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Stay Well At Home program

The Stay Well At Home program is a 6-month long multifactorial fall risk reduction program aimed to help older aduls to stay safely and independently at home. The program includes twice weekly in-home exercise training visits that gradually tapers down to once weekly exercise training visits to weekly phone consults with a qualified health and fitness professional. 

Try Ouroboros Meditation For Better Tai Chi and Qigong Posture

 What's Your Taichibility™?

Athletes Are Starting To See the Benefits of Tai Chi Over Yoga

Austin athletes are dropping out of yoga and switching to Tai Chi.Thousands of yoga drop outs don't regret studying yoga. It's relaxing. It increases flexibility, strength, balance and mental focus. It creates a healing environment through new friendships and spiritual experiences. Smart Austinites, however, are taking the yoga they learned and elegantly charming their skills into Tai Chi classes because: 

Combat Tai Chi Chuan Is Like Kung Fu On The Ocean Floor

Grand Ultimate Fist isn't a myth.Tai Chi Chuan, translated as Grand Ultimate Fist, is never used in mixed martial arts tournaments. In fact, most hard style combat martial artists see Tai Chi Chuan as nothing more than a pretty dance, empty of any truly effective life-or-death kicks, punches, and choke holds. 

Retro Walking Puts More Energy Into Your Tai Chi Shoes

 There's power in your Tai Chi shoes when you walk backward.

Don't Buy Tai Chi Shoes Before Reading This

 Tai Chi barefoot, like a baby.

There Is No Martial Art Law of Tai Chi That Bans Biting and Scratching

 The Origins Of Tai Chi ChuanTai Chi Chuan, as practiced today, is usually first a meditation in motion and secondarily a self-defense. Both aspects promise the practitioner greater health and longevity. 

Tai Chi Mind Body Exercise Students Have But One Regret

 Fit4Zip™ Tai Chi Fitness Austin Says Mind-Body Students Have But One Regret...Not getting Tai Chi connected sooner!

Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu Has 4 Golden Rules

4 Golden Rules of Tai Chi.Stemming from an ancient Eastern tradition, Taoist Temple Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu is the art of linking the body and mind through focused meditation. This martial arts practice has been shown to yield many worthwhile health benefits including lowered blood pressure, increased concentration, and overall positive well-being. 

3 Ways To A Perfect Mind Body Workout With Taijiquan -- Part Three

Try this mind-body workout to turn on your Taijiquan instinct to survive: