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New Blog!

As part of my New Year's Resolution, I have created my very own blog spot online! Please feel free to browse as it is a collection of my thoughts and opinions on various topics. www.ItsAnAdrienneThing.comI will no longer be blogging from this site. Thanks! 

Choose the positive path

Choose a "positive " path to pursue in life!

Resistance Band Demonstration at Women's Health & Fitness Expo (w/Video)

This workout uses resistance bands a type of elastic resistance.  The bands increase strength, mobility and function, as well as reduce joint pain.    Bands and tubing rehabilitate injuries, improve the functional ability of older adults, improve athletic performance, and aid in treating many chronic diseases. In addition, resistance bands are lightweight and portable, take up very little space and are safe and easy to use.  In this routine, a variety of strength training exercises are shown for a complete, total body workout. 

Prepare Your Meals and

Figure out what you want to eat for the next seven days (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), then take an evening to prepare as many meals as possible.  The same planning goes for your workouts and 10,000 steps - grab a calendar and pencil in exactly when and where you plan on fitting in time to exercise/walk.

Calories In-Calories Out


TPI performance test 6: Single leg balance test

 This post is the sixth in a series about a few important tests that TPI fitness professionals can use to diagnose your golf strengths and weaknesses by observing your body's strengths and weaknesses.

Want to fight? Best get a good base!

Ready to start your boxing career? First you will need to get a great "base" to work with. What? I take on new boxers or boxers that used to box and want to get back into it. What you need is to get some functional training under your belt to strengthen all of your muscles and your balance. Think you don't need functional training? Think again! Just check any boxing(ex. website and you will see that they sell the same functional training equipment that I will use when training you!


Todays gyms are filled with machines that can help you isolate every muscle group and really get a targeted workout. However, this has caused the most versitile tool in the gym to begin to become under utilized. Dumbbells are a great way to keep bones and joints strong, as well as develop strength and gain size.The human body adapts its form according to its function. Using dumbbells encourages stronger bone densities as well as joint and ligament health when used regularly and with proper posture.

Karate Mysteries

I cant't count how many times one of my friends, co-workers, or relatives have told me that they have or know someone in martial arts. To be more specific, they use the phrase " my so and so does karate." When I ask what style they reply with Kung Fu, Tae Kwondo, or even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The problem is that none of the aforementioned are types or styles of Karate-Do. Karate styles either originate from mainland Japan or from Okinawa.

Karate Mysteries