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A Yogini's Thoughts on Taking a Spin Class

The other day a few students and colleagues were engaged in an online chat about a spin class the gist of which was that the class was difficult and awesome. The end result of the exchange was to make me want to go take the class. 


I know what 

World Champion uses KewlFit During Winter Workouts

Current UCI World Cycling Tour Champion and member of the Paralympics Ireland Team, Colin Lynch, wears his KewlFit Performance Cooling Vest during his winter training sessions to enhance performance, increase endurance and to improv

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World Champion Cyclist talks about his KewlFit Vest

World Champion Para-cyclist Colin Lynch discuss his use of the KewlFit Performance Cooling Vest and how it has helped him increase endurance, comfort and overall workout performance.  Colin wears the cooling vest as a pre-cooling and post-cooling tool on race days as well as a during exercise cooling on training days.  

KewlFit user wins USAC Time Trial Championship

Dan Dodson wins the United States Cycling Association Illinois State TimeTrail championship after pre-cooling with his KewlFit 58°F Performance Cooling Vest. Dan had said the temperatures near race time were in the 90’s with very high humidity.  Read the research on how KewlFit can help improve your endurance, increase performance and help you maintain a high level of comfort throughout your workouts at

KewlFit users grab 1st place at NW Endurance MTB Race

Adnan Kadir and Martin Baker won their division in the 6-Hour endurance NW Cup at Mt. Hood Skibowl mountain bike race this past weekend. Adnan said with the hot temperatures the 58°F KewlFit Cooling Vests "were an integral part of our plan". Adnan and his team wore the cooling vest as a Pre-Cooling device as well as in between their races to help regulate core temperature.  

spinning my wheels

 had a good breakfast, proteit oatmeal pancakes, with one egg mixed and 1/2 cup milk, topped it with peanut butter, 2 strawberries and 5 blackberries. so yummy!!!!!!!  then i made it through spin class but holy moly the sweat keeps dripping, Do you know the more muscle you have the more fat you burn after. hmmmm you say , Its true. we keep burning calories even when we finish our workout. Thats a goal you can try. Push your self a bit more...