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Weight Management Strategies

To begin your journey on losing weight-->Establish healthy eating and exercise patterns and accept limitations of heredity.Aim to achieve a body weight that optimizes health.Your initial goal should be to Prevent/Stop weight gain Begin by reducing 100 calories a day from your diet.Instead of focusing on a particular weight as yoru goal, focus on living a healthy lifestyle For permanent weight management--> Adopt healthful behaviors:

Strategies to Personal Goals

If you are interested in truly making a change for a healthier lifestyle next year, now is the time to start thinking about your goals.  Those who set goals for themselves increase their chances of success by 75%.Whether you are looking to break a bad habit or restructure your entire life, the act of personal goal setting is one of the most effective ways to help you define and achieve your vision for yourself. As with anything in life, If you don't have a clear idea of where you're going, getting there is going to be difficult, if not impossible.

Nothing Left Unsaid

I have just been through the longest weeks of my life. My mother died October 23, 2011 at the age of 81; they called it sudden death. The day before we had talked like every day, talking about her yard and my dog. At the end of the conversation, she instructed me - as she always did - to pet Mr. Darcy on her behalf. Then the usual 'talk to you tomorrow'. The same evening, she was doing a crossword puzzle and then dozed off. She never woke up again.

A Blog ... who knew

Well ... here I am with a blog ... hard to imagine ... didn't even know what Blog ment until earlier this evening ... I now have to learn how to use this ... give me ten years and I will be an expert!!

Working Out Your WillPower


Learning New Things and Gaining Confidence in the Process

I have officially completed 4 days of P90X, chest and  back, plyometrics, biceps triceps and shoulders and YogaX.  Surprisingly the most difficult was not the pull-ups, but the yoga.  One hour and a half of balance and strengthening yoga poses.  This is not your average stretching class.  It was INTENSE!  After 45minutes I was done.  But I held on and completed the whole cd.  The lengthening of my muscles felt great after 3 days of intense strengthening and cardio.  Flexibility has never been my strong suit and this cd proved this again.  I

Weekend healthy pancakes.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela Weekend healthy pancakes. Ingredients:1/2 cup cottage cheese1/2 cup oats4 egg whitescinnamonhoneyCoconut oil for greasing panFor the toppings you can be creative with fruit / nuts / honey / yoghurt. I used frozen berries. Warmed them up in a sauce pan to get the juices out :-)Method:

The Most Effecfive Fat Loss Solution Available

As a La Jolla personal trainer I have heard it all. Everyone is looking for that remedy to losing weight and quickly. After years of working in the field, and doing years of countless research and experimenting I have come across a break through solution to quick and effective fat loss. Before my big reveal, let me add that I plan to market and package my solution to the world very soon.

Stress on the body

It's that time of the year......hustle and bustle, crazy schedules, not enough time in the day, finances, etc.  All of this can wreak havoc on our wellbeing.  We all know this....myself included.  However, I was reminded of it yesterday while having a massage.  Michelle is my massage therapist, and I see her usually once a month.  She had given me a massage the first week of October; and since then, a lot has gone on in my life, emotions, etc.  I'm doing well  - have handled the situations - done some detoxing of people who were not good for m

See more results from your workouts

Are you bored with your workout? Have you stopped seeing results? It might be time to switch up your exercise regimen and start seeing results! Your workout should never be a routine. You need to mix up workouts, try new exercises, use your own bodyweight, and add intensity. You don't need a gym to get an effective workout. Cardio machines and strength training machines get boring and won't give you the best workout you can achieve. Try some plyometrics, crossfit training, intervals, and body weight circuit training.