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What a positive attitude can do for you

We've all had those moments in life (be it a job interview, a first date, saving a friendship or relationship, accomplishing a goal etc.) where there's that one huge opportunity that has come our way and we're hoping against all odds that we don't mess up but instead hope we will be lucky enough to make this opportunity a reality.Here's a thought..aside from second guessing our abilities and potential could it be that the real setback from achieving success is actually the wrong attitude?

Interview with Schwinn Cycling Master Trainer Chris Roche

Keeping it Simple: 2014 American Diabetes Association EXPO


Let's get ready for summer!

All right, we know we are going to be putting on bathing suits very soon! Not to worry, you can start making changes right now, to feel more confident in your summer clothes. Start by adding in more vegetables to your diet, along with plenty of water, perhaps with lemon.

50 years young and moving forward!

50 years young! 1856 Miles Ran so far in 2014! 4th month of pics for "FAT http://www.rickinsideoutfitness.vpweb.comV"! Keep moving FAT FIGHTERS! Keep in mind that even more important than losing body fat is keeping it off! Keep up the good work!---Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

Launch Sport Performance -Sports Specific Cycling Sessions

Today we had the first actual RL52 Cycling sports specific session at Launch Sport Performance in Rockville, MD - Pre-Season Football Cycle! It was amazing to actually see football players on the bike in the cycling studio going through the sports specific sets, mimicing actual on-the-field work on the bike and listening to their feedback and reaction to this type of training.  Oh yeah and the bike moves from side to side - its not just your ordinary bike...but an amazing cross-training tool.

Work your 'Bells!---Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

5 Worst Cancer Causing Foods

"THE" 1st 4 months of "FAT FIGHTERS V" pics as promised by 50 year old Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

"THE" 1st 4 months of "FAT FIGHTERS V" pics as promised by 50 year old Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!


I had a nice conversation this morning. One of the ladies in my class was so frustrated. She has been working out so hard and even though her clothes are fitting better and she is feeling better, she is frustrated with the scale. I don't blame her. The scale is a mean thing. And when you think about it, the scale really doesn't mean that much. The most important thing in a healthy life is that you feel well, eat well and stay active. When you eat well, you feel good and have lots of energy.