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Whether your goal is to lose weight, look better, or feel better, when searching for a fitness regimen, we are offered a plethora of options.Today's popular fitness programs inlcude Cross Fit, Zumba, Piloxing, bootcamps, Pilates, Booty Barre, spinning, boxing, yoga, group personal training, high intensity interval training, functional fitness, core or strength training, and much more as the fitness industry continues to innovate.

Yoga Then and Yoga Now: A Meditation on a Few Changes

If I say the way yoga is understood and practiced today is different in a number of ways from how it was understood and practiced traditionally it is helpful to understand what I mean by traditional. After all yoga has been around for thousands of years, and it was not one thing for most of that time, and then suddenly another thing twenty years ago. The tides of historical change have run throughout human history: it is just easier to see subtle changes to the waves that are closest to us. I am not going to give a scholarly text with dates and citations.

Is Yoga or Tai Chi Better to Learn the Art of Chi Energy Playing?

Tai Chi lessons teach the art of playing with chi energy.For centuries Tai Chi practitioners referred to their art as 'playing'.  There are many interpretations as to what is meant by 'playing'. Martial artists often apply the word to the pleasure one enjoys when sparring with friends. Tai Chi energy masters might use the word to help explain the way chi energy is manipulated.

Following 5 Tips Can Boost Your Health in a Week

What comes in your mind when I ask you about most precious thing in your life. Your super expensive bungalow? A car? Or something other than that. But, all this are perishable. How can they be the most valuable? What if, you have big furnished home to live in, but could not enjoy? A big car but, could not drive? Why? Because, you are not good at health. Someone has well said “Health is Wealth” And it really means. You can't compare your health with any of your costly assets. Just being healthy is not enough.

Does Your Yoga Flow At Work?

The #1 enemy of yoga is outside the studioMany studies show that exercise is medicine and one of the best exercises is walking. Tai Chi fitness practitioners take the idea a step further and claim that mindful walking is the best exercise. 

Mind Over Body – The Link Between Mental and Physical Fitness

Deciding to begin a fitness regime is not something that comes easily. If we’re used to a lethargic lifestyle where we are quite happy to lounge in front of the television all day, getting up and running five miles can seem like a hassle. Getting fit is not just about getting your body into shape, it’s about getting into a mindset where daily exercise is not a chore, but a normal everyday occurrence. Of course this motivation is not the only thing the mind is responsible for.

Stop Your Yoga For Two Weeks And You'll Never Go Back

Does your mainstream yoga have a missing element?Spend the next two weeks of this month ignoring your mainstream Yoga class. Instead, attend two Perfect Tai Chi Fitness™ classes and for two weeks practice what you learned every day at home, during work or even while playing. You'll never go back to your mainstream Yoga.

A Yogini's Thoughts on Taking a Spin Class

The other day a few students and colleagues were engaged in an online chat about a spin class the gist of which was that the class was difficult and awesome. The end result of the exchange was to make me want to go take the class. 

You're Doing Tai Chi And Yoga All Wrong!

Perfect Tai Chi™ Austin Yoga...The Real Thing

Buddha Belt Yoga Will Change Your Life

What's Tai Chi got to do with yoga?When your posture's not working, stay alert. Mull over different methods, explore tai chi principles, focus on your instinct to survive.