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Nothing Will Work Unless You Do


National Posture Institute-Get Away to Sunny Florida for NPI Workshop at the State College of Florida (Jan. 18-19, 2013)

Get Away to Sunny Florida in January for NPI Education at the State College of Florida (Jan.

Website Re-Design and New Blog Posts Daily

Friends in Wellness:  Check out my new website: You can now link directly to my blog, 3,2,1...OM! via my site or this link: Peace to you,Md. 

Vacation Workout! (NOT!!!)

This week in fitness ----Most of the time when I travel, I look forward to uninterrupted time to exercise and enjoy my fitness journey without clients, family, friends....just me, myself and my workout.  I look forward to packing my running shoes and getting to know a new place on foot or exploring classes at a local gym.  Well, for first time in my LIFE, that didn't happen.

intro to 4 weeks of fitness

Getting fit is difficult.  It is filled with ups and downs, challenges and obstacles.  It is also energizing and fun and amazing!  The best thing you can do is stay committed, keep moving forward and not let setbacks trip you up and make you lay flat.  Get up, get moving and keep going!In this blog I plan to talk about different aspects of fitness, my own journey and things that hopefully help you stay on track. Each week comes with a new set of challenges to meet. So join me as we punch today in the face!

National Posture Institute-Ken Baldwin (Executive Director-NPI) interview on Fitness Professional Radio

Ken Baldwin’s (the Executive Director for NPI) interview with the Fitness Professional Radio Show (October 2012).  Click here to listen the Radio Interview!  



I need a reason no to exercise...

   SELF: Important or not, it gives me the excuse...I feel better putting it off.  

Fitness Parties

Advanced Fitness Plus is now offering Fitness Parties. These are for anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary or anything worth celebrating. Choose either spin, zumba or boot camp to help celebrate your special occasion. Gather up your friends for an evening of exercise to celebrate and wake up with muscle soreness instead of a hangover!! After class we can offer healthy cocktails and healthy food to keep the party going. We even can offer up a DJ just for your event. Reservations must be made in advanced to have the studio available for your special occasion.

Learn to cook!

Often we all get bogged down by trying so hard to eat better.  We simply find ourselves unable to change what foods we crave.  The key is to learn to cook!  We think we are the weight we are partially because WE LOVE FOOD THAT TASTES GOOD!  But here's the reality...