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Exercise? Prioritize!!!

It is so easy to let the daily grind get in the way of what is truly important to us.This week's  exercise: Make your priorities into a visual.

Working out in 85 degree temps

I ran 3.4 miles this morning in Fort Myers Florida..tough to adjust to the warmth from 20 degrees in Vermont!  Gradually acclimate yourself to the weather if you plan to go out and exercise intensely, especially in the middle of the day...I went out at 6 AM so it was about 65, but still if you are not used to the temps take it easy for a couple of days to get used to the weather!

Any tips to help me stay on track with goals?


What's the best diet?

 Answer:  That’s an interesting question and one that’s harder to answer than you might realize. Put it this way—I think the optimal “diet” is one that accomplishes these three goals: It gets you to your desired weight, assuming you have one;It promotes health and helps to stave off chronic disease; andIt is sustainable for the long-term. articles

This month I started writing articles that will be posted on and  I'll post links to the articles here as well as my facebook page.  Enjoy!

Contagious Enthusiasm!!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo EmersonEnthusiasm can be so contagious! That is what I love about group exercise. You can feed off of each other (instructors but also fellow participants) for motivation, challenge, determination, and yes enthusiasm. I've experienced two examples in my own classes over the past months.

What I Learned from Deepak Chopra

On April 12, Deepak Chopra, MD, spoke to a sold-out audience in downtown Flint, Michigan. The title of his presentation was "Healing Transformation & Higher Consciousness." This was the first opportunity I've had to listen to one of Dr. Chopra's lectures, so I wasn't sure what to expect. What he provided was a unique view of health from both a medical and holistic perspective.


 I have had a few questions regarding fasting. Either for dieting purposes or for spiritual purposes. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

NEW CSD Group Fitness Class - coming soon

Hello Silver Lakes Fit Females Great news: The CSD is looking into adding a new low impact class to Monday nights. It would be more of low impact step/conditioning class, like before. All fitness levels encouraged.  > *Time: 5:00pm -5:50pm – approx 50 minute class> *Program Design:   20-30 minutes cardio (step) with conditioning (weights, bands and bars) followed by a 15 minute core (abs) workout.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Exercise

A complex illness affecting multiple systems of the body, in particular, the nervous and immune system. CFS or Chronic fatigue syndrome has many symptoms including extreme exhaustion, aching muscles, joint pain, headache, dysfunctional sleep, and flu-like feelings. Recovery can take years if at not at all, most people suffer relapses throughout their lives. There is no known cause CFS.