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The other side of Shavasana: What goes on at the beginning of a yoga practice

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I think about and use shavasana ( ). Since then I find myself thinking about, and talking to my classes about the beginning of the class. If in part Shavasana is the transitional pathway out of the physical practice, into the meditative practice, and then out into our lives, it is balanced by what we do at the beginning of practice, when we step on the mat. 

A Few Thoughts both Personal and Practical for Anyone Considering Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Prelude: On Training versus Calling One of the standard questions any adult asks a young child they first meet is, “What do you want to be when you group up?”. By the time that young person is a teenager the question has usually shifted to, “What do you want to do when you are out of school?” The question is whether this is a shift, or if the being and the doing should or must have some connection. 


Letting the CAT outta the BAG!

Zumba lovers

Over the weekend, I attended a Jam session in o'Fallon. During the Master Class the instructors performed to Rock. That was different, I loved it. Zumba lovers out there, here's a question. Who would love to take a Zumba Class with A portion the music being upbeat rock?

Yoga, Being Well

Yoga seems very simple. Yet, yoga engages the most complicated kinesiology that a human body is capable of doing.

Making time for a home practice

Yoga before mommyhood is competely different from yoga after mommyhood. No more running out th door to get to whatever class I can hit. No more staying at the studio after hours to get my practice in, regardess of time. These days, my yoga mat is often covered with stuffed animals and Dora blanket.  Ashtanga yoga is my main practice, and I've always had a home practice, but it's getting harder and harder to fit everything in a day, and get more than five hours of sleep.

The Multidimensionality of Yoga: Part 2


Is yoga 'Exercise'?


Starting a Yoga Practice 2: Finding the Right Teacher

When I used to run my own business and someone would call about coming to work with my I always advised them to start with one class, rather than buying the 6 class ticket I sold.  My reasoning was that I knew I was a good teacher, but there are many good teachers.  (i.e. it is a necessary, but not sufficient condition)  The question was was I the right teacher for that person at that time in their life.  So the first thing I would suggest is:  if you took a class and did not care for it, try a few others.

A Pose A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Yoga poses provide health to our bodies and conscious breathing integrates the mind/body connection.  Asanas (poses) pronounced Ah-sahnahs strengthen, balance, stretch and relax our bodies.  Depending on our needs we feel yoga poses where our bodies need the benefit.  That's the wonderful thing about yoga, it helps each person - where that person needs the benefit.  Consulting with an experienced yoga instructor helps when deciding which poses will, specifically, benefit you!