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Credence Independent Advisors: Financial Planning

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New recruits to Fairy Cheap fifa 15 coins Adventitious Online will accompany their ballsy aggregation of the Clover Hunters with the algid to restore amends and colour to fairytale commonwealth Sunshine City.

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The ‘Take 3 Method'

My summer has been filled with Continuing Education and here’s one of the BEST tips I picked up during Tabata Bootcamp ® Certification Training… The ‘Take 3 Method’ for Healthy Eating. Ask yourself 3 simple, thought provoking questions:1)    “Am I Hungry?” 2)    “Is It Smart?” 

Don't Be That Person...Start Smart!

At a local hockey arena there is a space that folks use for fitness activities. Some days they have martial arts lessons, some days they have kid’s fitness and so on. I usually glance in as I walk past the area…nosey guy that I am, not really giving their activities a second thought but the other night I noticed some type of a bootcamp going on. As a Personal Trainer it peaked my interest to see what they were doing so I stood and watched for several minutes. What I saw nearly made my eyes bleed.

What Foods Should You Eat on a Long Distance Bike Ride?

Are you planning to go on a long distance bike ride, whether for a personal challenge or to raise money for a charity? One of the most important points to consider when you are preparing for your ride is making sure that you have the right fuel for your journey. The food that you eat on your long distance bike ride will give you the energy you need to push yourself physically to the max, so that you can cycle the long distances that are required.

Food cravings

Sometimes when you start eating healthier you tend to have a craving for sugars or carbs. This usually occurs for a few different reasons. However, the first would be your body needing more substance. By adding more protein to your diet, you will find that some of these cravings will go away because protein lasts longer in your system because it takes more energy to break down, therefore telling your brain that you are full.

Importance of doing Pull-ups...

Pullups, although quite difficult for many, is a great exercise to improve your fitness in many ways.  Have you heard of the muscle group Latissimus Dorsi or also known as "lats"?The lat muscles are the primary muscles responsible for making the pullup motion and therefore benefits the most from this exerises.  Rhomboids are the muscles adjacent to the latissimus dorsi muscles which are present in the back.