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How To Choose A Rehab Center In Thailand For Young Men

Breathe out to lose fat?

BE HEALTHY 28-DAY (Add-on Edition)

Hi friends who like a challenge,Spring is in the air, I think. I actually am really confused lately when it comes to the weather. Is it going to be sunny or gray and does that even mean cold, cool or warm? I thought I would write a quick post to give you some background on me and the current 28-Day program. Read as much as you have time for. I am a full-time personal trainer/wellness coach of 15 years. I’m thankful to have the best job in the world. 

Don’t Fall Victims Of Crime.Tips To Stay Safe From Bullying

Technology as Enemy of Fitness And Health - 3 Reasons why It Is Wrong

Technology gave people the Sony Playstation, the Xbox of Microsoft, and Nintendo’s different approaches to let humans play The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Advanced gaming computers and even mobile phones get people hooked. Some people dub it as an enemy to fitness because it keeps you sedentary. This idea was born even before these things. TV was one of the first enemies. This is a huge misconception and here are 3 reasons why.

Why I think Japan is the Best Country to Travel with a Baby

Travelling with a Baby in Japan: My Experiences

How to Find Safe and Healthy Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry, which includes hair care, skincare and beauty products such as makeup, is a huge one. In recent years there’s been a lot of focus on moving away from toxic and potentially harmful, unhealthy ingredients, toward more healthy natural options, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Training Log (Infographic)