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The Connection: Stress and Weight Gain

The Connection:  Stress and Weight GainLaura McDonald How does stress make me gain weight?Being “stressed out” is more than an emotional state, the body understands stress physically, and one of the ways your body deals with stress is by hoarding and storing calories, primarily in the form of fat around your belly.

Health and Equipment Purchasing

This one's important for club owners, personal trainers and clients alike. When buying equipment make sure that the equipment retailer or wholesaler has some real idea what they are selling you. Also, that they actually have a genuine interest in your business not just making the buck. This spans back from an recent encounter at a gym with some new equipment that had not actually been fully cured out, mats. What this is that the sellers interested in only getting the product sold. Not how it actually could affect the people involved with it from not being fully cured.

Motivation, What's the Secret?

A few weeks ago, I was pitching a proposal for new Zumba classes in my community.  The city was hesitant because they'd not been successful with morning fitness classes.  In fact, they rejected my proposal.  At first I was disappointed.  After some thought (and a few motivating conversations with friends), I decided to keep trying.  In fact, a fellow trainer reminded me of the steps for staying motivated when the going gets rough...Yikes!  Words from my own playbook!  It was a little scary, but I mapped out a plan, went to the city with my pursuasive point

Hitting it Hard!!

Yes, it’s hit it hard for Hannon month and the fun and work continues in John's honor.  The weather has been beautiful and we have been hitting it hard outdoors in the Fitness Fun Group Classes.  If you weren't there and have been wondering what you are missing.....there has been basketball drills a plenty....

Food for thought

I was in line at the gas station getting my daily coffee (black with sugar free syrup) when I started looking around at what people were buying for breakfast. First off I looked to my left and noticed a shelf consisting of Twinkies, cupcakes, coffee cakes, and Krispy Kreams ... nothing healthy and nothing worth eating. The store puts these wonderful delights in that particular spot to catch you at your worst moment, boredom.

The Frame Giveaway WINNER is: to everyone that commented and entered at!I'll have another giveaway soon. You've expanded my vacation to-do list, YES! The winner was selected by To celebrate Spring break, I posted last week about teaching home school with your kids and my friend Mindy Evans from Stampin Up donated this picture frame for a fun raffle.

TRX Workouts at Kiwanis Park

We thoroughly enjoyed the great weather on Friday starting our new season of TRX workouts after the long, cold winter. Ok, not cold compared to New England or the midwest but cold for us. Anyway, we had a great start and will continue ramping up and varying the workout routine as we get stronger. This is a great time for beginners to try it out because we're all moving a little slower and the circuits are shorter. The routine has a great variety of exercises with and without the TRX Suspension Trainer. SOme are only with your body weight, some use a medicine ball.

Yesterday's topic discussion...intensity workouts...

Ran with my friend yesterday morning (the knee is much better-didn't know I even had an issue with it during the run). She did 5 CrossFit workouts this past week and is very sore. CrossFit is great, but if you want to do your best, no more than 3 times a week if you are a seasoned athlete-you need your body to recoup from all that hard work. For those sporadic exercisers, start with one class a week and add other activities the rest of the week to see how you feel. Listen to your body!

Business Day

So today I spent all day doing business related stuff. I got my business name notarized and sent out. I have my EIN all set. I just need to get the Chamber of Commerce their money and I will be all set on that end. I also setup all my administrative stuff. I am glad I have a Mac. It just makes everything so much easier to track, such as my clients, their workouts, and data. Also, got my first personal client not related to MWR. It is nice being out on my own.In other news, I am working out this 3 days this week.

June Lake Triathlon is Around the Corner. Get Registered!

Set in a beautifully scenic high alpine setting, the community of June Lake sits at 7,600 feet above sea level with breathtaking views of Carson Peak and the Sierra Range surrounding the nestled cluster of high altitude lakes: Grant, Silver, Gull and June.Get registered at