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Why Do Alcohol Rehab Centres Use Medication in Alcohol Recovery?

Alcohol rehab clinics have to deal with a range of conditions. They do not exclusively have to deal with alcoholism. It would be wrong to assume that every patient is a straight alcoholic with nothing else wrong. The fact of the matter is most people have a range of other mental issues contributing to their addiction. This is why you will regularly find doctors prescribing medications alongside the usual itinerary of talking therapies.

Alcoholism and Genetics – What It Means for You

Alcoholism is often spoken about as something that happens due to lifestyle circumstances. For most people, this is entirely true. What we need to think about is whether there is something else. And that’s what scientists from Texas University have done. They have conducted a study into alcoholism and genetics. It is intriguing research and something that has heads turned all over the world.So let us take a look at what they have discovered.

Give the gift of health

What's a better gift to give to a loved one or your arch enemy than some training sessions to ring in the new year right? Let's face it. We're all going to eat, we're all going to regret it and start on our yearly " I'm gonna lose it by..." routine. Let me help you stick to it.

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The Sober High School in Orange County Opens The Door to Kids Who Want To Be Drug-Free

Parents today are faced with an incredibly complicated situation where they not only have to be involved in their child’s homework, but also be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that could point to drug abuse.

Online training now available

I’m happy to announce new online training packages. You’re far but you want to train, your schedule makes it hard for sessions or you just really don’t like spending quality time with me, well here ‘s a solution you. I put together 4 packages, fit for all budget levels. You get workouts, meal plans, coaching, all you need to be successful on your journey.

5 Myths About Eating Disorders – Rehab Centres in UK

There are many misconceptions about rehab centres in general, making people hesitant to get treatment from these kinds of facilities. There are also many wrong perceptions about eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Because of these myths, a lot of people underestimate the dangerous effects of eating disorders and fail to get the proper help and support they need from a rehab centre in the UK. Subscribing to these wrong beliefs not only hinders people from getting proper treatment, but also prolongs the agony of sufferers.

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7 Weeks Post: A Nail Through My Foot

Dancing again today feels like a bit of a dream, a sense of delusion, and great excitement! Imagine Dragon: "I'm on top of the World" Offical Video The past seven weeks have been filled with:

My 2013 As An Aging Athlete!

Hello Everyone!