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2 Ways to Make Lap Swimming More Fun

The benefits of swimming for exercise are many and similarly awesome. The water provides you a low gravity environment, making it easy on your joints. There is an endless variety of sets and workouts that you can do in the water. And you can target either your whole body, or your upper or lower body, making it handy for training around injury.

How to Buy the Best Swim Goggles for Lap Swimming

Lap swimming provides a metric ton of benefits for the exercise-enthusiast. You get a zero-gravity environment that is easy on the joints. You can mix up upper body and lower body training with ease. And with a dizzying array of workouts and sets to try, you will never get bored.But before you go and conquer the pool, you need to start by being properly equipped to dominate the water. Besides a swim suit, which I heard is key, the next piece of swimming equipment you need when hitting lap swim is a pair of swimming goggles.Here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Train with a Monofin

One of the funnest things in the sport of swimming is developing an awesome underwater dolphin kick. It’s the closest we come to assuming the form of a dolphin or great white in the water. In order to achieve the undulation, leg fitness and flexibility that comes with a great dolphin kick, you need to train it! This means you are adding extra dolphin kicks to your push-offs and starts. This means you are strengthening your legs in the gym. It means you are spending more time on your kickboard doing butterfly kick.

How to Make Lap Swimming Fun

Swimming has long been viewed as a fantastic way to get healthy and into better shape. It’s a cardiovascular exercise that is also partially strength training. Because it is performed in water, with our bodies buoyant, we can stress and work our muscles and lungs without the jarring impact of running on concrete or the risk of having heavy weights fall on us like in the gym.

How to Buy a Swim Cap

Alrighty, so you are in the market for a new swim cap. Perhaps you are taking to the world of swimming for the first time, and are wondering why you would need to wear one (you will learn that too), and what kind of swim cap you should get.Here’s what you need to know about picking out a swim cap so that you can crush the laps at your local swimming pool.

What to Measure with Your Waterproof Fitness Tracker

So you made the plunge, and threw down some sweet cashola on a fitness tracker than you can use in the pool. Cool beans. But where to start? What to track? What to measure?

5 Things to Remember When Buying a Waterproof Fitness Tracker

The mark of someone who is serious about their workouts, whether it is in the gym, or in the pool, is how much they track and monitor their workouts. Back in the day the only option to do this was the old school pen and notebook, with athletes and fitness-goers dutifully writing out their sets, reps, and workouts in a spiral-bound notebook.

3 Ways to Make Lap Swimming More Enjoyable

So, staring at the black line, watching the pool tiles sail by below you for an hour or two doesn’t seem like a fun way to spend your workout. I get it. Lap swimming is a bit of an anti-social activity performed on our one, the only sound our panting and the bubbles as we soar across the width of the swimming pool.If you find that you are getting a little bored with your time spent in the pool, here are some easy ideas to try out in order to spice things up.Let’s go:

3 Things Swimmers Need to Know About Buying a Racing Suit

Thinking about picking yourself a brand new racing suit for yourself or for the competitive swimmer in your life? Here are three things to keep in mind when shopping for a new tech suit:

How to Pick Out the Perfect Jammer

You’ve worked hard in every single one of your swim practices over the past few months. You showed up to every morning practice, even when the last thing you wanted to do was get up at 5:00am and go to the pool. You even cleaned up your diet, and started lifting weights.Now it’s time to put all that hard work onto the starting blocks and to see what you are capable of in the water. But, in order to swim your absolute fastest, you need to pick yourself out a racing suit, or as they are more commonly known in the swimming world, a jammer.