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Review Tips by the Avanti Group: Vanligste Reise Svindel og Hvordan du kan Unngå Dem

The Avanti Group (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur). Falske polititjenestemenn, flyplass sikkerhet tyver og den beryktede "babyen kaste": De vanligste reise svindel avslørt (og hvordan du unngår dem).Med ferie reise over oss, vil mange jetsettere være venturing til nye og fjerne steder over kommende vintermånedene.

Keep an Eye on Your Eyes’ Health

Poets say that “eyes are the mirror of one’s soul” and I cannot agree more, however, if we look past that romantic view, eyes are the organs that enable us to see the world around us, to see a car coming our way or to look at someone we care about.

Let silk flower bushes redefine the aesthetic impact of your interiors

A bush is naturally suggestive to our eyes of organic growth and beauty. When decorating the interiors of your offices and workspaces properly, using silk flower bushes may contribute greatly to their freshness and beauty.

Fitness and beauty tricks for the summer

When most people think about the combination of summer and fitness and beauty, they usually think about getting ready for the summer, getting fit for the bikini or the swim trunks and getting all sexy and beautiful for the summer months when the romance is always in the air. The really smart people actually see the summer months as the perfect time to get more attractive and fit with a few tricks that are only possible in summer. So what are these tricks?Swim and run outside

Tips to Alleviate Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are increasing problems in adults today, because of the long hours worked sitting at a desk, often in front of a computer. It’s important to treat back and neck pain early, as any structural problems in your body will only become worse if left untreated. Migraines, muscle fatigue, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the adverse symptoms of neck pain. Here are a few natural ways to help alleviate neck pain:Restorative Yoga

Nutrition Tips To Help You Stay Fit

Drink plenty of water every day.Take a multivitamin & fish oil supplement every day.Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.Focus on lean meats & veggies, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.Fad diets do not work. They may at first, but in the end, you'll gain the weight back and more. No diet will do what eating clean and healthy does.See last tip.

How to Balance Screen Time and Desk Work with Yoga and Exercise

It is widely understood that one of the huge differences in lifestyle between modern people and their ancestors is that we sit a lot more and walk a lot less. This sitting, particularly sitting for long periods in chairs, and particularly in front of desks with our head and shoulders hunched forward, has contributed to a lot of discomfort and injury. And it has only been made worse by being combined with the even more hours of the day peering down at screens of varying sizes and types. 

Five Tips to Maintaing a Healthy Life

When Life Gives you Lemons.....USE THEM!

The morning after a night of indulging in a decadent dessert, drink a glass of warm water with lemon before eating or drinking. This will help stimulate digestion and elimination—in other words, it helps to clean out the pipes.

Where Are You?

This question is often so overlooked in the fitness world.