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Keep punching and kicking!

Not every workout should be about lifting heavy or punching hard! When your in that ring or cage, your going to, sometimes, just have to last another round while you recoup from a tough one where you gave it everything!

So What Is The Scoop On Dietary Fat?

  Fat…just what the heck good is it anyway? Well, there’s lots of good about it actually. Some fats are actually so good that you need them in your diet (think Omega-3 fats!) So, let’s get a run-down on what is so good about this macronutrient. 

Mistakes the Average Person Makes with Their Health Regarding Pelvic Pain

There are a variety of pelvic disorders that you might suffer from that can lead to severe pain and trouble functioning out in the world today. Unfortunately, when you go to your medical doctor to diagnose your condition, it is all too common that your condition might go improperly treated. Whether you have prostatitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, or another common pelvic disorder, here are some tips to help avoid the common mistakes others are making.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Improve Your Health and Help You Lose Weight?

There are a wide range of food fads that come and go, but one which has been around for hundreds of years is vinegar. It's commonly used in cooking and cleaning, but the benefits of vinegar go far beyond that of taste and its ability to clean. There are also a variety of vinegars available, but the one currently gaining popularity within the health and fitness world is Apple Cider Vinegar.

The True Benefits of Cinnamon

The internet is awry with the many benefits of different foods, but one which is only just beginning to get the recognition it deserves is cinnamon. This spice is commonly used in cooking due to its great taste, however there is more than meets the eye with cinnamon... 

How To Choose The Right Water Ionizer Machines For The Homes And Offices

Looking for best alkaline water machines?

Peppermint Oil for Headaches


I cannot stress enough how important it is to be compassionate when you help others on their path to wellness, health and fitness. People come to you, oftentimes as a “last resort”, after years of struggling with either some medical problems or weight issues or nutritional habits. It is extremely hard for them to book that first date with the fitness professional, come to the meeting, sit down, open up right away and pour out all the worries, problems and stress, as they see the person for the first time in their life.

7 Health Benefits Provided By Dogs

Dogs are amazing creatures, fun to be around and a great pet. Additionally, they also provide a whole array of health benefits – here are some of the most common.

Fascinating Fascia

Not too many years ago, the term “fascia” was hardly heard. It was viewed as the body’s inert ‘packaging material’ just as bubble wrap or packaging peanuts. It was also regarded as the domain of hands-on bodyworders such as massage therapists and Rolfers. This view has changed radically over the last years, and its wording has begun to infiltrate the fitness industry.