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When Should Youth Start Resistance Training?

If a child is participating in an organized sport regardless of age, they are ready to begin lifting weights. This would occur approximately at 6 – 8 years old. Research suggests that resistance training in youth can result in increased bone density, healthier body composition, muscular strength, overall fitness, injury reduction, sports performance, better school performance and confidence. Can Strength Training Stunt Growth? According to recent research publications, injury to the growth cartilage has NOT been reported in any potential youth resistance training research study.

Fitness and Nutrition for Teens

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Teens and Sports Specific Training

 I recently read a brief article in Idea’s Fitness Journal, May Edition, 2014, p11.  The article is titled The Danger of Sports Specialization.   The timing of this article could not have come at a better time, as OH-Athlete is gearing up for its 2nd Annual Fitness Basketball Summer Camp.  This camp is 50 % strength, conditioning, agility, nutrition, and mind body connection training and 50 % skills training. 

Bikes for Orphans

 I am so excited to share my experience as a volunteer for Bikes 4 Orphans 1st Annual Fundraiser.  How it all began: