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10 Habits of Highly Successful Hunter Gatherers

I appreciate this article from Mark Sisson, highlighting how our connection to others (our tribe), being present, and forgiveness (get over it and move forward!) are to our personal well being, and to the survival of the fittest:).  Enjoy reading;

Can you take a break from your exercise/nutrition routine?

Let me answer this with another question.  Do you take a break from life?  Do you take a break from breathing?  The answer to these questions is a definate, "NO!"  I have been in this business for 4 years and was just featured in the national news in an article about baby boomers and their effect on the fitness industry.  Every single time someone I am training tells me they are taking a short break and will come back next month, 2 months from now or so on, it doens't happen.  I help people get a new healthy life style which needs to be addre

Kettlebell Density Training

One of my favorite trainings. Get to it! Workout of the Day. Kettlebell Density Training. Intsructions. 8 reps per set. Each set takes no more than 1 min. 5 exercises done has a circuit. Do 4 rounds. 1. KB jump squats 2. KB Split squats 8 reps each leg 3. KB uneven pushups. 8 on each arm 4. KB Rows 8 on each arm

Just Keep Training...

Habit New Year


Over commit and you'll quit

How is it that so many people make the same resolutions every year?! With the top 3 resolutions made for 2013 being:1) lose weight2) improve fitness level3) quit smoking (or other bad habits) Not shocking right? These are the same resolutions made every year. What is happening? I'm going to give you 3 ways to create real change. 1) Don't commit to a schedule!

Be Amazing!

Start off each day with the best attitude, greatest feelings, motivation and energy. Amaze yourself with what you can do, set your mind to the specifics and watch the laws of the universe go to work for you!

Looking Forward Backwards by Jane Birr-Life Coach

 A new year! A fresh start. An opportunity to live on purpose and unleash our best!For two glorious hours on New Year’s Eve I had the opportunity to sit in a sunbeam in my favorite living room chair in total quiet and reflect back on 2012 before jumping into 2013. In this go, go, go world, doesn’t that sound nice? A special date with a great person…you! 

Standing Spinal Twist (Jathra-Parivartanasana)

How to do itStand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Begin turning your torso from side to side, allowing your arms to swing freely and limply (think of them as empty coat sleeves). Make fists and continue the torso and arm movements. Your fists will lightly bump your hips in the front and back."  Say (think) a mantra (affirmation) as your “gong ringing hands” ‘pound’ your body.  After one minute, relax your hands and slowly return to the starting position."Why it matters

New Home, New Job, New Life... Maybe

Our family has faced some major "potential" transitions in the year 2012.  Millions of US families are experiencing potential changes every day as well. This morning as I struggled with my thoughts about this potential change, which has taken longer than the time required to make a child and for which we have completed every required task and are awaiting the employer's decision, these lyrics from Phillip Phillips song "Home" fill my mind: