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My first Blog

2/12/2011 I woke up at 5am this morning, it is Saturday, just to get myself on the treadmill.  I knew I would feel better and refreshed if I got my heart rate up and woke my body up.  I worked up a nice sweat, ate breakfast (Kashi high protein cereal with almond milk) and was on my way to the gym to motivate my 8am client.

Fitness Really Can be FUN!!

Just ask anyone in one of our fitness classes..... or hey, just come check out one for yourself!!  Working out by yourself can be dull and boring, thus leading to fewer and fewer work outs.  Working out with a fun group of people will help motivate you to keep on coming week after week, month after month.... and yes, year after year!!!!

Happy Valentines Day

If you are looking for a last minute Valentines gift.......classes and/or personal training sessions make fantastic gifts that will make lasting changes. On Valentines day, you can bring a loved one to class with you for free! The participant must be a new class attendee. Great chance to get in a workout together. Health doesn't take a holiday and isnt Valentines Day really about the heart??!! Hope to see you there! RSVP by noon on class space! Have a great weekend!

Healthy Snacking

I have so many clients asking for advice on healthy snack alternatives.  I've run out of ideas!  Suggestions anyone?  

Working the Two a Day Schedule

As you know I have two workouts on my schedule for awhile to jump start my weight loss.  The results have been good.  Remember, if you decide to do this you should always check with your doctor first and your fitness professional. 

Is Exercise Good for the Common Cold?

So- you have a common cold, but still want to work out? The answer to whether you can exercise when you're sick depends on what your body is telling you. No mater what you think or read always remember: IF YOU ARE contagious!!!!! STAY HOME! Pumping iron, running, or the CSD Ultimate Fitness class usually makes you feel great, right? But when you are fighting a common cold, you may wonder if you should put your workouts on hold. The best advice is to be flexible with your exercise routine.

Feeling out of control?

I have a confession. I am a control freak. If certain aspects of my routine are not in order, I FREAK OUT! Being in control of our lives gives us feelings of security and conifidence. But in this crazy world, how can we achieve this? Start with your own body. #1 Control what goes into your body. 80% of weight loss is your diet and nutrition, but I am talking much more than weight loss here. By limiting portion sizes and balancing the nutritional values of the foods you eat, you are creating heathier heart, lungs, blood, hair, skin and nails.

Healthy Weight Loss Can Be a Reality!

This morning while I was doing my run on my treadmill (-5 makes outside running no fun for me), I was channel checking and came across the Oprah show. She had Jennifer Hudson on her show so I stayed glued as I listened to her weight loss story.  Jennifer shared how she's lost her weight and even included some family members that have experienced their own weight loss success.  Jennifer has found success with Weight Watchers, but beyond that Jennifer has found success through a strong support network and most important she is making her exercise FUN!

First Blog

Welcome to Sara's Health & Fitness Blog. I will be adding all kinds of nutrition and exercise ideas. If you go onto facebook, become a friend of Sara's Health & Fitness!