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My Dad's Advice: "YOU ARE"

It feels as though suddenly (at 32 years old) I am teaching university students in their first year and possible first classes in college, and I find my Dad's voice humming my ears.  When I was growing up, he would repeat this phrase:  

Healthy Tailgating--> Recipe # 7 Hummus

Hummus is a great dip for veggies! It's easy to make and packed with nutrients. There are many variations to make it, but here is a simple recipe: 

Healthy Lean vs. Unhealthy Thin

What is the difference?Healthy LeanProper ExerciseProper DietGood ActivitesRegard for Personal WellnessUnhealthy ThinFad DietsImproper Exercise TrendsDiet Drugs in most casesImproper FastingBad ActivitiesDisregard for Personal Wellness

7 uur geslapen :-)

En dus was ik om 5 uur wakker. Goed of slecht? Ik hou het op goed want wanneer was het voor het laatst dat ik 7 uur aan één stuk heb geslapen? Maar goed, ik heb nog even geprobeerd te blijven liggen in de hoop dat ik toch weer in slaap zou vallen wat uiteraard niet gebeurde. Dus om 5.30 ben ik maar opgestaan, heb een banaan gegeten en rustig een kopje thee gedronken en vervolgens mijn loopschoenen aangetrokken. Na een rondje van ca. 9 km rennen, ben ik begonnen met het klaarmaken van mijn ontbijt.

Renee's Tabata Workout II

Want a challenging workout that will get you in and out of the gym in under one hour?  This workout will give you a total body workout plus cardio!  I challenge you to give it a try, adjusting weight/speeds as needed, and then every couple weeks bring it into your workout again and see how you've improved!  Let me know what you think. Tabata Workout (20 seconds work/10 seconds rest)


 The human diet is primarily composed of three macronutrients: protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Dietary protein plays an important role in proper nutrition by supporting growth and tissue maintenance within the body.  Protein is made up of combinations of amino acids which allow them to do specific functions such as carry oxygen, catalyze reactions, and contract muscles. 

Is Your Goal a Winner or a Loser?

 Last time, in our quest to motivate and inspire each other to live on purpose in great health for the glory of God, we developed our life vision as well as goals we want to achieve by the end of the year. I hope you had fun doing that! Well, I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but most of you won’t reach your goal and will end up feeling down about it or even worse than when you started. How dreadful! Why is that?Most people start out with the well-intentioned goals that I came across recently of:

PRESS RELEASE-The National Posture Institute (NPI) Introduces Dr. Lisa Therafit Shoes-Footwear for Women On the Go

Tampa, FL, October 9, 2012 – The National Posture Institute (NPI) introduces the Dr. Lisa Therafit Shoe, created by medical expert, Dr. Lisa Masterson, of the Emmy Award-winning series, The Doctors. Therafit shoes use multiple layers and densities for cushioning and support; the shock of each step is distributed downward and outward, which cushions your foot on impact.

Heel belangrijk: SLAAP!!


Get your pumpkin ready!