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If You Vape, Vape Nothing But The Best

Ever since smoking was first discovered, pretty much everyone out there was doing it. After a few years past people figured out that smoking can actually be quite harmful. For that reason, people simply stopped. Not all of them of course. Smokers are actually growing in numbers every single day.How often do you quit smoking?

New Hips New Life; Part 4 of a Series

Seven weeks post op and, except for my new four inch long tattoos  (scars) on each hip,  I am forgetting that I had surgery almost two months ago. It is incredible to feel how the body integrates new parts so rapidly, seamlessly.  Unraveling of twisted tissues and bones continues,  as my body now learns to trust the stable, mobile efficiency of shiny new hip joints.

Summer is Here! Inspiration to Stand Tall.

Summer is in full swing, and it's great to be back in action with all my students and classes at Malibu Fitness. I wish you all a happy July 4th celebration ahead, and a month full of adventures in the outdoors.

Mold – Hidden Health Danger In Your Home

We are used to seeing mold from time to time on food that sits for too long on counters or inside containers. Food that is forgotten inside the refrigerator will often have mold but do you know that inside the home there may be mold literally everywhere? Mold is one of the most important signs that you want to go through strong remodeling and this is always analyzed when buying properties, including when using auctions.

Could Lack of Sleep Be the Cause of Your Weight Gain?

In the battle to lose weight, most people encounter roadblocks. Things often seem to go well at first, and then it becomes almost impossible to shed those last few pounds. Many factors play into this situation, but one of them that’s not obvious to people can be insufficient sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for the average adult is between seven and nine hours. 

5 Ways Exercise Will Make You Feel Younger


Don’t Let The Wounds Dry – Treat Them Under Medical Care And Guidance

Giving wound a good and authorized treatment is very necessary. Because if one won’t take care of them, it will cause trouble in future. Physicians also prefer latest  wound care supplies  instead of the old traditional methods like gauze and tape.Nowadays there are many new products in the markets. For instance, bandages and many other tools. They are very effective. Advanced products are far better from the old products. Latest products have many advantages.


THE BEST EXERCISE YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT DOINGThis is a weekly series on exercise that will give you the biggest bang for your exercise buck in and out of the gym. Today's exercise is wall squat

Confused About Weight Loss? 5 Simple Tips

 Many of my clients ask me what they can do and/or eat to lose weight. I hear it all the time....”When I was on such and such diet, I lost weight, but now it’s all coming back! What do I do?”

6 Ways Your Day Instantly Gets Better When You Go For A Walk

Here's something people rarely talk about: Walking has immediate benefits. Sure, we all know regular strolls help you slim down and fend off illnesses like heart disease and diabetes over your lifetime (serioulsy, check out all these amazing benefits of walking). But walking also has a strong short game: A growing body of research shows that it delivers on-the-spot rewards.