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For Stronger Living

This title is the tag line for Functional Fitness of DuPage. I company that made sense to start in 2007 when I recognized there was a need for more trainers who emphasize improving the aspects of your life through better health, better movement, and more passion. 

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Marriage

In the wake of an increase in obesity, heart disease, cancer and a variety of other issues, social attention has turned toward health. People try a myriad of ways to be healthier, from eating an organic diet to using wearable fitness technology.  

Leaky Gut Syndrome- A Rapidly Growing Medical Condition

Defining leaky gut syndrome:

5 Specific Things You Can Do Each Day to Feel Better

Everyone just wants to feel good. While we can’t always control health-related factors, there are certain things we can do to make sure our bodies and minds feel as good as possible. By understanding what these things are and how they affect us, we can live happier, more productive lives. 5 Things Worth Trying While your life is much different than the next person, the following tips are pretty universal - give them a try and see what happens. 

Day Light Savings Time


Energy Systems

How our bodies move is a remarkable function of exercise physiology and bioenergetics. Bioenergetics concerns itself with how our body is able to acquire, convert, store, and utilize energy to create muscular contractions. The immediate source of energy for all cellular actions, including muscle contractions, is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). In order to generate ATP, our body must utilize one of three energy systems, depending upon how quickly energy production is required.

Article in Shawagunk Journal!

Want To Live to 100?

While no actual Fountain of Youth has been found, you can at least boost your life expectancy by protecting your health. Here are several habits to adopt in order to make sure you live a long and healthy life.***GO TO THE GYM. PERIOD. Going to the gym is and always will be the largest factor in health and longevity. Resistance training increases bone and muscle density, and that bone and muscle density declines and at exponential rate the older you get and the worse your posture and thoracic spine becomes. Think of it as a old age buffer and physical insurance on yourself.

Age Is Just a Number!

As a trainer in my 60s, I find it refreshing that there are so many others in my age range, and older, that refuse to just to let themselves go. I love my job!  I have always enjoyed fitness, but I find it especially rewarding to help to inspire women, babyboomers & seniors to stay active.  As women get into their 50s, they sometimes start having balance issues. It may not be very apparent at the start, but it is a little more noticable to them as time goes on.  

BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Specialty Certification

Last year I attended this workshop in Orlando. I have been training the active aging for the past 5 years. This workshop taught me how the BOSU® Balance Trainer can provide assistance, resistance, cushioning and stimulus to amplify the effect for this important market of exercisers.