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Oral presentation at the 28th Symposium of the International Council of Physical Activity and Fitness Research (ICPAFR) on August 24-27 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

5 Careers That Can Make You a Healthier Person

We've all heard the stories about jobs that result in the worker being injured or dealing with some form of chronic pain due to having to subject themselves to hard labor for a number of years. There are many occupational hazards and discomforts out there; too many to mention in fact. However, there are also some great jobs that are not only safe and comfortable but might also enrich your overall wellbeing by helping you stay active and social. With that said, here are five career choices that can make you a healthier person:

Low Blood Pressure Using Massage

Does Massage therapy lower the blood pressure?

Sites Similar To Fiverr

Sites Similar to Fiverr

When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

How do you know it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed? Regardless of age, wisdom tooth extractions are usually recommended when the 3rd molars start to interfere with the health of other teeth in your mouth. It may also be needed if they are causing pain.During your exam, your dentist may recommend a wisdom tooth extraction if you are experiencing:

Is Sports Massage Beneficial?

When you’re done working out, you’ll often feel an ache in your muscles, but can massage help to relieve that discomfort and improve your recovery? Sometimes that’s the case, but other times it can make matters worse. It’s important to consider all of your options before hitting the massage chair after work.  Massage Options  First, consider your massage options. There are a variety of ways to get a quality massage following a hard workout. 

3 Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Whether you pursue a rigorous workout regimen or simply want to stay fit, exercise is a critical part of any comprehensive addiction recovery plan. Removing drugs and alcohol from your life is a hard and necessary project if you want to recover from the detrimental effects of addiction – and exercise can improve your chances for long term success. A Holistic Approach 

Tips for Losing Belly Fat Fast

Are you bothered by the stubborn layers of fat on your tummy? If yes, then you’re surely on the right path. Excess abdominal fat is definitely a matter to be concerned about as it invites a series of debilitating health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and even some forms of cancer. Here are a few tips that can help you to lose belly fat fast.Practice aerobic exercise

I can't.........

  I tell people all the time that fitness is not a's a way of's all about the journey....blah...blah...blah! Well, just so you know that ALL of us are in this together, I have a short (and hopefully, "enlightening") story to share: 

Alzheimer – A disease to be cured by Yoga

Aging brings loss of memory. You may start forgetting names and faces, even of people who do you meet regularly. A disease that you may not run from but can avoid while doing regular yoga activities.A research has proven that Alzheimer can be avoided if you are regular at yoga. In a research which was conducted at the university of California on aged people who were suffering from cognitive impairment, a training and yoga practices helped them to heal their memory issues which consequently lead to Alzheimer disease.