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What Competitive Swimmers Need to Know About Picking Out a Men's Tech Suit

For competitive swimmers there are fewer better moments than putting on a brand new racing suit for the first time. Slipping into a $300 piece of fabric that has literally been designed by space scientists and that you know will help you swim faster is a glowing moment.Here are three things that the fellas should be remembering when picking out a tech suit for men.1. Comfort and fit.

5 Reasons Swimmers Should Use a Workout Log

The log book is one of the most powerful allies in your battle to becoming a faster swimmer. Here are 5 less-talked-about benefits to writing out your swim practices.When it comes to achieving that one thing we all want in the water—becoming insanely fast—writing out your swim workouts is as simple, and as powerful as it gets.

3 Ways Swimmers Can Stay Motivated All Year Long

The swim season is a long, long haul. For many fast age group swimmers there is no season—it’s non-stop from September to August, with a week or two to recover, catch up on socializing, and prepare for another monster season.With the length of the season it’s natural that there are going to be some serious dips in motivation. Sustaining that kind of focus and discipline for the seemingly endless swim practices is hard. I get it. Been there, done that.

How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries for Swimmers

It’s the injury that is so common for swimmer’s that it is literally called “swimmer’s shoulder.”

5 Things Swimmers Need to Know About Weight Training

Swimmers spend a whole heap of time swimming up and down that tiled black line.From those shiver-inducing 4:45am workouts, to the long holiday training camps, to a season that a never quite seems to end competitive swimmers invest a lot into the sport. This commitment extends itself to weight training for swimmers, and to the “dryland” side of their workouts.

Michael Phelps: 5 Things You Always Wanted to Know

Sure, you might know a little bit about Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time. But did you know what his connection to Under Armour is? Or how much money the 5-time Olympian has made in a 20-year professional swimming career?Here are some fun facts about the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps:

How Swim Paddles Will Help You Be a Better Swimmer

For swimmers there are fewer things they like hearing more than “paddles and fins!” The reasons are simple, it’s a break from the monotonous nature of most swim workouts, that can last up to two hours and cover nearly 7,000m per session, and of course, wearing paddles and fins is simply fun.After all, you get to go a whole lot faster than you normally would.Here are some best reasons that swimming paddles will help you become a faster swimmer.

What Swimmers Should Know About Swim Paddles

Swimmers love their toys in the water—and swim paddles are no exception. In a mesh bag that includes fins, a pull buoy, snorkel and a multitude of other pieces of swimming equipment, there is perhaps nothing that swimmers regard with as much fondness as their paddles.Here are a few of the reasons that swimmers go ga-ga when it comes to training with swim paddles:

What You Need to Know About Buying Swimming Fins

How to Care for Your Swim Snorkel