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My Review of Shakeology by Beach Body

One of the reasons that I have never done a lot of research or involved myself with promotion of supplements is because they are not regulated by the FDA.  What do I mean by that? The label on a bottle of supplements must properly list what is included but it may not list the exact amount of any particular ingredient. The product could claim to have 200g of a certain thing per serving but may only have 100g. Why?


Good Morning Friends!Wake up and Impress yourself! Sometimes leaping over a self made barrier is your catalyst to growing. So if you have something that has been teasing you and challenging you but you have not conquered it, GO FOR IT! Look that beast in the face and say I am better than you and Blow your own mind by overcoming it! Don't let fear be your boss. We grow by defying our fears Good morning friends!Open your mind, open your heart, and open your life to wonder.

De uitdaging en het ah, ahaaaa gevoel

Iedereen die me een beetje kent, weet dat ik van uitdagingen hou. Dus wat denk je wat er gebeurt als iemand - laten we hem Alberto noemen - zegt dat ik waarschijnlijk de 10 km niet in 11 km/uur kan rennen? Wat doe ik als Alberto zegt dat ik hem niet voor kan blijven tijdens een 10 km loop? Juist, ik neem de uitdaging aan! Dus Alberto: "maak je borst maar nat :-) "

Lost 26 lbs in one Month!!

Words to live by

Be Happy - Embrace Love - Enjoy Love - Relax - Focus - Believe - Be Positive - Breathe - Live Healthy - inspire - Have Passion - Learn - Stay Strong - Improve - Persevere - Don't Worry - Keep Calm - Reflect - Enjoy Life

How To Conceive: 10 Top Tips For Men

You might have encountered an article that details the many things that women can do to make the process of conceiving a lot easier. Just like women, men can also follow a host of things to ensure that they are able to produce a healthy offspring with their respective partners. Couples need not stress about these things, as there are a number of ways that men can make sure that they are able to start a healthy family. Manage your health

Keeping it Together

Great - we all made it through January!  Sure, January started off the year, but to me, everyday is a new beginning.  I was recently looking into tennis league sign-up, and came across a great quote by Arthur Ashe.  When asked how to be great, Ashe said, "Start where you are, use what you've got, and do what you can." The reason I love this quote, is because it's so basic and true.

Create your own Nut & Seed Milk

Nut milks are a great alternative to dairy milk, but can get a bit expensive. Making your own but milk is quick and easy. Here are some reasons why you should give it a try: 1. You can make any kind of milk you want. Use almonds, cashews, walnuts, flax seed, sunflower seeds or any combination. 2. You can customize the sweetness and flavors. Add vanilla, agave, or brown rice syrup if you'd like or leave it unsweetened. 3. It ps economically and Eco friendly. Buy nuts and seeds in bulk and save money & packaging. Almond Milk Recipe: 1.

Cold Winter Temps Trigger Brown Fat Burning-ACE Pro Source: February

Another good reason to invigorate your body outside in the winter. A dose of winter outdoor activity will do your body good.

The Great Gumby Project

Let’s face it…sitting at a desk all day is no fun. Not only is it no fun, it is dangerous! Yikes…sorry to lay that one on you but it’s true. There are as many health risks associated with sitting all day as there are for smoking and being over-weight. Wow…I just brought the mood down a ton. But wait! There are things you can do.