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How do you make your Super Shakes in Minutes?

I love my Super Shake and you wanna know why?It's healthy, nutritious, satisfying and it tastes GREAT! I have tried other products that are already done for you, all you have to do is add water or milk. They tasted chalky or smelled strange.

Siemens Hearing Aids – What Do You Need To Know

Siemens hearing aids are available in a variety of different styles and are designed to meet any hearing needs. The type and level of hearing loss determine what hearing aid style that suits you the best. The personalized styles for Siemens hearing aids include BTE (Behind the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), CIC (Completely In the Canal).

The Influence of Sleep Deprivation on your Training

Literarily millions of people around the world do not get enough sleep every day, putting themselves at risk of a whole range of health problems. According to a CDC survey of more than 15,000 adults, over 30% people sleep less than six hours a day. While there is no “magic number”, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours a sleep., but it all depends on individual differences. The fact is, some people need more sleep than others, mostly depending on his or her activity level.

Paleo Leap

Paleo LEAP

What I Have Learned in Thirty Plus Years of Yoga

Sensei Dan used to talk about what the kids in his dojo learned: not just high kicks, and blocks, and so on, but also self control, the ability to stand up to bullies, and self respect. With any physical discipline there are physical end points, but also benefits of understanding, character, and behaviour. The practice I know best is yoga. Not simply a physical practice, it is unsurprising how much one gets from a long term yoga practice. Lately I have seen a lot of articles on 'the benefits of yoga'.

Boost Your Metabolism Get Lean Abs

Its really quite simple. You can exercise all you want, but if you are eating poorly or overeating you will only get frustrated, not lean. Here are my easy tips to getting lean and staying lean in yor abs. 1) Cut the crap like excessive sugar, fat, carbs and stop overeating. 2) Always eat breakfast. Include protein, carbs and at least one healthy fat source. It will boost your metabolism and prevent excessive hunger and overeating later in the day. 3) Cook more and eat out less (1-2 week max).

Sneaking More Activity into Your Life

Click the link to watch the VideoBlog! In this week's VideoBlog I talk about visiting my son at college for the first time.It reminded me of my college days when i used to have to walk everywhere.  I realized how inactive we become as adults once we start relying on our cars to get around and having to rush about to take care of a family.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massages performed by a registered massage therapist, are now regularly utilized under a wide assortment of conditions. Instead of the application of this kind of treatment being exclusively used for recuperation from specific muscle issues or injuries, now these procedures help recovery in a wide arrangement of conditions.

What Exactly Is A Water Softening Machine?

Water softener is a process that transforms hard water into soft water. It reduces the mineral contents and does the transformation in order to provide quality and soft water that prevents rusting, staining and clogging the your appliance. The so called hard water is mainly water which comes from directly from the dams, wells, and other types of water resources you can find. The water contains calcium, and magnesium which thickens the quality of the water. Soft water on the other hand, is the kind of water that has none or at least a little content of minerals.

Misconceptions about Protein

I saw a video on Men's Health the other day titled "6 Protein Myths:". After watching it I felt like it lacked depth and by not addressing some of the information I was doing a disservice to all who followed that page. The following is my observation. Misconception #1:"Protein Builds Muscle" The first myth is kind of common sense. Contrary to popular belief protein doesn't build muscle. Protein is what your muscle is made of.