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Good night world. My name is Drea and i am coming to you tonight to talk about YOU. I am a personal trainer/fitness coach and i want to touch base with those individuals out there that want to lose weight or become a little bit more fit, but need a liitle support. My motive in life since God has given me health and strength is to be able to help others that have no where else to turn and very few funds to get where they want to be. Please let me know how you feel and what is going on in your life. How can I help you become a better you?

Back Exercises for Women

As women age, their metabolism plummets, especially after 35-that is why I recommend compound exercises which work more than one body group at the same time. A lot of my female clients ask me for ways to strengthen their back, which is good to maintain good posture and ensure proper cervical alignment. Below are four back exercises that I recommend for my female clients.

What is in Tea?


Busting The Time Excuse---You're Welcome

The number 1 excuse for not working out is time! Don't think you have time? I'm going to show you that you do. Stay with me on this're watching your favourite 1-hour show on TV. During EVERY commercial break I want you to do this... 1. 10 jumping jacks 2. 10 squats 3. 10 push-ups 4. 10 crunches 5. REPEAT 6. Once you have done this twice and the commercials are still running then plank until the show comes back on. Do this during every commercial break. By the time your show is done you have completed a 13-14 minute workout.

Resistance Training For Muscle Growth and Maximal Strength

So the other day I ran through the basics of a solid resistance training plan to include in your training arsenal IF your goal is to lose weight and gain lean body mass. If you read my last blog then you learned about phases 1 and 2; Stabilization Endurance and Strength Endurance. Today, we’ll take a look at Phase 3 (Hypertrophy) and Phase 4 (Maximal Strength) 

Pilates and Paddle Event; August 30th

It is time for more fun in the sand and ocean! I hope you are enjoying some time in the beautiful outdoors this summer and that perhaps you can come join us for more. Tyler Lennon and I will hold our pilates and paddle event Saturday, Aug 30th at Escondido Beach.

New idea for my health

so i have been pondering and waiting and looking and trying to figure out what i can do with my life. I love what I do and I love hosting. So decided to put these 2 together. I need to get some people involved , camara crew, producer, editor, etC.. I have the fitness part down. but its the filming part ineed help with.. Now this is not going to be a paid venture even though i hope one day it will be. I need to shoot a PILOT. Then I can submit to TV producers and go from there. I was really hoping to get students who need experience or someone who is bored and needs a project.

A Few Thoughts both Personal and Practical for Anyone Considering Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Prelude: On Training versus Calling One of the standard questions any adult asks a young child they first meet is, “What do you want to be when you group up?”. By the time that young person is a teenager the question has usually shifted to, “What do you want to do when you are out of school?” The question is whether this is a shift, or if the being and the doing should or must have some connection. 

Why Quick Essay Writing Services Are Better Than Other Similar Services?

There are many essay help services which claim to offer assistance in writing essays for academic need. All of them are not able to give quality essays as required by the clients. It is necessary to select services which will be able to provide maximum satisfaction to you. Creating an academic writing requires dedication and knowledge on the part of the writer. Here are some features that decide the best writing services available online.Experience

Perdida de peso? es cuestion de perspectiva.

  Desde el momento en que pensamos en la frase "perdida de peso", el simple concepto nos en marca en una perspectiva totalmente equivocada y programada al fracaso; no tenemos ni idea de lo que nos proponemos a hacer o de lo que, en realidad, estamos buscando. Nos extraviamos facilmente y perdemos la perspectiva de lo que significa tener un equilibrio entre nuestra composicion corporal, nutricion y estilo de vida.