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Three Tips to Getting Fit in 2017

With a New Year close, many of us have made resolutions focused on improving our health, wealth and quality of life. Some of the most popular annual promises that are committed to each January 1st are fitness-related.  Just take a look at your local gym in January and February and you can see the eager faces of those who have newly devoted to a health regime.

The Great Gumby Project

Let’s face it…sitting at a desk all day is no fun. Not only is it no fun, it is dangerous! Yikes…sorry to lay that one on you but it’s true. There are as many health risks associated with sitting all day as there are for smoking and being over-weight. Wow…I just brought the mood down a ton.

Taking care of ourselves 2017

Happy Holidays from Tony Marino

4 reasons to let your smartphone control your house

Just like everything else, technology has revolutionized the way that homeowners look after their home. From automatic temperature control devices to the safety of one’s home, the Internet of Things (IOT) has provided some amazing ways to look after one’s house rather simply.Smartphones are becoming increasingly more important thanks to the latest technologies. Since a homeowner can now look after his house with the help of a smartphone, more and more people are now hopping on board with this luxury.


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