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Healthy Eating When You Just Don't Have the Time

Healthy Eating When You Just Don’t Have the Time At home always keep a tray of cut up vegetables in your fridge. Many supermarkets already sell pre cut vegetables that you can put on a plate and leave them in your fridge so they are easy to grab. Dried fruit and nuts. This is a great snack to take with you anywhere but be sure that you watch your portions. Already sliced turkey meat. Look for the low sodium, organic, nitrate free kinds. Great for a snack in a bind. Protein smoothie.

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: HOW MUCH FRUIT?

How much fruit should you eat? Depending on your calorie needs, current government recommendations suggest eating between 1 and 2.5 cups of fruit per day. What counts as a cup? A cup of fruit equals 1 whole piece of most fresh fruits; 1 cup of chopped fresh fruit or fruit packed in water or its own juices; 1 cup of 100 percent fruit juice; or ½ cup of dried fruit. 

Pregnancy and energy

19 weeks in.  And I'm still exhausted.  I have a hard time making it through the weekends without needing a nap.  My doctor increased my thyroid medication dosage almost 3 weeks ago so I'm hoping it helps.  My energy levels are all over the place.  I am still teaching 2 circuit training classes a week and working full time.  My workouts are now only happening the 2 days I teach since I'm already at a gym.  I have been wanting to incorporate more yoga into my workouts - at least 2x a week.

The Dangers of Overexertion

Rhabdomyolysis is a serious condition resulting from the breakdown of skeletal muscle fibers with leakage of muscle contents (myoglobin) into circulation.  If not treated expeditiously, it may lead to kidney failure.  While there are many causes of rhabdomyolysis, the one the fitness industry evaluates is overexertion due to exercise.

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ for kids

A few thoughts on CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ for kids:

No Gym Necessary

Juggling a busy schedule that consists of 40-60 hours in the office, home, life, kid, and animal responsibilities (if you have them) is enough to deter anybody from squeezing in gym time/workout time. However, that does not mean that you are doomed from being healthy.

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Exercise is crucial for building strong bones. Weight-bearing activity determines bone strength, shape and mass. For children and teenagers, some of the best weight-bearing activities include team sports (e.g., basketball, volleyball, soccer and softball). Studies show the absence of physical activity, especially for long periods, results in a loss of bone mass. Making sure children and teenagers get enough calcium (1300 mg per day for ages 9 to 18), preferably through calcium-rich foods, is also essential to bone development and overall health.

Simple Side Dish: Zucchini and Carrots

It's almost 9:00 here in Illinois and I realized that I had almost forgotten to do my weekly healthy meal! Luckily we had plenty of leftovers and I am able to show you this fast and simple side dish I made. Every now and then I roast a whole chicken.  It's a long process but a simple one and I love that I can get about 4-6 meals for the rest of the week from the leftovers. I make chicken wraps, chicken potpie, chicken soup- you name it.  There are so many recipes you can make and it can save you tons of money.

Los Angeles Sentinel interview with Ant Cephas on mobile gym training with various types of equipment.

Cruise by Rancho Cienga Park, Kenneth Hahn Park, or any local park in Los Angeles, and you will see people pretty much roll out their own gym as they unload all kind of workout equipment.