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Neck pain is commonly referred to as discomfort or pain in the structure of the neck. These include the nerves, muscles as well as the vertebrae spinal disks. Neck pain can be associated with area including your upper arms, jaw and shoulders. When your neck is sore or tense you may find it difficult to move it especially to one side over the other. Many people describe their neck pain as “having a stiff neck.”  

Relax and Rejuvenate Through Massage Therapy

Sometimes people are under the impression that physical massage is one of the benefits of going to a day spa, and it is true that a spa typically includes massage as part of the self-indulgent treatments they offer. While a deep tissue massage therapy is very effective in producing a state of total relaxation, it can also be used as a targeted therapy to relieve muscle soreness and injury. Medical massage therapists are trained to identify and treat muscle groups that are tight and sore due to work related or sports injuries.

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