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Nutrition for College Athletes -- How Well Do College Athletes Actually Eat?

In part one of this series of posts covering nutrition for college athletes we are going to quickly get into the benefits of eating better, and take a peek into research covering the dietary habits and knowledge of collegiate athletes.The upsides of eating well may seem obvious.After all, as athletes we are drilled from an early age on the importance of properly fueling up before practice and competition.Here are just four of the things that happen when we clean up our diet:

The Difiference Between Cycling and Mountain Bike Shoes

A lot of people are used to seeing bikes with flat pedals. But those looking for more security and maximum power transfer inevitably switch over to clipless bikes. Although it sounds contradictory, clipless pedals allow you to clip your shoes in for a locked in feeling and the ability to transfer power pushing down as well as pulling up. But are cycling shoes and mountain bike shoes one and the same? 

Today is a Game You Can Win: WE are the Reward

Driving to work at UNM, I felt overwhelmed to draw awareness to two natural occurrences:1. The tendency for us to easily follow as we leave adolescence and transition to an adult, and2. The need to reveal the invisible walls we place around ourselves so we are less limited. So when I arrived at UNM Ballroom, I wrote these words on the board: THE UNITED NATION OF BALLROOM

How to Get Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

For those who live in the Connecticut area and who are on a path to weight-loss, the road can be bumpy and tough at times. It’s inevitable that you are bound to hit a weight-loss plateau at some point, and it can then become very difficult to stay motivated and continue with your goal. Before you become too frustrated and consider giving up, you may want to check out these tips that can help you get past the plateau and back on track.

5 Lesser Known Health Benefits of Yoga

 Yoga has been increasing in popularity over the last few years for a variety of reasons. While everybody knows that yoga can work wonders for your body, there are still some benefits to this practice that are largely unadvertised. In this article, we’re going to touch on some of the lesser known benefits of yoga.

Prefer Ghost Pepper Sea Salt To Enjoy Tasty Food

Enjoy Tasty Coffee At Your Home By Owning Espresso Machines


Running May Be Good For Your Knees

Many people worry that running ruins knees. But a new study finds that the activity may in fact benefit the joint, changing the biochemical environment inside the knee in ways that could help keep it working smoothly. 

The Future of Health

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