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Come train with me!

It's almost time for summer and we all want to look our best. Lucky for you I'm offering some new classes and session and get you to where you want to be. Be it group or one-on-one, each session is fun but sweat inducing, maximizing you calorie burn, getting you results fast. It's fit for all levels, tailored to your individual needs.

My Turn Again...Life Is A Gift

"Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more."~ Tony Robbins. I find myself daydreaming about the enjoyable times I had with my father, who recently passed away. If they were good times, why do I have tears in my eyes? Why do I find it difficult to carry on? The priest says it is because my heart is breaking. Okay, then; but, I must never forget that we are our parents' legacy and must act accordingly.

Sleep: You Need It!

Sleep and work out timing are crucial elements to consider when designing an athlete's training program. Physical performance is best from 3-6 pm in the afternoon, with strength peaking from 2-6 PM.

1st blog/personal BIO

Hey all!  My name is Jerad Oberst, as you can see, and I am BRAND NEW to this site.  The gym I am currently working at required me to get insurance, so here I am..HOWEVER, I figured I would get out some personal info on me in case anyone wanted to contact here we go! 

Our Distorted Relationship With FOOD

So very TRUE...

Five of the Best Injury Prevention Tips for Athletes

Having an active lifestyle is good, but being injured while keeping fit isn’t. Those who engage in any kind of sport are prone to injuries that are not only painful, but may also be permanent in severe cases. However, don’t let this stop you from running, swimming, or going on a trek on your mountain bike. There are ways to avoid having an injury. But don’t wait until you have an accident before you get life insurance – make sure you Compare the Market.

Supplement Challenges...NOT

Here's my long two cents on X Day Supplement Challenges:

Hilo, Hawaii has finally gotten into the FITNESS CRAZE

I live and breathe in Hilo, Hawaii, #healthandfitness has become a mainstream if you haven't noticed lately.

Moving forward

Sometimes life can throw curves, but you just need to keep swinging. The month of March was really difficult. I had a friend pass away at the very end of February, then had my Aquatic Certification Exam. Not long after another friend went into hospice, right after celebrating my sons 11th birthday. The month was like a roller coaster with huge downs and wonderful ups. Yesterday I received notification that I passed my latest certification exam and felt like I could fly. The big thing is, even though things get hard, just keep moving forward.

Exercising Tired?