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Legionnaires Disease: The Process of Legionella Risk Assessment

What is Legionella Pneumophila?  Legionella Pneumophila is a bacterium that causes an infection known as Legionellosis, the bacterium is usually found in water sources such as rivers and ponds. Legionella Pneumophila has two main forms from mild to severe: the less severe of the two is Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever. The severe illness is Legionnaires' Disease, which is a potentially life-threatening pneumonia.  The Assessment Process

On Becoming a Supple Leopard. Optimizing Human Performance with Kelly Starrett.

This past weekend I stole away to remote beaches and mountains, immersing myself in astounding natural beauty to revitalize.  It is here that some of my best ideas come to life.  With a clear mind, playing in nature, I discover an open space to think, innovate, and assimilate complex concepts into streamlined strategies for optimizing health and human performance.  

Why will you need a Revisional Liposuction?

Different types of Facelift procedures