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Keys to General Fitness Routines

We all need a fundamental starting point and occasionally we need to regroup and reestablish the foundation of a solid fitness plan. Here are a few keys points. 1. Basic movements include squat, lunge, ab crunch, ab twist, arm push and arm pull, see Basic Fitness Movements2. Follow body composition, not body weight. Stay off the scale!3. Train low back as well as abdominals, see Low Back Exercises, Fitness Book of Lists.4. Take steps more frequently5. Remember, moderation rules

The science of sleep: How many hours do you need?

Why is sleep so important?Most of us agree that we don’t get enough of it. But that dragging, heavy-lidded feeling isn’t the only bad result of sleep deprivation – lack of sleep can lead to serious health risks. Short sleep duration is linked with overeating, diabetes and heart problems, depression and substance abuse, and an increased risk of nodding off at the wheel.

Are You Boosting Revenue or Risking Your Brand?

  Is direct sales and network marketing really boosting your revenue or potentially compromising your brand?

Staying Cool – Signs of Heat Exhaustion

 Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and we will soon experience the triple H days of summer: hazy, hot and humid. While a little warm is good, too much of it can be deadly. Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke which claims lives every year. Here is how you can recognize the warning signs of heat exhaustion (taken from the CDC website): ·         Heavy sweating

Are You There?

Great Tuesday morning to you! Ok, I need your help, my week is swamped with lists upon lists upon lists of things to do. So much so that I forgot to make my list of blog thoughts. So, I need to know what YOU want to talk about rest of week. As a token of my appreciation for helping me you will receive a personalized month of workouts :-). Email me at, So, on your mark, get set, GO!

Hello June!! Keep Training!!

Stay hydrated with summer fruits like watermelon and grapes..Whole grain rice cakes with peanut butter, topped with apple sauce or banana is a great post workout snack, not to mention the crunch!!  

How to eat Healthy in your busy schedule

During this Memorial Day weekend where activities, traveling, family and life were many of the excuses getting in the way of eating a healthy meal. Tell us how you are able to juggle life and festivities AND keep your slim fit figure? 


Have you noticed as Spring becomes prevalent you decide you no longer need to be vigilant about your immunity; just after relaxing with a nice ahh a cough and/or sniffles begin?  If your under the weather and need more then spring greens to feel better, try this recipe.         Place in pan... thin covering of water (in place of oil – research indicates heated oil becomes carcinogenic)         Chopped (use blender if desired): onion (quercitin - anti-inflammatory)

Confessions of a dirty little cheater.

Welp!… I must confess: I officially fell of the wagon.  I like to think that it was more like a slight slip-up than a full-on fall though.  After all, I'm known for falling and running into things on a regular basis, so let's just blame it on my clumsiness. ;)

Summer special

  Running a special throughout the month of June. One-on-one sessions $40/sessions instead if $5010 one-on-one sessions $400 instead of $500 One-on-one corrective or rehabilitatons sessions $50 instead of $60/ session10 One-on-one corrective or rehabilitatons sessions $500 instead of $600 Partner training $45/session instead of $55