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Because two is better than one

Putting two exercises together can get you double the results in half the time.  Click for my go to combo exercises. 

Beat Your Bench Press Sticking Point!

When’s the last time you missed a heavy bench press rep in training? Do you remember what happened? It’s likely that you started strong and fast, only to have the bar hit an imaginary brick wall and grind to a halt. Whether you miss a few inches off the chest or just short of lockout, sticking points are terribly frustrating. We all have them. They’re the bumper-to-bumper traffic jam of powerlifting. And just like that line of brake lights that stretches to the horizon, it’s ineffective at best to try to blast through it.

Frozen Shoulder

A Common Sense Approach to Shoulder Pain

A few days ago I attended a short seminar at Duke Raleigh Hospital by the shoulder specialist Dr. Kevin Speer who talked about the aging shoulder. I had observed that many people are suffering from shoulder problem as they are getting older, often for no apparent reason, and I was looking forward to the talk in hopes of an explanation. I was not disappointed. 

Three Essential Moves for a Hard-Core Core these three effective moves into every workout for a coveted core. (Original publication in the Peninsula Jewish Community Center's in house magazine, Connections. Issue January 2014.) 




Treat the cause Not the symptom

Have you ever experienced a pain, ache or discomfort in your body that just never seems to go away?You may have gone to a therapist of some kind such as a chiropractor or massage therapist to work it out and it may have subsided for a few days, weeks or months but then it just seems to come back again.