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Take a Small Step Forward Today

I love it when my clients try something new.  When they set a goal and go for it!  Their excitement and enthusiasm is equal to that of a drug.  It makes me want to set a loftier goal and go after it.  Often, like a honeymoon, that enthusiasm wanes.  The long hours of training.  The time and monetary investment.  The early mornings or denied nights out so you can achieve your goal.  They can take their tole.  Its hard to do without or deny pleasures for a goal that seems so far off.  


1. Women burn more calories in the heat as opposed to the cold.2.  At the start of menstruation, girl begin to loose flexibilty.3. Estrogen can cause excess fat on a women regardless of food consumption.4. Pregesterone is similar to Testerone.5.Fat does not not make body fat. Natural fat is essential for fat soluble vitamins.  

What is Vinyasa (or Flow) Yoga?

A Little Background 

Mindful Movement and Purposeful Training

      Anyone can attend a group class, buy a DVD, or join a Crossfit box to find guidance in exercise. Any personal trainer you hire, could put you through a session that makes you sweat, and sometimes if they are really talented, laugh and have fun! All of the above can be fun, sweaty, challenging exercise that will do some good. I am afraid though, that it may only be sub-optimal. 

New study finds walking to be unhealthy

Recently compiled data (meta-analysis) shows that people who stand up are more likely to fall down and become uncomfortable compared to those who never stand up.  Brought to you by: Soffia Research Inc. a division of the Sofa and Lazyboy father company.  Sponsor Partner: Major Cable Television Inc.

Can Pilates Make You Smarter?

This article is published in IDEA Fitness Journal January 2014; p. 81. Does Pilates with its emphasis on precision, concentration and memorization of movement patterns-enhance brain function as well as physical function? Scientists from Yanshan University in Qinhuangdao, China, and Beijing Normal University wanted to find out. In preliminary research on five subjects, the investigators measured changes in brain activity as a result of Pilates training-and found an increase in the brain's alpha peak power after ten weeks of training.

Is Lasik Worth It?

About 6 years ago my wife finally pushed me over the edge, as I had been considering laser eye surgery for a while, and I went it for a consultation. Now this place was nice, and let me tell you that their sales process/pitch is WELL refined. Its almost impossible to say no! I opted for the "enhanced" version for a bit more that was a bit of a finer tuning. Hey, why not splurge right?! We got interest free financing via a CARE credit card which is something that you can get to cover medical and health expenses. A Visa for health care if you will.

Stay Committed

So it's a new year and the common theme is to come up with a New's Resolution for the new year.  Many people focus on losing weight, spending time with love ones, or even focusing on being more organized.  No matter what you decide to do just remember to take this one day at a time.  To many of us look to far ahead and forget about the process that gets us to where we currently stand.  Understand that there will be setbacks, and there will be moments where we feel the need to quit.  But I want to encourage you to press on.  Keep pushing forward and reme

My Three Favorite Go To Exercises When I'm Pressed For Time

Pressed for time... Ok, if you only got 5 minutes to spare, and you're wondering what would be the best exercise to do ASAP? For me it would be DEEP SQUATS. Get down deep, using your whole body and really pushing with your legs to activate the entire muscle system. Do any where between 15-20 reps continuously , body weight only, good form, nice breathing, and full range of motion. NO CHEATING HERE. 2 sets if you can.

113 miles ran so far!/"5000 miles for the big 50!"

113 miles ran so far!/"5000 miles for the big 50!"