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3 Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery Following a Workout


Fish Oil Overview

Today's supplement overview is over one of my favorites, Fish Oil. There are a lot of supplements out there, but there are only a few that I personally recommend to universally to all my clients, athletes to the general public. Fish Oil is one of them. Fish oil is King in the battle of fat loss for a few reasons. The advantages to using a fish oil supplement are increased fat loss and better cellular health.

Creatine Overview

Today's supplement overview is going to be pretty long, but oh so informative. Creatine is not one my favorite supplements, IT IS MY FAVORITE PERIOD. Creatine has been around forever and has been deemed one of the safest supplements out there. Not only is it one of the safest, but It is one of the cheapest as well. Creatine is made naturally in the liver with 3 amino acids (L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine). Creatine helps create ATP. The more ATP the body has, the harder and longer people can train. Creatine has been manufactured in forms of powders and capsules.

Protein Supplementation Overview

A Toast To Health...

#1- The truth about red wine being healthy. Here is what had to say:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Reality knocks hard

When your GUTS hate you..........

Have you ever wondered why your GUT is hating on you?  First, let’s see how your gut is feeling these days. I like to call this a GUT CHECK!   Are you bloated, hurting, trouble pooping, diarrhea, indigestion, hot burps, burning in your belly, constipation?  Are you popping Tums, Heartburn pills, poop pills, stool softeners?

The Truth about the MD and Supplements

I often encounter people  who do not realize how important or life changing taking the correct supplements can be for their health.  Many MD's will not encourage or suggest them because they were not trained on supplements in medical school.  The fact is an MD is trained in Pharmacology.  Hence, they prescibe medications to treat patients. that makes sense.  Patients trust the Doc, they go to the Doc and the Doc gives them medicine......

6 Powerful Uses For Moringa Powder

Few supplements can compare to the benefits that are offered by the ever popular Moringa powder. In recent years, this supplement has grown in popularity and usage due to its numerous health benefits. If you have ever wondered how it could help you live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll soon find out about six powerful ways it can aid you. Read on to learn why more people are swearing by this supplement.Improve Stamina