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Restore your Health with Eco- Friendly Moringa Products

In today’s highly paced world, we often forget about our health. We are so busy with family, work and other things that fitness becomes secondary to us. Now with the availability of Moringa products, it is time for health restoration. Gain back the lost energy and ensure better results and productivity at work.

Champions are made not born.

One of my personal fundamental beliefs is that ‪F

Back to School - Keeping Phyiscal Activity in your Child's Day

School’s back in session & that means more sitting for a population that needs to move to be mentally & physically healthy! Have you been keeping your kids active this summer? If so, you may be concerned about how to keep that up now. Students need at least 60 minutes a day of movement. If your student is not in involved in a sport where are some ways to keep them active. Get them outside, turn the TV off , start the day off with a stretch. We are the only mammals that don't do that! Animals actively stretch automatically when they get up.

September Strategy Special

September Strategy Special. Been off schedule this summer? Busy with the kids? Vacation blow outs? Just off your normal routine? Let us help to re-build an effective strategy for your wellness goals. With personal training you can reach goals quickly, safety & enjoy your physical activity. We design programs that you can appreciate. Activity that is undesirable, is unsustainable.New training clients: sign up for 5 sessions & receive 1 FREE! (good until September 31) 



Generic Levitra Brings The Excitement In ED Men

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has become a common health conditions amid millions of men. Men with ED lose interest and excitement in making love as they struggle to make love. However, the good news is - men can use Generic Levitra that helps bring the excitement in love life.

Simple Workouts During Long Flights

Can Medication Help you Stop Smoking?

No men’s or women’s health guide would be complete without a mention of the importance of quitting smoking. It is important for a long list of reasons, and is essentially something that should be done whether or not you’re in treatment for any other condition. Quitting smoking gives you the best chance of maintaining a good bill of health, but as anyone who has ever tried to quit can tell you, it’s not easy.

Great Expectations

(Move over, Charles Dickens. An open letter to a client.) As a trainer, I want you, my client, to succeed. I would love nothing better than to be the facilitator of miraculous change where bodyfat drops, strength triples and flexibility soars to unknown heights. To make this work, I have studied many different programs, exercises and modalities and am willing to develop any one of them as we start our journey to health and fitness. But are you coming with me?