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Life Balance

I wanted to post these words of wisdom from …My Winning Words©. We so many times feel we have to do everything, be in pain when we “workout” and we leave out the balance of enjoyment of movement. Enjoy these words. They them soak into your heart and body.

CAQIT® Walking Is Good For Senior Fitness

Keep the joy in your lifeGood grip and good balance are good things, especially if you're over 50 years of age. As you age you naturally lose muscle strength due to sarcopenia. Lose too much muscle strength and you can also lose balance falling into a broken hip that can take the joy out of life. 

Senior Fitness Using The Mind Leads To More Weight Loss

For senior fitness, walking with a bag of beans may not seem like a fat-burning workout but use your mind and the pounds melt off.The idea that walking with a bag of beans can trim and tone your body as you strengthen your core and stabilize your balance might seem inconceivable. 

Think Being THINN is Healthy, NOT SO FAST...

Think being THIN is healthy, NOT SO FAST... Women, it's time to reassess your views on being that size 6 and being HEALTHY. One thing I see everyday in my personal training clients as well as my LIFT TO THRIVE SENIORS especially the WOMEN, is this on going belief that "SKINNY IS HEALTHY, AND THICK IS FAT AND UNHEALTHY." But this is just not true.

Functional Fitness Classes.... What is that??? Functional fitness is nothing new, really, it's just basic calisthenic style exercises that help to improve strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, stimulate brain memory, create happy hormones for improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and aid in fall prevention, reduce injuries, and identify signs of dehydration... and this is just a few of what my LIFT 2 THRIVE Super Seniors learn about in my on going classes.  

March is National Nutrion Month

Since it is National Nutrition Month most of my posts will be about nutrition this month.

Seniors Fitness Classes LIFT to THRIVE Spring Registration

Spring Quarter Class Registration for LIFT 2 THRIVE starts MARCH 17 at 7:00am, but just a little note, eager new members start lining up as early as 6:30am to get a spot. Open to all adults 55 and over, class fee is $10 for 10 classes, one every week. If you want to take my Tuesday & Thursday classes you have to register for both classes.

Fitness Now, or Dependence in your Senior Years

Tip of the Day: Leg Day Saturday ~ Exercise & Nutrition is only 2 keys to a great BOOTY.... Being comfortable in your OWN SKIN, being the authentic you, and doing it your way is the #1 step to having a very banging healthy body. When we're happy about who we are, we can do anything.

Hawaii's Super Seniors, Simply Amazing

LIFT to THRIVE, Light weight training & balance class today was maxed out...

Older Athletes Don't Have to Stretch

Did I really say that?  As a 50+ competitive athlete, who used to stretch for up to 2 hours per day; crazy when I think about it.  See, I was told to stretch since I lived with fibromyalgia which is chronic body wide pain where our muscles tend to feel tight, restricted and oi the pain. While there is some controversy to the diagnosis, the fact is, when we feel pain, we usually know it; especially if it lingers.  In my case, I only had to endure it for 17 years in my 20's & 30's.