Blogs about Yoga Mats And Equipment

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My Doctor Prescribed a Yoga Mat

The positive impact of getting on a yoga mat on health is finally getting its due recognition.  For the first time, a major symposium with attendees from leading medical institutions across the country will take place the weekend of January 18th in Washington, DC. 

Yoga and Mats are inseparable twins

There are many health fads and many of us want to get healthy, stay slim and fit and look our best. Most of the fads turn out to be more of hype than a fact. Of all the health fads and hobbies in the world yoga is the most inexpensive. It is the modern mantra that has been proved not to be a hype as it has been with many other fads. The benefits of yoga have been proved and documented and has been the driving force for good health. Simple yet consistent practice of postures of yoga has proven to be universally beneficial. You do not need to buy costly equipment and install it at home.

Yoga Mats: Part 2: features

 There are a number of factors involved in selecting a yoga mat. The first is price. You can spend anything from about 20 dollars (actually I have seen economy mats where you can get to under 10 dollars a mat if you are buying a minimum number of mats) to over 100 dollars. How much you decide to spend will depend on how important various of the other factors are for you. 

Yoga Mats: Part 1: History

      A while back I mentioned that I felt it was good, if at all possible, for someone who does yoga to have a mat. Several conversations in class lately have brought to my mind that it might be helpful for me to give a little background, and purchasing and care tips for yoga mats.