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The Benefits Of Using A Private Gp Service

When it comes to maintaining the health and well-being of you or your family, only the very best will do. Whilst many people choose to ‘put up with’ the limited range of services available on the NHS, going private with your healthcare can unlock a range of benefits from advice and diagnosis to treatment, referrals and aftercare. Here we take a closer look at the advantages that go hand-in-hand with private GP services so you can decide with confidence whether private healthcare is right for you.

Fit Tips: 16 Simple Moves To Fix Tight Shoulders

Think like a Champion

Think like a ChampionThis month, I have been reading “How Champions Think In Sports and in Life”, by Dr. Bob Rotella, a well-known sports psychologist.  The book explains that a successful life is based on how you perceive yourself.  Wow! If you take a hard look at that factor, it can be an intense review.  But, let’s keep it a bit lighter for the beginning of 2016.

I Want You to Know How I Lost 80 Lbs...

It started my sophomore year of college. Somehow, I'd managed to avoid the Freshman 15, but I was not so lucky this particular year...

5 Ways Schools Can Prevent The Spread Of Staph Infections

Staph in Schools

Is Sitting at a Desk Really "The New Smoking?"

 Office jobs can be demanding, but they are also harmful in ways many don't realize. They require workers to sit for hours on end day after day. The sedentary lifestyle most people have adopted today is potentially as hazardous as having a smoking habit, and doctors now urge those that work behind a desk all day to get up and move.The Consequences of Smoking

Fitness: Choosing Activities that are right for you

 Getting in shape can be a challenge, but if you choose activities that suit you in every way, you will find it is much easier to stay motivated. When your exercise activities are fun and enjoyable, they are easier to stick with because you like doing them, even if they are hard work. 

The Best Training Regime for Night Owls

Finding time out of your busy schedule to exercise seems like a hassle, but it is really quite simple when you find the right training routine.  You have to stay motivated and loyal to your workout schedule if you want to see real results. No more excuses, no more lies, and no more putting it off until next year’s resolution. This is the time for you to have the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Mayo Clinic Diet - A Great Weight Loss Program Founded On Healthy Eating

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself under check is the most tedious task in the modern time when people don’t have time for themselves. But sooner or later you realize that it is a necessity for you to build up a good lifestyle in order to lead a quality life with a big smile on face. With every pound you gain, your heart has to work more to supply blood to those extra kilos that you gained because of your unplanned life style.

What are “Good” Carbs and what are Bad “Carbs”?