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A little mid year pep talk!

Making the decision to make healthier choices is easy- committing to this and following through is where it gets tough. Here are 5 tips to stick to your guns and get back to the fit you 

Dried Figs - Experiments thus far!

I have been experimenting with figs for my King’s Garden Handouts and cooking demos in July. Figs are high in fiber (1 dry fig = 1 g of fiber!) and even contain a good amount of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber aids in lowering “LDL” and bad cholesterol.Best experiment thus far: olive oil, onions, and dried figs sautéed in a pan and topped with parmesan cheese. This caramelizes the onions and makes a tasty topping to a sandwich, possibly a pizza, or with maybe some chick peas!

What goes on in a runners head

I have been running a lot lately as part of the Army 10 miler team.  I am used to being the one pushing my clients past their comfort zones, and now I am the one getting pushed... which is great, but painful! 

My Meals in a Pinch

This is my stripped basic meal plan for dropping body fat, particularly when I have pics or videos!Breakfast (preworkout):1 scoop BSN Lean Dessert Protein (vanilla works best for me)6 oz coffee2 tablespoons cooked oatmealHandful of spinach leaves1 tablespoon Omega 3,6,9 oiliceBlend for smoothie, you can't taste the spinach! 2nd breakfast (how very Hobbit like!!! LOL) postworkout:2 eggs + 4 egg whites1 cup mixed veggies (I keep frozen ones on hand ALL the time!)hot sauce or tabasco

week 1 (June 6th-12th)

Please do all arms, balance, and regular core both days, you can pick which legs and medicine ball activities you would like to split up on each daywith bands: (switch inbetween sets, first three first then the bottom three)      chest press, 2 sets/15-20      row, 2 sets/15-20      lat pull, 2 sets/15-20      bicep curls, 2 sets/15-20      tricep pull downs, 2 sets/15-20      side raises, 2 sets/15/20

My 5K Training: Day Ten

Don’t Skip Breakfast to Cut Calories


Recent study on which Protein burns the most calories!!

Dr. Chris Mohr recently shared a study with me about Protein and which type of Protein has the greatest metabolic effect (calorie burn). Since the Live Fit Formula is all about how many calories you are burning in a day and eating in a day, I thought you should see this. Protein choices targeting thermogenesis and metabolism. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Mar;93(3):525-34) 

Happy New Year! (Really!)

 Shorter days. Colder temperatures. Rainy weather. No wonder so many of us fail to follow through with the healthy commitments we make to ourselves on New Years Day! One could argue that January is the WORST month of the year to attempt a major lifestyle makeover.