2009 IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference™ Blog Entries

Until Next Time...

The last day of any IDEA conference is always bittersweet for me. I’m sad that all the excitement is over and will miss seeing so many friends and colleagues until our next event, but at the same time, I’m exhausted and ready to go home! Plus, it’s been raining here for the past 3 days and today it’s cold to boot. I’m ready for some California sunshine back at IDEA’s San Diego HQ.

If You Want More, Be More

There is more talent and personality embodied by IDEA presenters in the Rosemont Hyatt at this moment than I can possibly even fathom. There is the usual star power—Blahnik, Purvis, Glick, Kolber, Roskopf, Murphy, Anderson, Fable, McMillan (x 2), Brooks, etcetera. Too many to mention or count, really. And then there is newly mined gold that IDEA conference programming director Aprile Peishel has carefully cultivated to ensure that conference education stays fresh and relevant to today’s fitness professional.

Fusion Defined

Fusion couldn’t be a more apt name for this event. Concepts from all corners of fitness have fused and morphed and overlaid beautifully over the past few years to give pros from all disciplines interesting and meaningful training choices for their clients.