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Four Exercises to Keep you Energized

 Four Exercises to Keep you EnergizedExtend your workout beyond the gym to your desk and cubicle 

National Posture Institute News Story: 8 new tips on maintaining healthy resolutions 8 days into the new year

National Posture Institute News Story:  8 new tips on maintaining healthy resolutions 8 days into the new yearTORONTO, Jan. 7, 2013 – Now that the New Year is upon us, New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier may be top of mind, but how easy is it to keep your resolve after a few weeks? To keep from sliding back into old habits, Ryerson University experts offer these tips to help you keep on track:Tips from Dr. Stephanie Cassin, Department of Psychology:


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Use visualization to help meet your goals!

Visualize Meeting Your Goals

Today's High intensity Training

A little gift from me to tahnk you for following my blogTodays training. Tabata's 20 sec work /10 sec rest/ 1. Front plank 20ses/ side plank 10 sec/Front plank 20 sec/ side plank 10sec 4 rounds. 2. Resistance band chest press 20/10 8 rounds 3. Speed squats 20/10 8 rounds 4. Resistance band rows. 20/10 8 rounds 5. High knees 20/10 8 rounds   

Most Challenging Aspect of Creating a Workout

First off, everybody is different. Whether it's gender, body type or mind set, everybody is built different, that is what makes us so unique. I just don't get why people want to look like a certain celebrity or athlete, unless you have the time to put into it, the resources to fund it and even the same DNA set up, chances are not everybody is going to look like a certain someone. I have dealt with this on more than one occassion. I remember when I was training, one of my clients/ acquintances wanted to have abs like "Jersey Shore" and only work on biceps as well.

Filler Up!

Fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude for the abundance you already enjoy.

Avocado Bruschetta without Oil or Cheese!

The New Year- Can resolutions be achieved?

Hey there!As a personal trainer, I always get asked about this. But the funny thing is that right now, it seems like no one is taking advantage of it, well so far. I know it can be frustrating or heartbreaking (especially finding how much a gym coast or a trainer on top of everyday life) but remember you only live this life once.

More Sleep and Defending the Colds and Flu

Well it's been a little too long since my last blog post. This year...this is the year that I will be more faithful with my blog. I promise! :) I thought I would share two things: my New Year's resolution and how I am staying healthy over the winter season.