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The lesson I learned

 Quieting the quitter in us Last year my client started out with a 6 month goal of running a mile. We started with slow jog intervals of only 30 seconds at a time, with 2 minutes of walking to recover. Four months later she ran her first 5k. It was tough. This past November she ran her first 10k and placed top 10 in her age bracket- a non-runner! By her last race, she was running intervals almost the full mile at a time, recovering for only a minute or so.


MOTIVATION: TIME has a way of teaching us many things.

Treadmill Running v. Running Outside

Check out the differences between running on the treadmill and running outside:

PALEO RECIPE: Banana Ice Cream

It's gluten-free, dairy-free...and delicious!

Procrastinator? Yes!


Dietary aids - "Fastin"

 aI was asked about a product called "Fastin" as a dietary aid. After some research I found that this is a product made in the Canada by Global Alliance Corp and disturbed by out of a company in Georgia. It is not a FDA regulated product. Its primary ingredient is phyenylethylamine HCL  245 mg and 100 caffiene.


. Studies from the National Weight Control Registry have shown the following goals are the cornerstone of a successful weight loss maintenance program. 1. weigh yourself regularly - the scale shows you have gained a pound, tighten up your diet until you go back down. 2. Drink lots of water - keeps you focused on the process of weight control. 3. Eat the same amount of meals each day. Whether it is 4, 5 or 6, whatever works best for you. More food for thought. 

What Does it Take?

What does it take to stay connected to everyone and keep your business going? Computer time!!!  I love what I do and I can do it all day. What I have a hard time with are all the websites that need to be frequently updated and changed. Here in lacks the motivation. And me, my own coach. So the question is, do you hire a personal assistant to keep up on all the electronic "Mumbo, Jumbo"?  I believe the answer to that is yes.