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The New Year Is Coming! Let's Start Planning!

Start thinking about a plan for next year! Make it specific! Write it down! Tell somebody and ask for their help. Why do you want to do this, how are you going to get there, what do you expect the outcome to be and when do you expect to reach your goal? Make it fun!If you need help with your exercise program, please feel free to contact me! 

The New Year- Why Wait?

Well, it's about that time! The holidays are well underway and fitting into that New Year's Eve dress is well, catching up with us. Many people don't start their workout programs till after the new year. In fact it's one of the best months for personal trainers because everyone is trying to reach their new years resolution. Keep in mind that there are at least 2 weeks left until New Years, actually less than 2 weeks, so why wait. Start your workout program today vs. Monday or Sunday or Jan 2.

Fitness with a PURPOSE

www.meganmerchant.comRecently I was bored with my fitness routine and was not motivated to get out of bed for it.  My parents asked me get their mail while out of town (an hour drive to and fro).  So I packed a lunch for myself and the kids, determined to play outside while stopping by.  I saw a rake on the ground in their yard and one thing led to another...  My kids and I ended up bagging 9 bags of leaves and enjoying 2 hours outside; it was fantastic!

Try Something New!

Consider a new exercise to shake up your cardio like hooping! On average, an hour of hooping you can expect to lose approx. 250-300 cal. per hour and it's a great way to get a fun workout in!If you would like more information about this great workout, please contact me! Have a great day.Kim

Create your thoughts to define your destiny.

Whether it's for fitness or for life, the words you choose - to yourself and to others, define what you are and who you become!  Here's a great quote to start off your week:"Watch your words, for they become your actions.Watch your actions, for they become your habits.Watch your habits, for they become your character.Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."Start this week out by choosing the words that will lead you to your desired outcome.  Enjoy!

Bragging Rights: Advanced MELT Instructor

On Sunday, December 12, 2010, I completed the last available MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) course with Sue Hitzman and am now an Advanced MELT Instructor.

Fit Through The Holidays -- Part 3

This last week before Christmas and then through the New Year's eve you may be invited to and/or hosting more parties than you can shake a stick at. Lots of fun, but the amount of eating and drinking you are likely to do at these parties can do a number on your waistline.

What do you want?

I love high intensity workouts & anything that crushes it!  I love pushing myself to see what I can do.  However, some do not like this type of workout.  Tell me what you like--do you like the same as I do, more extreme, are you more of a TurboJam, Curves, Jazzercise, go to the gym person, go for a walk/jog/run, or simply something you can do in your living room person?  I like to know what everyone is doing because an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle.  Please leave a comment or contact me.  I look forward to your answers!

Add It Up!

Little changes can help form better lifestyle habits. Look over the tips that you have been trying the past few days, then decide which ones you may be able to work into your day permanently. We will add new ones this week! Make it a great one and happy holidays!Be sure and journal! Write down what is working and how you felt. You will be amazed when you go back and see later your insights and how it will help you reach your goals to a healthier and happier life!

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