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Talent is expensive. Don't waist yours. Let's discover our talents, apply the discipline and then Go to WORK. Laziness starts off with a few acceptable Excuses that later become a Habit which then turns into an Ad

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MOTIVATION: People change, Seasons change, however let your character be as a statue, that stands firm and always remains the same.

Ben ik blij dat

ik vanochtend vroeg al heb gefietst en gelopen. Ondanks dat het om 7.00 uur nog lekker koel was, ging het voor mijn gevoel voor geen meter. Kun je nagaan hoe het had gevoeld als ik nu was gaan trainen. Op dit moment is ontspannen het devies. Het liefst zou ik gewoon lekker gaan koken maar het is al niet koud in ons huis en dan wordt het alleen maar warmer. Mijn zondagmiddag bestaat uit luieren, een boekje lezen, wat computeren enzovoorts. En niet vergeten te drinken, veel water natuurlijk.

They don’t look like that....


Interval training for weight loss.

I personally have been using interval training. What I do is measure my low zone and high zone heart rate for each exercise. I then warm up for 5 minutes until I reach atleast the low zone of my heart rate. I then do two minutes on the machine trying to reach my high zone. I then reduce the level all the way down on the machine for a minute or minute and a half trying to reach the low zone of my hear rate. I keep repeating this process 3 to 5 times depending how in shape the client is. I will then cooldown for atleast 5 minutes to reach resting heart rate or as close to it as I can.

No excuses!

OK my husband and I did a 10K (6.2 miles) today... Saturday August 18 2012.After many months off  from running it was time to get back into the swing of things so to speak.  I have been making excuses to not compete in races because I was embarrassed regarding my run time and my decline in fitness...I haven't been feeling 100% and my training has been sub standard....knee surgery, Europe vacation, Alaska vacation, time off from training... it all adds up to feeling sorry for yourself... but there is no better time then the present correct? 


Since I've explained why strength training is so important I feel it is necessary to explain what strength training is...Most would say, "that's is lifting weights", but it goes beyond lifting a weight.


Life is a journey.

Humbled yet Up for the Challenge

I write to you today from a position of complete humbleness and joy.  I finally reached my goal weight of 150 lbs.  Now to some of you that may not seem like a big accomplishment but to me it is huge.  I have always quit right before I have reached my goal weight and the key word here is quit.See for years I didn't understand there was no quit, it is a healthy lifestyle that keeps you fit, healthy and happy not a short term restriction.