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Raw Vegan Lifestyle

It has been a while since my last post...busy with life: started teaching this spring semester so there was a lot of prepping for two new classes which is what took away from my posts.  Squeezing in a little update during my lunch break.  This new lifestyle is quite challenging to say the least.  As my body was going through detoxing, I had some days where I just didn't feel great or with energy.  My husband  helped me through this phase because I didn't want to continue.  One of the great things of choosing to make changes is allowing yourself some gra

Body Fat Measuring Helps

Body fat is something that we usually never want to know right? I can understand why this is the case. We are all unique, so, we don't want to be compared to someone else.Also, not all body fat devices are accurate or reliable so your body fat could actually be lower or higher than what a device says.However, in today’s blog, I want to show you how using one particular body fat measurement can help you discover why you might not be losing body fat.

The Best Exercise

Ah, the question. It is something I am asked all the time. The question comes in many forms:

I Want You to Know How I Lost 80 Lbs...

It started my sophomore year of college. Somehow, I'd managed to avoid the Freshman 15, but I was not so lucky this particular year...

Who Are Candidates for Weight Loss Drugs?

Whether you have suffered with your weight your entire life or you are just starting to notice the toll that your years on earth is taking, it can be extremely frustrating to try and lose weight. You did that diet and exercise program and perhaps you were even able to stick with it for some time. But, eventually you got tired of all the hassle with no results to show for it. Now, you might feel like there is nothing else to try. But, perhaps you have enough ambition to consider an alternative.

Why Diets And Working Out Are Not Enough To Lose Weight


Understanding the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Portion Nutrition

One of the most frequent questions when people start a new nutrition program is how to handle portion control.

Dylan Sporn Reveals 4 Ways to Lose Weight Faster

So you started off the New Year and you realized that you are suddenly packing a few extra pounds in the gut? That spare tire is rather common coming off the holidays. In fact, studies show that the average American can gain as much as 10 pounds during the festivities. But we’re here to help you drop them again. Take this advice from Dylan Sporn, a leading fitness guru. Drop those pounds the easy way and reclaim your beach body. Use A Calorie Counting App 

Should We Detox or Not?

Detox is a word that brings mixed feeling to most people. Some people say there is no need for detoxing because our bodies naturally do it. Some people say there is a need for detoxing as a way to get rid of the junk built up in our bodies. Well, I am sort of in between the two. In today’s blog, I am going to talk about two benefits of and one deterrent of a detox.

It's Diet Resolution Week - Part 3

Got through my first!