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How to Swim Faster Breaststroke

The breaststroke, while a favored stroke of your casual lap swimmer for its ease of breath, is not an easy stroke to master for your neighbourhood competitive swimmer. Whether it is trying to master the timing of the breaststroke kick—which can leave even the most accomplished swimmer feeling like a rank amateur—to mastering the pull and kick timing, the breaststroke is deceptively hard to come to grips with.

Do You Have a Post-Workout Recovery Plan?

Sustainable Training

 Sustainable Training

3 Tools Every Serious Swimmer Should Be Using

There is a ton of different swim equipment out there for both the novice and competitive swimmer. From paddles to pull buoys to swim fins there is a never-ending pile of equipment to choose from when we hop in the water.As a long-time competitive swimmer I have had a chance to play around with most of them. Here are the three essential tools swimmers need in order to swim faster:1. Tempo Trainer Pro.

What To Look For Choosing Best Swimming Goggles

Wearing a good pair of goggles would always make the difference for swimming in the local pool or training for hitting the open water or indoor race. It is important that you need to see clearly in underwater without any hassle. Most of the competitive swimmers like to wear the smaller goggles fitting around eye sockets. Choose the Best swimming goggles with the high advance features such as anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses to get a good experience of swimming in the absolute way.

Master the Mind While Swimming!

Recently I had the opportunity to Coach at the Total Immersion Effortless Endurance Camp at St. Petersburg Florida.  TI Camps are based heavily on technique and application. Followed by swimmming!  Coaches are on poolside and hands on in the water with swimmers. As a 'culminating activity, we swam in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico! (pics later)

Swimmers: Here's How to Swim Better Breaststroke

When it comes to swimming, the breaststroke looks easy. After all, the arm recovery is underwater, unlike the butterfly stroke, you get to breathe every stroke, and there are recovery periods for both the upper and lower body limbs during the course of the stroke cycle.

What Competitive Swimmers Need to Know About Picking Out a Men's Tech Suit

For competitive swimmers there are fewer better moments than putting on a brand new racing suit for the first time. Slipping into a $300 piece of fabric that has literally been designed by space scientists and that you know will help you swim faster is a glowing moment.Here are three things that the fellas should be remembering when picking out a tech suit for men.1. Comfort and fit.

5 Reasons Swimmers Should Use a Workout Log

The log book is one of the most powerful allies in your battle to becoming a faster swimmer. Here are 5 less-talked-about benefits to writing out your swim practices.When it comes to achieving that one thing we all want in the water—becoming insanely fast—writing out your swim workouts is as simple, and as powerful as it gets.