2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention™ Blog Entries

Shaking My Bootie and Pooweenie

So, where did we leave off? Oh yes, right before I went to the Kangoo Jumps promo seminar. That was a hoot. They sell a type of jumpy shoe that is sort of like wearing your own personal trampoline. After about 20 minutes all that jumping made me think I was about to give birth, so I reverted to light bouncing.

Your Best Foot Forward

Day three of the convention and my feet are breaking down. I’m not sure how many steps I’ve logged, but I’m sure it’s well above the American Heart Association’s recommendation of at least 10,000 per day. After five years’ of these conventions, I’m well aware of the toll they take on the body and so I try my best to arm myself against pain or injury. The pups are at a dull ache right now, so I take that as a victory.

Movement is a Gift

Movement is a gift, and you are Santa Claus every single day of the year.

Keep Your Tanks Full

The 2:30-4:20 timeblock was in full swing, but I was not. My tank was running low after a 2-hour meeting (and another late night here in Anaheim) and I still had a few rivers to cross before I'd be able to sit down and write this. I was feeling a little strung out and was fantasizing about how nice it would be to go upstairs and have a power nap. I imagine this is how the inactive population we try so desperately to reach feels about exercise. The mere thought of exertion probably drains their reserves and defeats them before they even pack their gym bags sometimes.

Par-tay in L.A.

Last night’s party had an L.A. theme as the convention will be there in 2010. That means glitz, glamour and good-looking people. Lots of good music and dancing. Because we fitness people are all fitnessy and whatnot, it can be hard to tell the difference between the paid dancers and the partying dancers. That is to say, we are all so talented. I even got up on stage and did my moonwalk to a Michael Jackson song. Someone somewhere must have blackmail photos—time will tell.

Pain, Purpose and Program Design

The sessions I covered today were all about program design for those who make up the majority of our clientele: Average Joe and Jane.

The Era of the Hybrid

Eating a club sandwich at midnight is probably not the best way to start your day. But it seemed like a pretty darn good idea as the clock officially edged into a new morning.

I'm a VIP

Well, face it. Everyone is a Very Important Person, but after a full day of workouts, workshops and lectures, V.I.P. stands for something else too. By the time I slapped on some make-up to enhance my natural features (okay, to hide the bags) and headed for the VIP party, I discovered that it really means Vertically Intact Person. In other words, only those who are still standing actually make it to the party. I was so proud of being a Vertically Intact Person…until I spotted a chair. Then I became H.I.P.—Happily In Place.

The Key to Being a Manager Your Employee will Blog About (In a Good Way)

Good customer service and retention strategies start at the pinnacle. The goodness flows out and down and creates rivulets that matter to the bottom line. Happy employees know they can go to you when they “lock themselves out” and you, as a manager, will help them come up with solutions.