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How Hard Should I Go?

How Hard Should I Go?                You don’t want to just hop onto a treadmill and go as fast as you can for 30 minutes and call it a day. Like all other training, cardio training needs to begin at the appropriate level and have progression. When figuring out what intensity to start with, think of 3 levels or Zones. Zone 1 is a beginning level and will build up your base cardiorespiratory fitness level.

Gluten and Thyroid Health

Following the Evolution of Medicine Series has led me to empowering discoveries about new developments in deciphering the root causes of imbalances in health and embarking on pathways to healing through nutrition, movement and lifestyle changes.  An interesting subject is the relationship of gluten to autoimmune disease, particularly in the thryoid, gut, joints/bone and brain.  Chris Kresser is talented in his ability to communicate an intricate series of relationships, as a segment from his ebook "Thyroid Disorders" illustrates;

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