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What's Pete Been Up To?

Tempo Rides:I love doing my tempo rides and interval workouts on my computrainer which allows me to get in extreme quality no matter what the weather or time of day. I have been gradually increasing my duration on my tempo rides while pretty much keeping the same intensity.  I try to do many of the workouts I have set for my athletes including the grueling bike workouts and the weight training routines.  

Resistance Training Isn't Just Found In The Gym

The ankle movement that must not be named...

Anyone who's ever bought running shoes has probably heard the term pronation.  Pronation, like carbs, has somehow earned a seriously bad reputation, but it's actually something that's supposed to happen.  When running properly, your midfoot makes contact with the ground first.  At this point the arch of the foot collapses to absorb the shock of your body weight.  Corresponding with the arch flattening is ankle pronation (inward rolling of the ankle) and slight internal rotation of tibia (shin bone).  It might sound like a bad thing for all this to happen, but there

On-Line Coaching

On-Line Coaching:I have been a coach now for over five years and really feel that my services are a great value to those serious about achieving their fitness and athletic goals. I was I have this great service that is getting results for those I am currently coaching. I just wish more people knew about it or could experience it to discover what I and my athletes already know.

Allow yourself to Evolve...

We're usually never as "skinny" as we used to be.  So give up that notion and look at yourself now, today.  As your life circumstances change, grow and evolve, so does every cell in your body.  Allow yourself to grow and change, trust yourself, believe in yourself, and treat yourself well - - - with love, forgiveness, and understanding.

The best time for exercise

I used to exercise around 9PM because that was the only time I could get my workout.  Now I wake up early and either run with the dogs or teach an early morning class.  There is a recent study that says that working out in the morning is best, but whenever you can get your exercise is the way to go!

Getting through the Gloomy Days

People often find it hard to get up and get going when it is gray outside. Weight gain ofetn happens during the winter months because people stay in door more and comfort themselves with Calorie dense comfort foods. Don't let the wather dictate your days, plan ahead to make sure you get out and moving. Call a friend and get tea or coffee together or do something as simple as going to a bookstore and browse the shelves. Take charge and beat the gloomy days!

Un clutter your workout room NOW!

I have a new client who is morbidly obese, 65, semi retired, high everything meaning cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, sedentary, ex addict: you name it he has it. He is a also a very successful businessman, very bright, smart and responsive. When I first met with "Joe" two weeks ago he weighted 223 pounds, mind you he's 5'4 with a waist of 47. Yesterday he weighed 211, why? Because this is it for him. It's do or die, really. It's either this way or no way out for him.

Help! Kidnapped by Hormones!

I feel like I've been kidnapped and taken to some cabin where technology is not availiable. I've barely been online today- which is odd for me. It's not such a bad thing- I was a bit too addicted to my computer. A little break from "surfing the net" is good for my productivity. It helps me HUNKER DOWN and get things done. As for workouts- yesterday I sqautted a recent PB of 185x4 for my final set and WOW!

Tough Mudder (TM) - we want to test your all-round mettle (the workout)

Everybody knows by now (or at least most of you) that I am participating in this years Tough Mudder (TM) in Allentown, PA on April 9th at 10:00am - thanks to my sons convincing:" That's a piece of cake for you mom"!A few weeks back I started telling you about the challenges and exercises related to training for this event.The Tough Mudder challenge is a 10 miles run in a ski resort in PA with 12 obstacles.