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Making diverse selections in women's tennis apparel

Women’s tennis apparel is a huge market that is based on fashion and functionality. When choosing what to wear, it’s best to know and understand the trends, how materials flow, and how what you choose makes an impact on mobility and endurance. There are a number of smart designs that are being made specifically for this market, with additional features and enhancements that focus on areas of the body that garner the most sweat.

Multi-Planar Hop with Stabilization (ankle and knee stability)

Ankle Stability and Balance Exercise of Week Single Leg Hop to Balance in 3 planes of motion

Do you Pre-Hab?

 If case you haven’t heard of the phrase Pre-Hab which is short for prehabilitation I will go into more depth as to how I use it with my clients.  With all of my clients I will do a FMS (functional movement screen) to develop an overview of potential muscle imbalances which may lead to the body compensating by recruiting other muscles to achieve the desired function we ask it to perform.  We may not see this as a problem at first but over time it can lead to injuries. 

Tips on Preventing Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow

Medial Epicondylitis also known as Golfer’s elbow is seen in more high level tennis players than recreational. Golfer’s elbow is hallmarked by pain on the inner side of the elbow, where muscles and tendons that flex the wrist (curling hand towards you). This is usually caused by chronic repetitive stress and strain to the flexor muscles and tendons of the wrist and forearm, usually associated with the wrist snap when serving or hitting with heavy topspin with an extr

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone With Pilates

Take a moment to read the short article I wrote for the Montclair Patch, a  community-based online news source. 

Latest tennis footwork drill 3/27/2013

First a thank you goes out to active tennis for posting the drill on their site.  I did not have a ladder but did have 4 donut circles to place down on the court.  We focused on a variety of foot work combinations along with shot selection and placement.  It went well tonight and had a great response to the combination of a ladder drill in the actual tennis drill.  It elevated the heart rate and forced the student to keep the feet moving upon returning to the center of court.  This definitely added another dynamic to our lesson.