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From Russia with Love:)!

Hi for everyone!Today i decide to write Fitness in Russia. 1 year ago i took part at the IDEA Personal Training Institute in Washington. And now i think about this expirience. First:I was very surprized to see a lot of "Simpsons" behind the trainers.In russia usually most of people on the convention and training are really professionals. Second:Top Idea was:How to decide all problem for a shortest time. In Russia i was training for a 5 years with american client Paul Heth and his favourite proverb was:No Pain,No Gain.

Spring Is In The Air!

Can you feel it? Ok... right now its a bit chilly, but just around the corner are warmer days. As the warmth and colors of springtime approach, new opportunities are presenting themselves to Fitness For Life. First of all, I will be training at a brand new state-of-the-art woman's fitness center in Mission Valley, Total Woman Gym & Spa starting in April. I am looking forward to working with an entire team of fitness professionals all excited about helping woman reach their goals. Check out their website:

What a weekend!

So.. Virginia was fantastic. I hated for the time to end but I'm not sure I could have absorbed any more info. 9 different classes, on-- Eccentric exercise, Postural re-education Screening techniques to uncover movement-pattern limitations Partner Training Secrets to a strong back... I'm still working through the info and materials I brought home. It was great to have the opportunity to learn drills and techniques that will continue to help me help you 2.B.Fit

Step into Spring!

It's that time of the year when the weather is getting better and we open windows letting fresh air into our home welcoming Spring. It's time to think about getting off the treadmill and seeing some trees and perhaps jog along a river or take a hike! I am happy to say we have just booked tickets to London and Scotland (Jason's mom is from Scotland) so we are going to be doing plenty of walking, eating and more walking. I usually recommend my clients and even when I travel, to try to find a hotel with a a gym, but Europe- well this is a whole different story.

Last day of Love

Last day of the Love month...and none too soon. I am so ready for March, for Spring and for more Mojo! Today we start week #6 in the Susperstar Success Contest- we are halfway done!!! Time for me to get more serious about leaning up and keep consistent with my workouts. I am very proud to say that I have been hitting my goal of getting in at least 5 solid workouts each week. My food goals are not quite so consitently being hit.

Find A Student And Teach!

I always tell my clients that they are role models in their home, work and the community for good health. I don't advocate trying to change anyone, but more like rubbing off on someone. People are always watching you and eventually they start to ask questions about what you are doing with your health and fitness. Hopefully 1 to 2% of those people take some sort of action to improve their health. I want to encourage you to find someone who is open to and ready for your help.

Take A Walk!

If you are thinking of starting an exercise program but not sure which form of exercise is right for you, walking may be the answer.  Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise for most individuals and presents the lowest risk of injury.  All you need are comfortable clothes and supportive shoes.  Walking can result in numerous health benefits including lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and increased energy.

An Athletic Event for Women: Live.Love.Tri.

www.meganmerchant.comWouldn’t it be fantastic to have a passion and then create a local event for others to participate in your passion?  My sister brought such a duo of ladies to my attention, and they graciously answered some questions about their all-women triathlon for us, which will be August 27, 2011, at the Rio Rancho Aquatic Center:

You Are What You Eat

Lighten Up...... by Laura McDonald

It’s a rainy, chilly, dark Monday morning and will be a super-busy day for me as usual.  This is the kind of day that can be hard to face...the kind of day where attitude is everything. Our state of mind plays such an important role in how we approach just about everything...when you can “lighten” up your mind, your body is apt to follow.