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Fitness Recovery

by Marc D Thompson Go on any web search site or bookstore and find oodles of information on fitness. However hidden in the background is and often misunderstood is the role of recovery. Equally as important as your fitness and nutrition should be the way a one goes about assuring his or her body gets all the recovery methods available. Without proper recovery, fitness can not only be useless but could even be counterproductive.            Some aspects of recovery that can be followed are: 

Party at MoveMe

 moveme oneyear anniversarySUNDAY, MARCH 3RD 1:00–6:00PM

OH, Just Stop It

Stop stopping yourself. Stop holding yourself back.Stop giving power to your limitations. Instead, give commitment, action and persistence to your best possibilities. Fear and anxiety are immensely compelling. The inertia of complacency is powerful, and yet you can overcome it. Instead, use the positive power of your life to move successfully through them.-rm

Workout tips

Some tidbit information about working out.Reasons to come train/workout: 1. You haven’t got the energy to exercise – hey guess what? Exercising actually gives you energy! There’s nothing more exhausting than spending a day sitting around eating high-fat snacks.2. It makes you feel better, you also get a real feeling of accomplishment when you reach / beat a personal goal.


 If you are in the process of losing weight or you wan to trim a few extra pounds aviod these 3 foods. 1. Canola Oil- Processing and refining of Canola oil leads to the creation of TRANS FATS which can do all Kinds of nasty things to your waist line and health. Use Olive oil instead.

It's Heart Health Month


Jump Rope for Your Heart...and everything else!

February is our Heart Month and it will be hard to find the better month to start skipping a rope."Oh, Hideka, I don't even remember the last time I jumped..the 4th grade?" is mostly I hear but this activity has so much benefits I still want you to grab the rope, put your ego aside and start jumping! (Oh, Ladies, make sure to wear your sports bras since you're not a 4th grader anymore :-)

soul mate workout

I recently posted a blog about music and how great music can make a workout easier.  I believe that to be true.  I also believe that there is a soul mate workout - when it feels like fun to work out, when you can go a long time, you seem to have (almost) endless energy and you actually look forward to your workouts.  Turbo Kick does that for me.  It's been a long weekend and I needed to get a workout in and  I thought to myself just 30 mins, make it tough and push through it.

My Review of Insanity-Brazil Butt Lift-Jilian Michaels

Insanity-While I enjoy this type of workout it may not be everyone's cup of tea.I suggest that you get in realatively good shape and work on your cardio fittness before starting this program  


Passion can conquer any obstacle...When you have true passion towards any aspect of your life, nothing can stand in your way. Passion drives, motivates, and creates endless opportunities. Passion keeps you focused when life tries to throw you off your path. Passion says yes I can when everyone else says no you can't! Passion lets you hold your head up high and walk proud. Passion makes you you!