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Common Weight Loss Myths

Common weight loss myths are just that, common! What have you heard is the best way to lose weight? How about cardio only? What about starving yourself? Perhaps wearing a sweat suit when you exercise is the best way to get that perfect, lean and slender physique. Shall we discuss a few of the most common weight loss myths.

Goal Setting Success!

Chose a goal and make a PLAN!!!!!

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DRAFT: DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Imagine if your abdominals were so sore after every workout that you couldn’t muster up the strength to pick up your two year old child. Or if you had to rest up and forget about buying groceries tonight because your glutes and abdominals just weren’t able to help you lug heavy bags of food up the stairs.It wouldn’t make any sense. Your body would be dysfunctional by design if this were true.Luckily, your core is meant to be utilized daily, it has no choice. It recovers within 24 hours. So it can do the same darn thing and then some the next day. Work!

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Sometimes People Want To GAIN Weight Too

You’ll see a lot of articles about how to lose weight and get in shape but let’s show some love for those that actually want to GAIN weight…yes, those people exist and they need our help too! When I got to thinking about this issue over my double cheese pizza and soda I thought “That’s it!!

Running Injuries

To all those people who ask me how runners are able to continue without pain, here is a piece of news that may interest you: "Up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12-month period." This is reported in the IDEA Fitness Journal, June 2015, IDEA fitnographic by Joy Keller and Judy Meyer.Thank you to IDEA, ACE also, for keeping us informed.

6 Amazing Tips for Fitness on a Budget

If you think that you need money to get back on track with fitness, think again! There are so many things you can do that will help get you back in shape and as a matter of fact, may even save you money along the way. Here are six amazing tips for fitness on a budget.

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6 Ways Technology is Improving Health Care

If you get a cough or notice another health symptom, although you might still call your doctor to discuss possibilities or to make an appointment, people are relying more on the tools of advancing technology to take control of their own health.