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National Posture Institute's CEC Posture Workshop at the MFA Conference in New Orleans

Join Ken Baldwin & the National Posture Institute's Pre-Con in New Orleans. Learn to Assess & Correct your Clients Posture & Implement a Posture Assessment Program at your Facility. 1 More Week before Ken Baldwin & NPI's New Orleans Onsite CEC Posture Workshop at the MFA Conference-Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012!

5 Tips for Teaching Teens

1. Understand Their Cognitive AbilitiesAccording to the American Psychological Association, teens may be emotionally immature, but they have reached cognitive maturity by age 16 (Steinberg et al. 2009). By then they have developed reasoning skills, logical thinking, metacognition (thinking about their thinking) and abstract thinking (Huebner 2012). Don’t talk down to teens; instead, ensure that exercises make sense to them.

5 Tips for Teaching Teens

1. Understand Their Cognitive Abilities  2. Cater to Their Physical Abilities  3. Promote the Positive  4. Have a Sense of Humor  5. Be a Role Model  

Healthy 4 Thanksgiving Thoughts....


Healthy Thanksgiving For All


Lead And They Will Follow

The choice to lead!!!

Recept Brownies

Zoals beloofd hier het recept voor de brownies waar geen suiker/honing aan toegevoegd is. Je hebt het volgende nodig:8 eetlepels kokosmeel8 eetlepels cacao4 grote eieren1/3 cup kokosolie of ghee4 rijpe perenBereiding:

Maintain, Don't Gain

Good Morning!  Today marks the beginning of the Maintain, Don't Gain program at the Sports Core.  I told you in my last post that I was going to post stuff here throughout the program, but it turns out that you cannot comment here--and that's a big part of the program:  knowing that other people are out there doing it with you and supporting you!So I will be posting on the Sports Core's Facebook page instead.  Check it out!If you are a Sports Core member and you want to join, the fee is $5 and you earn a guest pass at the end of the program.

10-Day Health Challenge Cards and more...

Thanks to the motivation of my clients and putting into practice some get-it-done tricks of the trade, I was able to create and distribute a simple 10-Day Health Challenge card last week. If you did not get one, email me and I will send you the electronic version. The primary purpose of the card is to teach us something about ourselves that will help us in the long run (an educational tool).

The ‘Food Holidays' Are Upon Us!!

Here are MY ‘Top 5 Favorite Tips’ for getting through the ‘Holiday Eating Frenzy’! [1] EAT Breakfast > It WILL energize you and keep your diet in check! (Dr. Oz) [2] DON’T Skip Meals > You WILL lose 8 more pounds in a year, on average! (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics)