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4 Practical Ways to Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk

Find Out How to Prevent Future Heart ProblemsHeart health should be a concern for everyone. Read on to learn about four easy ways to reduce your risk of developing heart disease in the future.No matter your age, your risks of developing heart disease is a reason to be concern. Rather than simply worrying, here are ways to reduce your risks now. Even if you’re young and fit, don’t think that this is something you can ignore without potential consequences. Take these steps now to improve your odds of remaining healthy for years to come. 

Organics eggz...why?

I just finished cooking breakfast. Has anyone ever wondered or perhaps already made up their mind about whether there is a difference between the "expensive" and the "cheap" eggs that are made available to us? If there is a difference, is it just a visual, structural, textural, taste, and satiating difference or is there also a nutritional, more microscopic difference?  

Amazon Associates Member

Often times people ask me for snack ideas or things I eat as well as equipment and general other fitness related items.  I am excited to become an Amazon Associates Member.  You can go to my site and order products that I support and use myself.

What is Ultrashape and how it works

Bistro MD Fits A Very Busy Schedule

There are road blocks to weight loss. One of which is a hectic schedule. It's very hard to lose weight if your daily schedule is hectic.

Complications with breast augmentation

Be My Valentine Every Day Of the Year

You may think that Valentines is a ‘Hallmark’ holiday, that it is overrated and who needs to eat more chocolate anyways?

Prayer for courage!

Dear readers, fans, and stronger living enthusiasts, Isn't it hard to do the things we want to do even when we KNOW deep down that it is in our best interest? Example #1- making time to think, clear our minds, clear our schedule for a morning or afternoon to get caught up, reflect, relax, write a blog post, etc.Example #2- visiting with a true friend, going for a walk, getting coffee or food, etc.Example #3- exercising to feel better mentally and physically, leading to more patience, healthier diet choices, etc, etc.