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Cleaning House-Inside and Out by Jane Birr-Life Coach

I had this weird feeling recently as I walked through my house.


.....Most people think creatine is a steroid .....but actually  it helps to boost energy for your toughest workouts.......specifically ,its a protein made naturally in ur body from amino acids,and its also present in meat and fish so you can top up ur stores.but because you dont have to chomp through 500gm of raw mince a day to get your optimum amount...

End the Health and Fitness Confusion

Confusion and contradictory information in the media concerning health and fitness can drive anyone crazy enough to jump off the wagon before even contemplating about starting a healthy lifestyle program.I totally understand and feel for you. I have been in your shoes, trying all kinds of things I heard here and there, before my health training and education set me straight. What works for someone else is not guaranteed to work for you. This is exactly the reason I choose to work in the health industry: I figure out and decipher what will work for you to reach your goals.

Different Treatment Methods Used By Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Drug addiction is known as a chronic disease and you cannot simply expect to get treated within days. It requires to tackle the psyche of the patient and after that applying the concepts and treatment to help them get rid of this chronic addiction.

Don't STRESS me out!

I often think about the people who do not regularly exercise and I wonder HOW in the world they manage their stress? That is the number one reason why most of us get those weekly workouts in - to stay calm, to feel good, to work the stress out!


To say I have learned a thing or two about cost per square footage, CAM, flooring ... the BUILD OUT ... is an understatement. What an education. It's not enough to have a great space - it's also location, it's also the size of the parking lot, and what about the FLOOR?!

Worried About Losing Weight?...Here Is A Possible Solution!!!

Obesity is a common disease in many countries nowadays especially where fast food is cheaper and easily available than other healthy foods. Hence more and more people are gaining weight or even if they become successful in losing their weight, a common problem is the fear of gaining weight again. Moreover in this fast paced life, it is very difficult to spare time for time consuming exercises and difficult procedures to lose weight. Hence people are keener to know about easy ways to lose weight e.g. taking pills on a schedule to maintain weight.

Choosing the Best Personal Training Certification Program.

In a journey to become a qualified personal trainer, one of the major steps that any one has to undergo is the choosing of the best certification program. This is possibly the hardest step to undergo and it may be harder than even training. Picking the right certification organization can determine your success as a trainer.

What to do before undergoing Botox Treatment of the Muscles

Botox is one of the most popular procedures as it works at reducing contracting of the muscles that cause persistent lines and creases that develop over time in several areas on the face. Botox is very useful in alleviating sweating under the arms and heads. For the Botox procedure to be successful, there are things that ought to be done.

Eat In Peace

Hi Think about what you are doing when you eat. Are you watching T.V., are you on your phone? Are you reading? Facebook?  Here's a suggestion. Try being present and just sit there and enjoy your food and think about where it came from and what it is going to do to your body. Will it give you energy? Make you feel good later? Make you feel heavy?