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2 Reasons to Swim with a Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise around. There is an endless number of ways that you can push and train yourself in the water.If you are looking for a straight-up upper body workout, strap on an ankle band, some paddles, and a pull buoy and blast away at your lats, shoulders and chest.If it’s your lower body that you want to tax, strap on some fins and get some low impact power and speed work.

3 Gifts for Your Swim Coach

They help you learn better and more efficient technique. They motivate, encourage, and push you when you need it most. They give you the tools to learn how to believe in yourself so that you can give your best more often in the pool.They are your local neighborhood swim coach.

How to Buy Swimming Jammers

The laps have been completed, you showed up to all those extra morning workouts (even in the dead of winter), you had your nutrition game on point, and know it’s time to pick out a racing suit to help you crush the competition and your personal best times on race day.But what kind of suit should you get? What is the best swim jammer for the particular meet you are attending? In this quick buyer’s guide we are going to break down what to look for when picking the best swimming jammers.

The Benefits of Swimming with a Waterproof Fitbit

Wearables have become a common place site with athletes both in the gym and on the trails. My runner and cyclist friends are all avid wearable-rockers. This trend has slowly found itself to the local swimming pools as well.The big issue—which our land-bound athletic brethren don’t suffer from as much—is the accuracy aspect. Most waterproof wearables don’t track strokes other than front crawl, are easily

Why You Should Train with a FINIS Tempo Trainer

The FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro is an old-school tool in many ways: there’s no fancy buttons or apps, just a beeping metronome that you set and attach to your head.For some of you, the Tempo Trainer will possibly remind you of the “beep test” that many of us had to do in high school and elementary school. Fortunately, you can set the speed and frequency on this particular device.Here are some of the reasons you should use this bad boy in training:

How to Set Goals to Crush Your Swim Practices

Like most swimmers, you want more from your swimming. You want to be able to stand up on the blocks and be comfortable in knowing that you did all you could to prepare for your swimming race.

4 Types of Essential Swim Equipment

Ready to hit the pool and get in shape this year? Here are some of the common pieces of equipment that you will need in order to rock out in the pool with style and safety.

The Beginner Swimmer's Guide to Swim Gear

So you’ve made the decision to head down to your local aquatic centre and crush some laps. You’re sold on the benefits of the sport: you get a great upper and lower body workout, you get to exercise in a manner that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your joints, and it’s also a great life skill to have for when you are down at the lake or the river.

The 4 Best Reasons to Use Fins When Swimming

Swimmers spend a whole lot of time going back and forth in the pool, trying to get an edge over the competition and the swimmer who they were yesterday. One of the more common tools in their efforts to conquer the pool include a pair of swimming or training fins. Generally shorter in nature, supple enough not to cause excessive blistering or bruising, and designed to help swimmers boost speed and develop power, fins are also a fun tool to use. Here are some of the reasons that swimmers should use fins when swimming.

4 Things You Can Do to Swim Faster This Season

Ready to level up your racing and practices in the pool? Forget the big motivational lists, there are only a handful of things that you truly need to make an out-sized impact on your efforts in the chlorinated water.Here are four things that you can do to immediately boost your swimming this year in the water: