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Mind Games

I recently got all sullen over turning 50. That number just felt old to me…like I was reaching my foot over a big step from youth to old age. I tried to put on a fake smile for well over a month but it just had a hold of me and was sucking me down. I didn’t like it.

Juicing not Healthy?

What if juicing wasn't good for you and it was just a fad? I wanted to include a link to this funny post on the lifestyle of juicing. It seems like it started with good intentions but has since taken on a life of it's own.

Fish Oil explained in 250 Words

What is Celiac Disease?

Human Health and Physiology - Holistic and Otherwise (Part 1)

The fundamental tenet of human physiology lies in the individual's outlook on how body, mind and spirit all mutually support each other in its health and well-being. Having realized that the body acts interdependently - your thoughts, emotions, and body parts all play a role in your overall health - people are now more inclined than ever to consider the wisdom of holistic health coming from a variety of non-local traditions.

Flip Your Meal Pyramid!!

We’ve all been told “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” --- SO TRUE!! --- Especially for those of us who are trying to slim down or maintain a healthy weight.

5 Minute Yoga Flow for Runners

 This is a great quick yoga flow to do right after a run. It focuses on the hamstrings and hips to release any tension or tightness from running.  Stay in each pose for a few long, slow, breaths (about 30 seconds).  

Healthy Thanksgiving Day Swaps

Healthy Thanksgiving Day Swaps 

Which Diet is Right for Me?

Hi Everybody,  I just wanted to share this link, as I will with many others about nutrition and ea

Why I prefer to Kickbox Barefoot!

I am often asked why I teach kickboxing classes without sneakers. I teach classes in a dojang where we respectfully remove shoes before entering.