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How to Find the Perfect Athletic Shoes

Finding the perfect athletic shoes for you can be a real challenge. What sport you participate in and what you need will dictate what shoes you'll choose. But it doesn't stop there. You'll also have to factor in your budget, what you deem comfortable, and your foot type. All of theses things come together to make a suitable pair of shoes. The best shoes for you will allow you to perform at your best while preventing injuries from occurring. Both are equally important for keeping you happy.

Michael Phelps: 5 Things You Always Wanted to Know

Sure, you might know a little bit about Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time. But did you know what his connection to Under Armour is? Or how much money the 5-time Olympian has made in a 20-year professional swimming career?Here are some fun facts about the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps:

Strategies for weight loss.

Strategies for weight loss. Many of us struggle with weight loss including myself. I remember the days when I could eat a whole pizza and not put on a pound. These days are a little different now I must watch what I eat and make sure to get my 50-minute workout in daily. So, I’ve put together some strategies to help you smash your goals. 

Keynote speaker at FIBO Innovation Tour 2017 in Barcelona

Presenting the main findings from a survey on the future of education, training and certification of the European fitness professionals as an Ambassador and Member of the Professional Standards Committee of EuropeActive at FIBO Tour in Barcelona, Spain.

How Swim Paddles Will Help You Be a Better Swimmer

For swimmers there are fewer things they like hearing more than “paddles and fins!” The reasons are simple, it’s a break from the monotonous nature of most swim workouts, that can last up to two hours and cover nearly 7,000m per session, and of course, wearing paddles and fins is simply fun.After all, you get to go a whole lot faster than you normally would.Here are some best reasons that swimming paddles will help you become a faster swimmer.

5 Reasons to Spend Time on Your Foam Roller Each Day

The real difference between the top performers and athletes in the gym isn’t necessarily what they are doing under the bar, on the track, or even the pool. It is what happens between workouts that ends up playing a huge role in how the next workout will go.

Why is it important to stay on top of your dental health?

With the cost of a dental visit being a pricey proposition for many folks out there, they avoid checkups that they should be making consistently. While couples with children are quick to find a family dentist for the sake of their kid's health, many adults are hesitant to seek out one for themselves.

fierceYOGAfusion - A Class Review By The HG Ghostwriter

fierceYOGAfusion ... the name alone is intriguing and true to the ‘Mad Scientist’ mantra that is Heather’s Gym.

CORE Circuit Review by The HG Ghostwriter

Rachel’s CORE Circuit class is similar to other circuit classes in that there are various timed exercise stations, but unlike other HG circuits, Core Circuit doesn’t involve intense cardio that brings you to the verge of losing your breakfast (or dinner, as this is an evening class). But the class isn’t 45 minutes of crunches and sit-ups either.

What Is a Dental Crown?

You've probably heard about people getting caps on their teeth. But if you've never before had one yourself, you might be curious about exactly what dental crowns are. What Dental Crowns Look and Feel Like