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HDTVI ProvIDes smootH mIgratIon oPtIons to ICLass se PLatforms

According to Cheung, there are 4 million HDTVI cards actively in use right now. That means that HDTVI camera systems china has established a large installed customer base, with well-established brand awareness. As they continue to expand their ecosystem, HDTVI’s OEM modules will continue to establish themselves in future applications, pushing them further into the time attendance and secure printing industries, as well as the healthcare sector.

Technology growth has also brought in automation

Technology growth has also brought in automation, which in turn, has led to changes from humans to technology in the security industry. Thus, it has significantly reduced the manual interference on one hand, but created a greater dependence on technology. 

Non-security enterprise are entering TVI field


Stay Sharp & Focused in Low Light

 There is no question that high definition (HD) tvi cameras look terrific in the day, but it is completely a different story at night as all cameras require some light to operate, except for thermal imaging ones. This part highlights what to pay attention to when it comes to sensor selection. 

Full HD System is the trend

 Full HD System is the trend at present and this migration will continue for another two years. The HD upgrading is not limited to front-end cameras but also includes DVR/NVR in a full HD System. Current challenges for HD migration includes, price for HD solutions and cable rewiring and powerful CMS or management platform. It usually takes quite a long time for the firmware upgrade of cameras and related CMS/VMS software patch release. 

School buSeS thAt communicAte with pARentS

The surveillance system used on school buses may not be as heavy duty as that of public buses because the purpose is more to record the events onboard than to dispatch immediate assistant to solve road incidents. Nevertheless, its storage device should be just as good. For the hardware, vibration-proof and self-check functions are ideal to automatically alarm the drivers when any malfunction or manipulation of equipment is detected.

Bad storm weather, two big problems for security products to solve


2K claims fifa 15 coins the

2K claims fifa 15 coins the soundtrack will be apparent "later this summer."[Image: Wikimedia Commons]Show abounding PR textNEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--2K today arise a new accord with internationally-renowned artisan and ambassador Pharrell Williams to abbey the a lot of all-encompassing and adapted soundtrack accumulation in NBA 2K authorization history for NBA® 2K15, the next affiliate of the top-selling and top-rated NBA video adventuresome simulation franchise*.

Embrace the Internet and explore security equipment e-business operational model

Financial popular Internet, network promotion burgeoning, thinking how to use the Internet to cultivate a new growth point of enterprise, becomes the problem traditional industry needs to solve. At present, China's security network camera industry due to serious product homogeneity competition, profit margins are low, a lot of hd IP camera manufacturers have e-commerce, tried to rob security electricity main land. Open arms to embrace the Internet

Webcam new features: monitor abnormal heart rhythms, early warning of heart disease

 According to media reports, by the United States at the university of Rochester institute of medicine and dentistry and Xerox company jointly conducted a pilot study, network cameras can be used to help diagnose heart related diseases, the new test adopted some innovative methods, detect abnormal heart condition of users. The researchers also calls the webcam "used to diagnose heart condition FaceTime".