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Hospital Acquired Infections – Beyond the Statistics

I would have never thought that this could become so personal. Statistics are usually abstract ideas, possibilities in percentages, usually too small to consider as anything that could have an impact on one’s life.  Until it does! According to the CDC, there were 157,500 surgery site infections in the United States in 2011. These are 157,500 lives which have been, to a greater or lesser degree, altered, maybe forever. As in the case of my husband! 

I walk the line

Sure I feel like I walk the line.  What does my future hold in four weeks time?  I graduate from the University of the Cumberlands with my Masters in Educational Leadership.  I did maintain one personal training certification as well as my CPR training just in case, but also because part of me has a hard time letting go of things I feel are valuable.   These past two years have been an incredible journey, and I can only wonder what is ahead.  Will I end up back in the world of fitness or will I find myself in higher education?

Creating Habits for Change: Top 3 Tips to Make Lifestyle Changes Achievable

Most of us want to live a healthier lifestyle, but the thought of making the necessary changes can seem overwhelming.  Here are the top 3 tips to make lifestyle changes achievable:Aim to create one behavior change at a time

Nutrition Tips for Staying on Track When You’re Dating

Many people gain weight when they start dating because they will go out to eat more often and drink more often, especially when they are first dating someone.

Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

The following is courtesy of Nitin Chhoda PT DPT and his entire team, November 20, 2015:Thanksgiving is around the corner, and everyone's looking forward to getting together with family and indulging (why not?).

8 Important Facts Regarding Marijuana

If you’re addicted to drugs, cocaine, alcohol or marijuana, this post is for you. If you want to educate a loved one, a friend, a family member or relative on the hazards of marijuana, this article will help you build a better understanding.

How Osteopathy Can Help Back Pain and Tension

Make Sure That Your Company Does Not Pollute The Environment. Have The Right Equipment To Be Eco-Friendly

Unfortunately, nowadays most people do not exactly care about what is going to happen to the environment. Of course, you can see a lot of young people and a lot of old people as well to worry. Thus people will recycle, they will talk about the fact that the environment is getting worse and worse. They will try to convince people that they  have to do something in order to call this illness. However, in these grave days they are too few and the pollution is too much.

Full Squats?