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Why the Right Mindset is Key to Fitness Success and How to Achieve It

When it comes to fitness – whether a person’s goals involve losing weight, gaining muscle, or some combination of the two – people tend to be so focused on their body that they forget a key aspect to success: the mind.The bottom line is that you can have all of the fitness know-how, the best equipment, and find the perfect diet, but none of that matters if you can’t get in the right headspace to make it all come together and stick to your plan.

How To Prepare For Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and you’ve spent the last month making lists, drawing maps of store aisles and mentally preparing for the big day. But don’t neglect some key skills you will need for that day…speed, agility and quickness!  Dedicating a day or two per week to speed, agility, quickness (SAQ) training will give the competitive edge on Black Friday meaning that those 60% off teeth whitening strips can be yours---all yours!!

Powders and Potions and Pills...Oh My!

WARNING!! If you take protein powders or other “nutritional” supplements then I may offend you with this blog…STOP reading now if you don’t want to be offended. Or, if you want the truth, keep reading.  

Health Coaching/Zumba Class Schedule

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Mistakes that Keep Millions Overweight

Two-thirds of all American adults are overweight. More than 110 million Americans are on weight loss diets. The average person makes four or five attempts to lose weight each year!

Phen375: The Fat Burner that Works

Being overweight today is certainly not fun, but more often than not going through the motions to lose that extra weight is even less fun. You have likely tried your fair share of solutions: exercise, diet, new age supplements; they all failed. Unfortunately, even though fitness experts often suggest it is easy, losing weight often takes a lot of time, energy, and no shortage of money.

Weight Loss – Is it Better to Use a Treadmill or Exercise Bike?

If you are looking to lose weight and you are fortunate enough to have the choice of using either a treadmill or a stationary bike to exercise with, choose a treadmill as it will help you burn more calories. Running and walking are weight bearing exercises that will engage more muscle mass than non-weight-bearing activities such as cycling. When they are performed at the same intensity level, a person engaging in weight-bearing exercises will be able to burn through more calories.

How To Burn Fat All Day Long!


Different Diets That Work For Different People Suggested By Different Nutritionists

So many people, especially the women have been looking for different diet plans for losing weight, but these people need to be really very careful when choosing what to eat because crash diets are usually not suitable for the people. There are different kinds of diets that work for different people, so they should always consult some nutritionist first and then decide what they should eat.

How do I know when to stop eating?

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Stop eating when you are 80% full they say, and the Raisin Theory Many of us eat way to fast and don’t pay much attention to our meals, we watch TV, read, or surf the web. We pay little or no attention to what goes into our mouth and how much of it.