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How to Exercise as Mothers in Bethesda

The Best Sleeping Pillow For Pregnancy

During pregnancy one cannot avoid back pain and maintaining it in bearable level is crucial. Maintaining good posture is really important during pregnancy since the weight distribution of body may get a bit off – balanced during pregnancy. This needs some slight changes in one’s posture and one should keep it easy for back. While lifting any heavy stuff, the back cannot bear the pressure during pregnancy and it might end in serious pain. Not only in daily activities but also during sleep one should take care of their posture.

DOs & DON'Ts Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy

Expecting a new addition to your family?  You don't have to give up your fitness routine.  Exercise safley during pregnancy with our DOs & DON'Ts Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy Do’s:

Myths and Facts About Sports While Pregnant

A lot of "advice" about exercise during pregnancy. The reason is not far from the fate of the baby. Before any step, we find out the facts first. We prove whether it is myth or fact?

Basics of Pregnancy and Nutrition


Exercise During Pregnancy - Keeping Yourself Healthy

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?It can be safe to exercise during pregnancy, but checking with your doctor first is a must.  


 Sorry to leave you out of this one guys. Exercising while pregnant has many benefits for mother and baby. Lets stay with mum. Staying strong and fit is important because of the many changes that are taking place physically and emotionally. Also getting mum ready for a safe labour and delivery Here are 2 things girls, that you can use right away.

My Most Important Role

As a mom I hold various roles in my children's lives: chaffeur, disciplinarian, chef, teacher, personal shopper, errand runner, cheerleader, supporter, bank....  The one I hold most precious is that of teacher.  I'm the one who has the first opportunity to instill in my children the values, morales, behaviours, experiences I want them to have to help shape them into young adults and to help them later navigate the often harsh, world we live in.  


The old adage that women who are pregnant should kick back with their feet up is certainly outdated. WebMD states, “In the not-so-distant past, women were urged to cut down on or even avoid exercise during pregnancy. Today we know differently. Not only is it OK to participate in fitness activities during pregnancy, doing so can have a positive impact on both baby and mom.” Granted, if you’ve never exercised a day in your life and you become pregnant then suddenly decide to dive in, there are certainly precautions you should take. Of course, talk to you doctor.