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Guide to making your home gym

There are many home workout equipment

How to Start Exercising

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Big Data and the Healthcare Industry: What does the Future Hold?

Big data is the aggregation of metrics obtained through a variety of survey methods and the analysis of these metrics for practical use. Wearable tech and the healthcare industry go hand in hand, allowing tons of possible future integrations with big data. The future of big data and the healthcare industry seems intertwined and we can ready imagine tons of ways analytics will be used in the future of healthcare applications. But how will big data transform the healthcare industry exactly?

Huge Eye Opener from CDC

If the CDC does not allow these products in their offices, why are you still using them? Are you aware that people who may seem unsociable may actually have multiple chemical sensitivity? Being around chemicals causes irritations that you may not be aware of ...yet. 

Exercise with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension; Prevention and Management

One of the main priorities of your cardiovascular system is to maintain an adequate blood pressure to ensure sufficient blood flow to your brain.HYPERTENSION is a blood pressure of >140/90mmHg or being on blood pressure medication (140 is the systolic and 90 is the diastolic blood pressure). High blood pressure increases with age, after age 50 it steadily increases.

Holiday workouts

I know we are in a time crunch this month with extra errands, parties, etc... Because of that, I believe that HIIT workouts combined with mind-body workouts are essential. We can get the calorie burn and metabolism boost in the high intensity sessions but we also need the balancing that the mind-body (pilates, yoga, t'ai chi, etc.) offer! Don't forget to boost your immune system with your greens and essential oils! 

5 Tips For Moms on Finding Time for Exercise

 1. First Things FirstExercise before the day escapes you. "If I waited until after work, I would certainly never ever get my exercise in. There are simply too many tasks as well as dedications that show up," says Angela Bekkala, scientific workout specialist, mommy of twins and creator of Happy Fit mommy.

Is juice helpful for your teeth?

Drink Best Coffee With The Help Of These Best Coffee Makers

If you cannot live without coffee, you can opt for best coffee maker. It is not easy to choose the best one among collections of coffee makers. Delonghi BCO 330T:It is a unique system which will deliver combined tastes. Through this coffee maker, anyone can process any kinds of beverages. With its presence in kitchen, one can enjoy regular coffee in every moment just not in morning. Cuisinart Coffeemaker With Hot Water System:

A Busy Student's Guide to Staying Fit

Are you a busy student attending a college or university to get your bachelors degree? Or perhaps you are attending school to complete a masters in business administration program? Do you find it hard to keep track of your course work and your own health? Then continue reading for a short guide that will help even the busiest undergraduate or graduate student stay fit.