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Lunchtime workouts

I was recently asked if a mid-day workout would be a good idea.  The short answer is that you should work out whenever you can, but here are some reasons why a workout over the lunch hour can be especially beneficial: A workout during lunch will motivate you to choose healthy organic meals since you can't work out with a stomach full of greasy, bad food.  (You can, but you'll be miserable.)  Secondly, it will increase endorphins which will make you more productive and happy at work.

Dermefface-FX7 – Get Rid of Irritating Scars

Phen-Q – How to Get Rid of Obesity


Stem Cell Expert Believes in the Healing Power of MSC

It is not unusual to encounter some measure of skepticism when promoting stem cell therapy for orthopedic applications. As the FDA has not specifically approved some kinds of stem cell procedures, it's easy to assume that treating things like osteoarthritis and sports injuries using patient harvested stem cells just don't work. But that is not the case. Significant research has gone into stem cell therapy for orthopedics; research that has shown very good results.

Macronutrients Formular

Step one:Decide what your metabolic rate is-slow, moderate, or fast.

Weight loss, Cardio, Eating properly

When attempting to get into shape and lose weight, one thing you must remember, is that dieting does not work. You must make a decision to change your lifestyle. Don't starve your body of precious nutrients. Eat good proper meals, drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits and veggies.

Take it slow don't cheat...use proper form when exercising

   We’ve all seen people in the gym swinging weights around and not following proper form. Let me explain why they won't be making any gains and could possibly hurt themselves.


TRX Suspension Training comes together with Spinning class to give you a full rounded workout. Strength training, Flexibilty and Cardiovascular all wrapped in a one hour class.

World Tour Update: India in August 2017

After Europe and the USA, my live workshop and its world tour will include Asia starting from India in August 2017.

Is There a MIO Slice in Your Workout Future?

The best solution to any problem is always simple yet elegant, basic yet modern. If you’re a fitness buff who’s having trouble reaching and maintaining your workout goals consistently, it’s time to consider stepping up your technology game with a game changing device that thousands of dedicated physical fitness fans are already implementing. Are you ready to hear about it? In other words, are you ready to take the next step into your workout’s future? You’ll push harder with an accurate heart rate read.