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Guest blog – My Favorite Tips For Healthy Vacations by Kendra Thornton

I'm always happy to have guest bloggers and have them offer some insightful tips to stay fit and healthy. We put our forces together with Kendra Thornton this time to bring you some helpful solutions to stay healthy while on vacation.

Coach Laura's Top 5 Healthy Snacks Available Anywhere!

No.1  Nuts or Trail Mix - avoid mixes with added sugar such as candy No. 2 Cereal - look for whole grain, high fiber cereals available at most gas stations.  Scan the shelves for whole grain crackers to pair with dairy for a balanced snack 

Bon Voyage: Travel Fitness How-To’s

Originally published on Voyage: Travel Fitness How-To’sThe key is to find balance. Design and implement easy ways to stay moving while away from home.

Yoga for Travel: 2 Some suggestions

 I would like to begin with the same suggestion I did in the first part of this blog: If you have never done yoga before and/or you have an injury or physical condition currently, please talk to your health care provider before starting a practice. There are physical conditions that do require some modifications of yoga practice.