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Setting Goals

It is important to set exercise and wellness goals when you are beginning/maintaining your fitness journey. Make sure they are attainable and measurable! When creating goals, thing about your time commitment and your starting fitness level. You and your best friend or workout buddy might have completely different schedules and you may have more experience than he/she.

Day 5 Shoulder Basebuilder Workout

If We're Exercising, Why Aren't We Losing Weight?

The headline says it all, "US Waistlines Expands Despite More Exercise". So if we're exercising, why are we still obese? Isn't exercise the "cure"? As a personal trainer and fitness professional, I'd like to say yes.  However, Americans can't lose weight until we become honest about how we eat.

Kettlebell training on the CrossCore180®

Kettlebell training on the CrossCore180® can be performed anywhere for all your favorite exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, wood chops and much more.

Alpha & Omega Fitness partners with EUROPA suppliers

Alpha & Omega is proud to annouce our partnership withe Europa Sports Nutrition Suppliers  and is now able to provide all the supplemental needs to its clients, patients and public at low warehouse pricing. We look forward to serving you.

Remember to Hydrate!

Its summer time and everyone is going outside so let’s talk about HYDRATION! If you are out doing anything that raises your HEARTRATE and makes you sweat a good rule of thumb just like in exercise is that if you are out and/or exercising about 1hr or less water is a sufficient replacement.

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: SUMMERTIME GRILLING

Do you enjoy grilling outdoors during the summer? For many, nothing can compare with the taste of a meal cooked on the barbie. However, studies show that grilling meats at very high temperatures can create heterocyclic amines (HCAs), chemicals that can increase cancer risks.The American Cancer Society provides the following tips when grilling meat, whether indoors or outside. Avoid overcooking to the point where pieces look charred and black. Choose lean cuts and trim excess fat.

Just a thought.....

"We have seen the future of medicine, and the future is food."

Day 4 Chest Basebuilder Workout

Day 3 Back Basebuilder Workout