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Stimulants and me = NO GO!

Alright, I am here to tell you about a key learning, I RE-LEARNED about myself last week. Stimulants and me = NO GO! My week started off great last week. I had great energy, good mojo, focused clear mind and then--- WEDNESDAY happened. I did 3 things I shouldn't have-

Online Trainin!!!!! Yes!

We will be offering online training through our partners at Hyperstrike! Through our new site

Week Seven

Usually by the time October comes around I have retired my running shoes for another year.  The weather this year has been mild and I am to the point that I truly enjoy the feeling of getting out there and so look forward to my runs.

Food and mood -- eating and exercising choices may relieve stress

Emerging research underscores the link between what you eat and how you feel. Couple that with studies  showing how exercise positively affects mood, and you have a winning combination for a dynamic lifestyle choices. 

All American Family Fitness Opening New Southlake Facility in Spring

All American Family Fitness is proud to announce that we are opening a new facility in Southlake, TX.  We are currently in the process of renovating the former Larry North Gym in the Southlake Town Square. 

Tips on Keeping Your Resolutions

Happy Monday! Today is the beginning of the 3rd week of the new are those new year's resolutions going? A few tips to help you succeed are: 1)Arm yourself with a support system! A spouse, friend or trainer meeting you at the gym will encourage you to go on those off days when you feel tired or just not in the mood. 2)Write your workouts down in your day planner so you know they are a priority that you cannot skip. 3) Keep an exercise and food log.

Monday Morning Quarterback

Congratulations, if you are reading this message that means you are still in the Land of the Living.  That is something to celebrate.  It was a long weekend but restful, which for me is a blessing.  There are many things we can set out to do today, but looking at how we lved our lives yesterday, let's take a moment and play Monday Morning Quarterback.  Are there any moments you could think of and say "I should/could have done or handled that differently".  

January 6 week Fitness Challenge

Hi to all my enthusiastic clients!How are the Fitness Challenge Charts filling out?How many Pikes? How many minutes of Planks?How many minutes of Cardiovascular Fitness are you completing daily?I am hoping for steady improvements from last week!Hang in there team.