2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention™ Blog Entries

The Fitness Experience

When I first became a personal trainer, a mentor once told me that it’s a bit like being an actor. With each new client, you adjust your approach to fit their needs. Now, more than four years later, I realize how true this is. Of course, a quality trainer is someone who is sincere, but as I popped in and out of classes, one word stuck with me: experience. Just like actors learn lines and step on stage to create an experience for the audience, successful fitness professionals create an experience for clients and class participants.

Working Like a Dog at World

Like everyone here at World, I've been up since the crack of dawn moving, grooving, navigating, meeting, greeting and learning. I'm also schmoozing, blogging, tweeting and observing. This is a work week for me, and I'll tell ya--I've been working like a dog...the Weinstein way...at least as of mid-afternoon.

Filters, Form and Function

Try viewing your life, your business and your clients from a fresh perspective. Ask someone else to tell you what it looks like from their viewpoint. This may enrich your life—and someone else’s—in ways you may not be able to wrap your brain around in this moment.

Fireworks at Dinner

Where else but in Anaheim by Disneyland can you hear and see fireworks during dinner? Then, at the welcoming ceremony, I got to recreate those fireworks with my new friend, Laura from Castle Rock. The speaker, Matt Weinstein, had us partner up with a new friend and try some "bonding" exercises that involved laughter, doing our impression of exploding fireworks and complimenting each other. I got lucky as I was partnered up with someone who has a great giggle! And Matt looked like he could be Al Franken's younger brother.

Preconferences Rock!

What’s not to love about a preconference? You get here a day before the rest of the crowd so you get a chance to scout out all the best wi-fi spots and restaurant nooks.

I'm MELTing and I Love It!

Has it already been a year since the last World Convention? Hard to believe, but here we go again! This is actually my seventh straight World. I was hired at IDEA 2 weeks after the 2001 convention in San Francisco wrapped up, so was able to use our other events that year and in 2002 as training ground for this true extravaganza. Even as wonderful as our other events are, there’s really nothing that can fully prepare you for your first IDEA World. Any newbies out there? Any veterans? I’d love to hear from you about your favorite experiences at this or any past events. Just drop me a note in the comment box below.

I Hate Packing

I always put off packing until the last minute because I hate choosing what to bring. Unpacking is easy--it all goes into the wash! At least I've gotten smarter after all these years---I don't really need a full complement of workout gear as I always buy a pile of cute stuff that needsto live with me. As to shoes, well I signed up in time for the Step Into the Future class so I get a free pair of Reebok shoes. Yes! And IDEA has the t-shirt (you should see my collection) so I'm set for a cover-up.