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Body Dysmorphic Disorder... What?

 This research is going to get personal….. 

Kathmandu photos!

Here are some photos from our first day in Kathmandu.

Attend an April-2013 National Posture Institute-2-Day CEC Posture Analysis & Resistance Training Workshop

Attend a National Posture Institute-2-Day CEC Posture Analysis & Resistance Training Workshop at the University of Maryland (April 12-13) or at Florida International University (April 19-20): 

Great news: Opening of a brand new, larger location for the Be Fit Fit Studio!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.’ - UnknownI am extremely thrilled to announce my latest accomplishment, from which all of us will surely benefit:

It is 10:35pm here we are about 11 hours ahead of fresno.  Very long day! They went through all our gear today to make sure we were at the right weight and had everything. Just returned to the Yak & Yeti from an afternoon in the city.  Lots of things to see and very dusty! I wore a mask to keep my breathing in check.  We ate at a place called the Rum Doodle where a lot of climbers go and leave their stories for others to read.  Time to call it a night!

Self Motivated

Self motivation is like a muscle, it needs exercise to keep strong and in good shape. If you fail to exercise a muscle it will gradually atrophy until it becomes completely useless.  

Stronger than you are!

Accept what is as if you had chosen it, and avoid creating stories and hypothetical outcomes that don't exist.

We are settling in at the Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu for the night.  I am very tired, but happy to be here!  Off to exchange currency and find some food (-:  & Thank god for bottled water!Remember to check the site to keep up and donate to Everest for the Animals.