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Is Fruit Juice Bad For You?

FRUIT JUICE VS. WHOLE FRUITWhen most people see the word “fruit”, they think “healthy”. This is true if we are talking about the whole fruit.

Reducing Added Sugar

For the past two years, I have challenged my friends and clients to exercise every day during the month of December.  Everyone has really enjoyed the challenge, so I decided to create a challenge for each month during 2015.  

Beware The Boogeyman!!

Beware The Boogeyman!!! He changes over time. Like, when I was a kid the only Boogeyman to be afraid of was the goblins that hide under your bed at night. Well, of course we know there is no such things as goblins hiding under beds (there isn’t right?)

Great advice

There are no good diets. The word ‘diet’ signifies a beginning and an end.

Fix your need for a sugar fix


How Much Sugar Do You Eat in an Average Day?

Do you keep track of your sugar intake?  Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends only 25 grams for women and 35 grams for men per day?  A banana alone has 18 grams, and I eat those daily. Shockingly, the average American eats their body weight in sugar each year.  Here are some other names of sugar you should look for in all of the foods you buy and avoid the item if it has any of these names in the top 3 ingredients.

 A mouth full of fudgy frosting on your birthday, a fork full of toasty pecan pie at Thanksgiving, a cold bowl full of cookies ‘n cream on a hot August afternoon: These time-honored treats are among life’s sweetest pleasures, meant to be savored and enjoyed.

What happens when you boil out the sugar in Coke

This video shows you how much sugar you ingest in coke and other carbonated sodas.  

Is it weird that I want ice cream for breakfast?

Here we go!  It's day one and my first challenge is not feeling sad over not including my favorite coffee creamer in my coffee this morning.  I drink decaf so for me it's not about the caffeine fix... it's clearly about the coffee creamer!  Skim milk will have to do.  I'm wondering if I'm going to be sad a lot, if I'm going to be wanting that little bit of something sweet even more so than usual because "I can't have it" or if this will be an empowering experience.  

War Against Sugar

Avoid the Seduction of SugarFrom INOVA March 2014