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5 Most Practical, Gym-Friendly Hairstyles

The last thing you want during an exhausting workout is your hair all over the place. Is there anything worse in the gym than the touch of your mane to the sweaty skin? Well, we know there is, but this feeling really is one of those topping the charts.However, if you do like looking your best even in the gym and are bored of the everyday ponytail, here are some simple hairstyles that you can do for a workout session.

Old for new!

Hey!  Tossed out some old habits today...... Finally realized, that, it had no value!

Free Personal Training Session

A call to action: Come in and try a  free Personal Training session at My House Fitness in Downtown Hopkins, MN.

What I Look For In A Zumba Instructor

When I meet a person for the first time, it takes me about 5 seconds to tell them how much I love to dance. My current love affair is with Salsa dancing (taught to me by my boyfriend which is a romantic story of its own), but before that I was a Zumba Instructor. I taught Zumba for 3 years before I decided to focus on being a Personal Trainer. But I still get crazy excited to go to a Zumba class. Every time.

Caution With High Elevation Training Mask

Please be sure to use extreme caution if you decide to use a high elevation training mask. You will want to get the device approved by both your doctor and athletic trainer before use.

Some tips for future you

When it comes to exercise, consistency is key, and the key to consistency is convenience.  Don’t over stress about getting thirty minutes to an hour a day of exercise.  Make sure you get five to ten minutes every day.  Fit it in wherever you can, just make sure you some exercise every day.

Define Health

Disclaimer: This is mostly my opinion, I haven't done any research on this topic! 

Online Personal Training

We take the stress out of getting healthy.You want to make a lifestyle change, but life keeps getting in the way. You hate counting calories/points. You don’t have time to go to the gym. Your “accountability” partners aren’t helping.

The Truth about the MD and Supplements

I often encounter people  who do not realize how important or life changing taking the correct supplements can be for their health.  Many MD's will not encourage or suggest them because they were not trained on supplements in medical school.  The fact is an MD is trained in Pharmacology.  Hence, they prescibe medications to treat patients. that makes sense.  Patients trust the Doc, they go to the Doc and the Doc gives them medicine......

7 Helpful Tips to Recover From Holiday Binging, the long holiday weekend is over! Time to get back to the grind! Many clients have asked me about detoxing/cleansing, etc. after several days (or weeks!) of binging. While I don't advocate for detox diets or special cleansing drinks, I do have a few tips that I hope will help: