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Morning workout adventures

Have i told anyone i enjoy sleeping in? My son gets up at 5:30 for school in the morning to get ready and most of my time up with him i turn on the news and then sleep on the couch. I try hard to stay up but most of it is half asleep on the couch making sure he gets to bus.

Monday Morning YOU

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Perfection is an illusion. Just BE YOU. it's more Authentic. Everything is a process. Happy Monday!

Time to reach for your greatness

Real short issue I have to get off my chest. First off I think I work pretty hard in the gym. Sometimes I feel like I could be doing more, which is 100% instead of like 80%. Somehow I think it is my surrounding. I believe if you are feel you are working the hardest in the gym then you are at the wrong gym. By now means am I saying this with a big headed attitude. Seriously people are walking on the treadmill or ellipicticals. Using the machine with the lowest weight possible. The guys that should be working out are standing around talking. Oh and everybody has a nagging injury.

Fitness Selfie: Taking Your Quick and Valuable Fitness Notes

Alright, worldly readers: You must take some pictures of yourself to monitor your progress on fitness goals.  Why?  Because they tell you where you really are right now. Grab someone to take a load of pictures of you working out.  These images are like a mirror in motion and the purpose is not perfection. Your fitness selfies should tell you:

Pilates and Paddle Events Continue; May 31; 8-10am

Good morning! Join us for Pilates on the Beach and Stand up Paddling led by Tyler Lennon of Cove Paddle Fitness, this Saturday (May 31) , 8am, at Escondido Beach by Geoffrey's Malibu. Contact me to reserve your spot.   You are also welcome to join me at Malibu Fitness at 9:15 on every Saturday for mat class to set the day off on the right foot!Best,Jennifer

How things can change in a month!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

High Intensity Interval Training

If your goal is to burn fat, intervals better be part of your program. Besides being a quick method to getting in a great workout, intervals are extremely effective for transforming your physique. By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, intervals allow you to keep the workout intensity high while still maintaining form. The magic of high intensity interval training (or HIIT for short) lies its ability to keep you burning fat even after you leave the gym. In short, your body isn’t able to bring in enough oxygen during periods of hard work.

Thought for today

 Never let fear guide your actions. What we are afraid of, we tend to manifest. Be brave, take risks, be confident. Never let the "what ifs" stop you. The only way to accomplish your goals is to commit, give 110% and know that you will get there. Break this negative pattern, take responsability and live the life you always wanted.   


Everyone dreams of getting the perfect six pack – defined stomach muscles, lean and mean. It’s not an impossible dream, either. Follow the right steps and anyone can trim the chunk from their trunk. Check out this infographic guide from and start seeing real results! 

Nutrition Basic - How to Take charge of your Diet

The Calorie Count De-Constructed