall calorie intake, which contributes to a healthy weight, research says. One egg provides 6 grams of high-quality protein, which helps to keep you satisfied. Nearly half of the protein is found in the egg yolk. And although the yolk also contains cholesterol, the American Dietetic Association says healthy adults who eat whole eggs in moderation can maintain their cholesterol intake under the recommended 300 milligrams a day. Consider eggs enriched with omega-3 fatty acids for added health benefits.

Recommiting to Healthy Habits

I had good intentions. Get glowing skin and a toned body for a small get together. Now I know I didn't have much time but I was convinced that I would be able to pull myself together in time for June 30th by eating super healthy, exercising and sticking to my never fail skin care regimen.

It is Summer "Yes it is "

This is why we live here.  We can drive 20 minutes away and be in the mountains, Hopefully we have stayed with are cardio progam over the past Spring.  If not so much start out slow and take easier hikes with less incline.  That is OK we have all kinds of trails with endless beauty, with every step.  Just get out and enjoy nature at it's best. Be prepared with good hiking shoes and plenty of H20, Oh and don't forget sunscreen, even if it is cloudy that can change real fast.

Join us for "Power Lunches and Super Snacks"

Personal Best is excited to have Teri Gentes, Certified Lifestyle Wellness Specialist, Natural Foods Nutritionist, Gourmet Chef, Cooking Coach, Author, and International Presenter, Educator and Trainer provide us with a workshop with live demos, taste testing, and product samples!  She'll be teaching us fast and easy to make foods that are super tasting and nutrient dense.  Eat in or grab and go ideas that are kid/dietary restriction friendly.  She'll also give us vegan and gluten free ideas.

Making the Best of the Summer

We find so many reasons to "go off" our healthy eating and exercise program.   But it is more effective to not be "on" anything and instead, look for all the ways that we can choose better no matter what season, holiday, occasion, etc. that it happens to be.  The summer, while full of many temptations to lure us away from our healthier routines (ice cream, drinks on the deck, vacation spot treats, lounging through the heat) can be one of the best times to work on becoming more fit.