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Crazy beginnings!!

Well first I must apologize, that I haven't been posting. This has simply been a crazy start to the new year. Garan Fitness Consulting has been able to add several new clients to my business, and they have been keeping me busy. I might add that I am writing this at 4:45 am as I have a client coming at 5:45 am. Not easy for a night owl, but that is what worked for her schedule.

Band Training

So you want to start an exercise program that involves resistance training for your New Year, but don't really have any equipment. Have you considered resistance bands? They are cheap, provide variable resistance (get harder the longer they are), are reasonably priced, and don't take up hardly any space.The kind of bands I am talking about are tube bands with handles that you can get at just about any store now days.

Getting started

It's that time of year again where all the false advertisement to lose weight are bombarding you on TV and the radio. just remember there are no quick fixes.. See u at fit camp

Snacking Associated With Healthier Overall Diet

No Sugar - Day 5

I'm still doing well on my no-refined sugar goal.  Yesterday afternoon my craving kicked in, but I mananged to control it with a healthy (no sugar) protein shake.  My challenge will be the upcoming weekend.  I'm planning to stock up on fresh fruit such as clementines, apples and mangoes.  A little sweet, but a lot of nutrition! 

Week Five

Monday, September 19I didn’t get my run in like I had planned for Sunday so I decided to get out bright and early this morning.  I am a little concerned about the traffic hope the route I am running won’t be too busy.I am disappointed to see my run was only about 30 minutes.  Maybe it will be for the best- running class meets at Rocket Hill tonight.

Week Four

 Monday September 12

Week Three

September 5, Labor DayWith the holiday weekend I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be back in town to make the class.  There was talk that class would meet at a different time being today was a Holiday but I’m glad we kept it for 6pm. I made it back and didn’t have to miss class.Its week three and we are meeting at the High School Bleachers.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Week Two

Week TwoMonday August 29We met at the old Wendy’s parking lot.  Sarah had us work the steps and hills along the Luce Line.  My right knee has started to tighten up on me the first few minutes of each run.  I really need to get those new shoes!  I was very uncomfortable- but I worked through it.  Hope it isn’t going to be an issue for me.  My knee loosened up and I was able to finish strong- felt great!

Week One

August 23Wow I wasn’t sore!   No question the sports nutrition and regular stretching I do is the reason!  Ran around the neighborhood-blessed to have a safe route close to home-one full loop is 1.5 miles with little traffic and good protection with trees and shade- good for the hot days.  Think I need to get new shoes!I was able to get one more run in this week 2-3 miles.