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Whole Wheat Pasta with Ground Turkey

Ingredients:1lb lean ground turkey1/2 chopped sweet onion1 cup chopped mushrooms1 box whole wheat pastajar of pasta sauce Directions:1. On stove sautee onions, mushrooms & ground turkey.2. Cook pasta according to directions on box.3. Once turkey is fully cooked and pasta is cooked, Mix together in a bowl and add pasta sauce. 4. Serve with a salad.

Banana Apple & Cranberry Muffins

 ingredients:1 cup whole wheat flour1/2 cup stevia or sugar

Butternut Squash & Spinach

 Ingredients:Butternut Squash--chopped into 1inch sqaures (you can now buy them pre-cut if your short on time)1 cup spinach

Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

 ingredients:9-inch graham cracker crust1/4 cup chopped sweet onion

20 minute workout

I have been seeing a bunch of these workouts appear in magazines and on the internet so I figured I would throw my own together for a quick workout.  If you get a chance try it out and let me know what you think. 

Some pics from our hike from Namche to Khunde!

 Such a beautiful view!  Had to stop every 5 min to take a picture. We are all doing ok, a few people have become pretty sick.  This is a very difficult trek, lots and lots of uphill/stairs.  People here love the stairs! Tomorrow we head off to Tengboche.  It will be a short hike compared to the last few days....only 5-6 hours.Stay posted!

Wilderness Emergency Scenario

 Hello everyone! Feeling a lot better today.  We walked to Khunde Hospital today to tour the clinic at 12,487ft. Awesome experience that is not available to everyone.  It is amazing what they have for treatment here on Everest! On our way back down we had a mock wilderness emergency scenario which is part of our CME course for the trip.  One of the Dr's on our trip played our patient.  He had fallen off a rock into a rocky hole.  We treated him for head injuries, leg injury, high altitude cerebral edema and high altitude pulmonary edema. 


 Want to get lean? Protein will help you get there. My go to sources are 1. Eggs - Eat the whole egg. The yolk is actually the most nutrient dense portion of the egg, providing a ton of vitamins and minerals. 6 grams per egg of muscle building protein. 2. Pork - The "other" white meat, just as lean as chicken when you get the right cut. Go with the Pork lion or boneless pork chops.

National Posture Institute Research Study: Probiotics reduce stress-induced intestinal flare-ups

National Posture Institute Research Study: Probiotics reduce stress-induced intestinal flare-upsUniversity of Michigan study helps explain benefits of probiotics for patients with stress-associated gastrointestinal disordersANN ARBOR, Mich. – For those with irritable bowel syndrome who wonder if stress aggravates their intestinal disorder, a new University of Michigan Health System study shows it's not all in their head.

Bringen Sie Ihr Telefon mit einer Vielzahl der neuesten Technologien

Von Anfang an, benutzten die Menschen Handys nur zum Telefonieren Zweck, aber abhängig von der Schwere der verschiedenen Technologien, bieten diese Telefone eine Vielzahl von Einrichtungen für ihre Kunden. Verschiedene Arten von Smartphones auf dem Markt verfügbar, die auf dem Betriebssystem Android basiert. So ist die Nachfrage stark gestiegen Android.