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Change is inevitable. Everything changes. Each day is a new day with new opportunities. But to take part in those new opportunities means change. Change can be frightening. Change can be hard. When I went back to school to study fitness, that was a big and frightening change but so well worth it. I hadn't been at college since 1993. But I made new friends and experienced new opportunities. I have had so much fun and have done so many new things. Now I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again. I'm building my own personal training business. I've accepted a position at the YMCA.

National Posture Institute News: Diabetes trials worldwide are not addressing key issues in affected populations

National Posture Institute News: Diabetes trials worldwide are not addressing key issues in affected populationsWith only 1 in 10 studying prevention while almost two-thirds focus on drug therapyAn analysis of diabetes trials worldwide has found they are not addressing key issues relating to the condition with almost two thirds focusing on drug therapy while only one in ten addresses prevention or behavioural therapies.

Cost and benefit

Today is May First. It seems like the month of April just flew by. At the end of a month I always find myself reflecting on what has happened over the past month. This month I find myself thinking about costs and benefits. Do you realize that EVERYTHING you do has a cost and benefit? It's true. Think about it... When you have children you have the cost of time and money and the benefit of raising a wonderful child and all the love on the way.

get me out of the house

ok so im on the computer of course diddle dalying around. I need to get up so i can workout my over exausted, non sleeping body. Anyone know what that feels like? I am going to move now and put some good sound on and get moving. I hope I can push though an hour of circuit training. I am on a mission to loose about 6 lbs before I am in a bikini everyday. wish me luck on the start of my new journey.

May 2013: JOY a determined choice


OH-FUNday, April 28th, 2013

WOW, what a great day!  Approximately 50 people gathered at Camp Max Straus eager to start a day full of health and fitness.  It was so rewarding to see each person pass through the gates for the camp grounds into a 112-acre oasis.   Mother nature was great to us.  The weather was perfect for a “fun picnic with a purpose.” Serjik Grakasian. 

5 Healthy Recipes for Cince de Mayo

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo isn't actually Mexico's Independence Day (it's September 16, for the record). Instead, the fifth of May memorializes the triumph of the underdog Mexican army over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. But enough history lessons — are you ready to party like it's 1862?

Obstacles Are Nothing More Than Illusions

An illusion is an erroneous perception of reality or an erroneous concept or belief. An optical illusion is an optical phenomenon that results in a false or deceptive visual impression.


 1. Lifting weights means you can eat more without getting fat. 2. It’s higher intensity than most cardio so raises your metabolism. This causes quicker (and longer term) fat loss. 3. Lifting weights will not make you big….cupcakes will make you big 4. lift like a man …look like a goddess 

Be Smart

I read various posts on social media & hear stories of people paying lots of money for a special program/challenge that is going to ensure weight loss success.  Every time I see this or hear of it I cringe. If weight loss & healthy living were in a special pill, powder or drink, we would not be where we are today in our society...fighting a battle against obesity and all of the diseases that happen because of our food choices & sedentary lifestyle.  If you have known me for any length of time, you realize that I am all about making good choices and being smar