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Will Group Fitness Survive? It's Up to YOU

I'm curious. Do you think group fitness has a future? Think about it before you answer and consider the state of the industry itself. Now, I have another question for you. If you are an instructor, are you full-time or part-time? Are you what Shannon Griffiths Fable calls a "hobby instructor"? Do you do it for fun because you get a free membership and you get a good workout in? At this very point in the industry's lifetime we are at a crossroads. read more >>

Love to Play, Love to Learn

Either folks were on a roll from last night 's anniversary do or they were already warming up for this evening's bash, but 7:00 am was party time for attendees at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Picture mood lighting and raucous applause as Buddy Macuha fired up participants in an encore performance of karaoke cycling. I stayed just long enough to hear Kathy from New Jersey bellow out "It's a-rainin' men (hallelujah!)." Nothing wrong with Kathy’s lungs! Then a quick dash to the Marriott to catch Jeff McMullen in a session billed as INTENSuality. You missed it? Look for some of those sexy moves at the Stingaree tonight.   read more >>

From Hoop Girls to Iron Man Inside Jokes

Yesterday, I noticed a couple of booths as I cruised through the Expo Hall (a girl's gotta check out the shoe selection . . .). My eye caught a commotion in the aisle as the Hoop Girls went into action, hooping frantically. They were an agile group, and the hoops were neon-colored and looked fun for kids and adults. As I flew by another corner, I noticed a woman in a state of happiness as she stood calmly while someone from Sun Laboratories sprayed a lovely, even tan over her legs.   read more >>

Future Generations

Not sweaty anymore. Now I'm hungry. I saw lots of interesting snack samples at the expo, but I was so intrigued by the various products and vendors that I just kept wandering about. Tomorrow I'm going to try an interactive video sports game - the wave of the future for the kids of today I think. My kids probably know all about it, so I'm probably lucky they aren't here with me this year as they'd beat me in a second, then pretend not to know me because I am sooooo embarrassing. Can you tell I have at least one teenager?   read more >>

From Every Corner of the Earth

You know it’s a memorable day when—before breakfast!—you’ve been charmed by Chinese folk music, laughed and hugged with wellness professionals from Spain, South Africa and Australia, tasted the power and focus of a martial arts kata or two, soaked up the delicious undulating moves of the Gyrotonic® Expansion System and been profoundly humbled by the courage, wisdom and love of Augie Nieto, who is living with ALS.   read more >>

Electric Skin Is In

Ooohh...I just got chill bumps! You know that static electricity feeling you get that resonates from your spinal column and spreads out through your nerves, to your skin? It feels like a thousand tiny little prickles of unmitigated joy. Waves of wonder. Some people call it "the chills." I get the chills often, and not just when I'm in a cold convention center room (ha ha). It happens when I meet a person with exceptional character.   read more >>

Starting out Sweaty

Picture me sweaty. Actually, never mind. So far this morning, after waking up promptly at 6:00 AM(yay), I’ve gone to two workouts and the welcome/awards ceremony. My first class was “Pumping Nothing.” I thought it was going to be about my attempts at indoor cycling (I just needed a bike and bell to complete the picture, according to my teaching colleague), but it was actually a workout ‘sans’ equipment. So, instead of pumping my “air” bike, I pumped my own body weight.   read more >>

A Spectacular Launch

Last night I went to sleep with illusions that I had become an IDEA World Fitness Pro. After 6 years of covering this event, I thought I had it wired. I eased into precons yesterday, stayed hydrated and fueled and got to bed (reasonably) early. How very grown up of me! I thought for certain I would wake refreshed and prepared to receive the wall of energy that usually hits me between the eyes and overwhelms me as I begin circulating on the first day of convention. Man, was I ever wrong. I was a choked-up, sniveling mess (in a totally good way) by 9:15 AM.   read more >>

Thoughts from Day One

Random thoughts from Day One of IDEA 25: I happened on the 7am Cycle Karaoke session just as a non-English-speaking fellow from Russia "won" the chance to lead the class in singing/cycling to "She Bang" as the words scrolled across the nearby screen. Somehow, yelling out "Yeah, Baby!," the only English words he could think of, sounded just as good as the real lyrics and brought raucous cheers from the class.   read more >>

IDEA World Fitness Convention Begins

In the Beginning IDEA World Fitness Convention 2007 is in full effect. For those of you who are unable to attend this energy-filled event, I hope you are able to take away information that will help you continue to inspire the world to fitness.   read more >>