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Core Workout

Hello All, Here is a core workout that will get to those deep layer of muscles known as the transverse abdominals which are the girdle muscles that hold us in. Side plank hold for 30 seconds.  Work up to 1 minutes on each side.Modified plank hold for 30 seconds.  Work up to 2 minutesYoga boat pose hold for 30 seconds.  Work up to 2 minutesBurpees - do 25  Repeat workout and do twice a week to see results. Liz ReighardPrecision Personal Training

My 5K Training: Day Seven

Discover the truth for the Pro's and their physical transformation and secrets!

One of the most amazing thing in bodybuilding is the dramatical physical change achieved by persistent and goal-driven people. In this article I will reveal some rare (and in some cases vintage) before – after photos to demonstrate what can the human body do if treated well.Also, it is a good occasion to talk about the other aspects behind these achievements apart from eating and training well. That’s right, I will discuss about the matter of banned performance enhancements.

Life is What You Make of IT!


Stop Draining Your Energy, Start Using Your Energy!

Stop draining your energy.  Use your energy!  Draining your mental energy is easily by always comparing yourself with others.  Comparing yourself with others will only give you two results.  One is you feel proud when you are above that person and the second is you feel jealous and intimidated when you are below that person.   Both results are negative emotions and they do nothing but harm your emotional wellness. 

Exciting Day 1

My day started with the exiting news that Osama bin Laden is DEAD!'s been a long time coming!  I'm so happy to hear that our troops were successful and we AMERICANS have a great reason to celebrate today!!

Nutrition is the KEY!

Do you know someone who is constantly working out but the weight never budges? They may not be eating correctly, eating too much or possibly not eating enough!Here is some information from the CDC:

New weight loss article

New weight loss article on Toledo examiner in the Quick workout category. 

May is here!!!

MAY is HERE!!! whoohoo!!! Bring IT ON!!Today was football practice. It went really well despite us practicing in the rain and 45 degree temps.  I was at H-back (tail back, 3 back), Free Saftey and outside linebacker today.  Our first game is MAY 7th!!!  it's in Bentonville at the HighSchool Track/Soccer Stadium @4pm- Be there is you live anywhere close!!!

Urban Boot Camp -- Day 1 0430 HRS -  Mid 60's -  First day of Urban Boot Camp (UBC)We begin our 4 week fitness journey 19 recruits showed up for a med-ball / body weight workout.  Everyone gave all they had to give!