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Organic food expensive...really???

Today I came across an article online about another food contamination in IKEA Stores, This really made me think why do people complain about organic food and how it is more expensive then so called Normal food (conventional GMO junk)...lets be honest if we bought the right amount of food we needed for our bodies to fully function healthy then we would not need to buy so much food and spend so much unnecessary money because honestly most of us who do average to no physical activities only need so much intake of nutrition per day for the body

What do you need to work on?

Take a minute to look at the big picture of your fitness life. If you are just starting look at how you can make your "me time" your "exercise time". For the rest of us who deliberately exercise more frequently, revisit what it is that you want most or need most from your body. Here's the different part, don't think about it, feel it. Pay attention to your body when you are sitting, standing, and moving,  Do you need flexibility, or to get some energy out?

Guest Posting for Tosca Reno today!

Hello Fit PEOPLE!!!!Today is a very exciting day. First and foremost, I want to give a HUGE shout out to MY DAD: today is his birthday :) If it weren't for him, you wouldn't have me, so wish the man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY people :)Appropriately, I am also a featured blogger on Tosca Reno's personal page today! If you don't know who she is, what's wrong with you?!?!?! JOKING! Let me tell you:

Come visit CrossCore® at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Booth 473 March 20th and 21st.

Come visit CrossCore® at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Booth 473 March 20th and 21st. Come on out Thursday the 21st to early morning workouts at the Mad Dogg booth #873 and experience Spinning®, CrossCore®, Bodyblade® and Peak Pilates®. Have a great time and take advantage of show specials.  


On a personal note -  I stopped by my church today to pickup some things for my 6 month old, Ella Louise at the community services department.  So, I decided to stick around and asked to help out.  It was moving to spend time just helping others outside of the training environment.  Now, I have volunteered many times in the past, but this was different.  I actually paid attention to others, folks picking up clothes, food and such. 

CrossCore® is available for military purchase on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M

CrossCore® is available for military purchase on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M For additional government sales info go here


. This months Mens health mag has a couple moves that trainers hate They are the kipping pullup( if you have not seen it google it.....terrrible), 45 degree leg press(no core strength required) Tricep dip( ouch for you shoulders when done incorrectly). I like to add a few more, Close grip upright rows- shoulder killer. Crunches done on the floor- low back killer. Ok peeps which ones do you hate? please leave comments below 


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Nice butt! How to get strong gluteals.

Nice butt! How to get strong gluteals

"Mind over Matter" Nutrition

There is a Yale University study which proves that the number of calories we consume is not the only thing affecting our eating choices. There is a hormone in our bodies called ghrelin that tells our brain when we are hungry, and in this study, they tested whether our ghrelin levels are affected by our conscious brain. There were two groups of participants both given the same 380cal shake. However, group 1 was told they were given a "sensible shake" that was just 140cal and group 2 was told they were given an "indulgent shake" that had 620cal.