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National Posture Institute News-Importance of having CPR/AED certification-2 Lives saved at 24 Hour Fitness Club in Bellevue, WA

The Importance of having and maintaing CPR/AED certification-This story recently presented in Club Industry Magazine newsletter about the staff at 24 hour fitness saving the lives of 2 people in 2 days. NPI commends the staff/management at 24 Hour Fitness club in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, WA and 24 Hour Fitness corporate for 1) making sure the staff is trained in CPR/AEd training 2) having defibrillators on site.

National Posture Institute-thanks for attending the webinar last night

Great questions everyone and thanks for attending the webinar last night-NPI staff. 

The Goal is Fat Loss

 Nutrition and exercise programs for fat loss are very specific.  If your goal is fat loss you have to eat and exercise for fat loss.  New clients are always eager to tell me that they eat healthy and walk/run regularly.   Well, eating healthy and eating for fat loss are 2 different things.  Exercising for health and exercising for fat loss are 2 different things.Nutrition for fat loss incorporates foods that fuel/repair your body, timing key nutrients and eliminating foods that do not support your goal.

I can not reach my clients, November 7.

I can not reach my clients, who have living in Yonkers and Riverdale, so, what to do?


"The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. " Writer, George Bernard Shaw


This week my husband was bored and staring at the boxes of Christmas stuff in the garage so he began to decorate the inside of the house for the holidays. I love Christmas and yes it's pretty, but I have a really hard time decorating for Christmas already. Growing up, we went to the relatives house, played football, had dinner, then waked around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas decorations being hung that day. It was always a traditions so decorating early just seems so un natural.



The first step

Welcome to my blog, you will find a philosophy of coaching confidence persistent throughout the message. Overall, many have good intentions, but having confidence in taking the first step takes confidence. You might think you are fine with your self esteem when it comes to tasks you are regularly performing. However, hobbies, or other interests may find you hesitating to act. I intend to give you something to think about to enable you to take the first step in living in confidence. Stay posted for tips on how, coming soon.

National Posture Institute Research Review-Physical exercise improves gait speed & fitness in patients with Parkinson's disease

National Posture Institute Research ReviewNational Posture Institute Research Review-Physical exercise improves gait speed, muscle strength, fitness in patients with Parkinson's disease

My wife and I have decided to do our first Tough Mudder held May 4th and May 5th in Seattle!

If you have suggestions please tell us we're kind of nervous :)