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What Can Quercetin Do for You?

What Can Quercetin Do for You?

Five Rules of Holiday Fitness

Don’t be that person who puts fitness goals on the back burner this holiday season.

Improve Your 5K Run Performance

8.3 Million people in the US finished a 5k run in 2013, according to Running USA.

Hgh Supplements Are They Really Effective?

You should not opt for HGH and its production should be stopped! They just do not work; perhaps it be HGH releaser, HGH spray and even HGH injections. This was the information mentioned in a popular news magazine in the US. Media has really hyped up the true nature of these HGH products and apparently they are going to ruin it.

Powders and Potions and Pills...Oh My!

WARNING!! If you take protein powders or other “nutritional” supplements then I may offend you with this blog…STOP reading now if you don’t want to be offended. Or, if you want the truth, keep reading.  

Why You Should Add Moringa to Your Diet

Moringa is a surprisingly powerful plant that's packed full of the nutrients that your body needs to combat disease and remain energised and healthy throughout the day. So it really is no surprise that moringa powder is becoming so popular in countries all over the globe, and many people are adding moringa to their diets in order to reap its many incredible health benefits.

Are You Getting the Required Protein? Supplements May Be Able To Help

However you consume them, protein is the king of the fitness world.  For many people in the world today, protein shakes are a way of life; a part of our everyday life.

Diet or Exercise: Which is Better for Weight


Foods to Improve Athletic Performance

The Science behind BCAA Supplements (And how it maximizes Your Amino Acid Intake)

BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) supplements are advertised in magazines and commercials and are lining up store shelves everywhere. In the recent years, it has become popular in the fitness community, and for a good reason.BCAA supplements have been used by athletes and bodybuilders for decades now. Several studies support the efficiency of BCAA in helping people gain and maintain their muscle mass compared to other types of supplements in the market.The Science Behind BCAA