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Michael Phelps: 5 Things You Always Wanted to Know

Sure, you might know a little bit about Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time. But did you know what his connection to Under Armour is? Or how much money the 5-time Olympian has made in a 20-year professional swimming career?Here are some fun facts about the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps:

How Swim Paddles Will Help You Be a Better Swimmer

For swimmers there are fewer things they like hearing more than “paddles and fins!” The reasons are simple, it’s a break from the monotonous nature of most swim workouts, that can last up to two hours and cover nearly 7,000m per session, and of course, wearing paddles and fins is simply fun.After all, you get to go a whole lot faster than you normally would.Here are some best reasons that swimming paddles will help you become a faster swimmer.

What Swimmers Should Know About Swim Paddles

Swimmers love their toys in the water—and swim paddles are no exception. In a mesh bag that includes fins, a pull buoy, snorkel and a multitude of other pieces of swimming equipment, there is perhaps nothing that swimmers regard with as much fondness as their paddles.Here are a few of the reasons that swimmers go ga-ga when it comes to training with swim paddles:

What You Need to Know About Buying Swimming Fins

How to Care for Your Swim Snorkel

The Swim Snorkel: Why You Oughta Be Training with One

The swimmer’s gear bag has really filled up in recent years. Where at one point water-born athletes only had to worry about having a kickboard and pull buoy on deck now we have various sizes of paddles, fins, ankle bands, and one of the more recent additions—the snorkel.

Best Exercise Options To Compliment Regular Yoga

Yoga is known to effectively improve your flexibility while calming your mind and relieving stress.  However, if you’re aiming to lose weight and have an overall healthy body, yoga alone is not enough.  In fact, in one study, participants doing yoga for half an hour burned only about 120 calories while other exercises burned more, such as aerobics, which consumed at least 165 calories. 

How to Pick Out Swim Paddles

Looking to level up your power and strength in the pool? Strap on a pair of swim paddles and give your shoulders a workout that will leave you a faster, stronger swimmer.When it comes to your swim workouts there is no shortage of different ways that you can tweak your training. Whether it’s focusing on the upper body with pulling sets, or hammering away at your legs with kick sets, there are an endless number of ways to train.

The Benefits of Wearing a Technical Suit for Competitive Swimmers

For swimmers who spend hours and hours training in the pool they are always on the lookout for a way to make the most of their hard work in practice. The tech suit, with its space age materials, promises of less drag, and high price tags offer a tantalizing means of swimming even just a little bit faster.The cost of a tech suit for swimmers is no joke—they run in the neighborhood of $400, with some of the women’s tech suits costing as much as $600.

How to Pick Out a Pair of Awesome Swim Goggles

Part of the uniform—if you want to call it that—of the competitive and lap swimmer is a pair of swim goggles. Along with a swim suit and towel it’s one of the essentials for organized swimming.