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Excellent Article on Emotional/Compulsive Eating and our Brain

Written by my coach, Ellen Schumen eat to zone out. I eat for the pleasure it gives. I eat as a reward for working so hard.”

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Being a new mom - you pretty well know that sleepless night is part of the deal Pregnancy often brings all kinds of sleep disturbances, leg cramps, heartburn and nausea and bad sleeping pattern during pregnancy may make it even more worse. With regular bathroom runs, the nocturnal kicking and the boulder shaped stomach, it is a miracle for an expecting mother to catch a shot-eye.

Why you should try out a tummy tuck

What to expect during the recovery from a sinus surgery

How to Swim Faster Breaststroke

The breaststroke, while a favored stroke of your casual lap swimmer for its ease of breath, is not an easy stroke to master for your neighbourhood competitive swimmer. Whether it is trying to master the timing of the breaststroke kick—which can leave even the most accomplished swimmer feeling like a rank amateur—to mastering the pull and kick timing, the breaststroke is deceptively hard to come to grips with.


It may be that you didn’t even know you had one...or where it might be hiding...or how it can cause you to have an ankle sprain. Find out more by downloading the "blog" in .pdf format.  The document has videos embedded in it so to be able to view them make sure you open the document using Adobe. Opening it in your Internet Explorer or Chrome browser won't play the video properly.

What it is Ultrashape?

Do You Have a Post-Workout Recovery Plan?