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Personal Training Aimed to Help Older Adults Stay Independent Longer

Staying healthy and free of injury is essential for older adults who desire to stay independent for as long as possible. It takes good strength, balance and mobility to protect our independence from falls and related injuries. One-third of people 65 and older falls annually, and 1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury such as head trauma, hip or other bone fracture. More than two-thirds of deaths from falls were at home and 40% of older adults receiving chronic or long-term care are due to fall injuries.

Quadcopters: A Health Hobby for Kids

With the rise in popularity of drones and quadcopters, some parents could be asking if drones are safe for kids? I’m here to say that they’re more than safe and also are an excellent hobby for mental stimulation, skill building in electronics, and vehicle control. Skills Built by Flying

Top 3 Questions Asked About Weight Loss Answered By Master Trainer Rebecca Bennett

 How can I lose weight safely and then keep it off? 

Three Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight

The number one reason why fad diets fail to work is because those diets offer little in the way of support once you finish. While a diet will regulate the amount of calories you consume, you'll likely find yourself going back to your old eating habits after a few months or even weeks. When you lose weight and get down to your goal size, you need to know how to maintain that weight. Using fun methods to get active and taking the right supplements can help. Have Fun Outside

How to get Rid off Scars after undergoing Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation still remains one of the most popular cosmetic proceduresdue to the beautiful results it can yield and the support in certainty it can give. Similarly as with all plastic surgery, breast augmentation requires cuts and will bring about scars. In any case, there are approaches to reinforce the healing procedure to enhance and minimize the appearance of your scars after breast augmentation.

How to Care for Your Heart

The foods that you eat and drink, your level of activity, how well you cope with stress and a whole range of other lifestyle factors are all taken into consideration when it comes to determining the overall health of your heart. Heart disease is a progressive condition which can start at any stage in life, however, if can also be controlled or prevented by making the right lifestyle choices. If you are worried about your heart health, here are just some of the best things that you can do in order to improve it.

L.I.F.E - all you have to do is show up

L.I.F.E - all you have to do is show up L - live in the moment I - invest in interesting things F - focus on yourself E - enjoy the things you do At times life seems to get in the way. Menopause sure gets in my way sometimes.

The future in fitness certification, education and training in Europe!

Oral presentation at the 28th Symposium of the International Council of Physical Activity and Fitness Research (ICPAFR) on August 24-27 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

5 Careers That Can Make You a Healthier Person

We've all heard the stories about jobs that result in the worker being injured or dealing with some form of chronic pain due to having to subject themselves to hard labor for a number of years. There are many occupational hazards and discomforts out there; too many to mention in fact. However, there are also some great jobs that are not only safe and comfortable but might also enrich your overall wellbeing by helping you stay active and social. With that said, here are five career choices that can make you a healthier person:

Low Blood Pressure Using Massage

Does Massage therapy lower the blood pressure?