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Letting the CAT outta the BAG!

202 miles ran 1st week of "5000 Miles for the Big 50!"

202 miles ran 1st week of "5000 Miles for the Big 50!"

Suncoast Pilates named "Best Pilates Studio" Tampa Bay 2013

Our studio Suncoast Pilates is proud to be named Tampa Bay area's "Best Pilates Studio" 2013 

Watch less. Do more!

Making time for a home practice

Yoga before mommyhood is competely different from yoga after mommyhood. No more running out th door to get to whatever class I can hit. No more staying at the studio after hours to get my practice in, regardess of time. These days, my yoga mat is often covered with stuffed animals and Dora blanket.  Ashtanga yoga is my main practice, and I've always had a home practice, but it's getting harder and harder to fit everything in a day, and get more than five hours of sleep.

Patricia Massey Welter featured in Pilates Intel

Suncoast Pilates Owner Patricia Massey Welter is featured in this week's Pilates Intel online newsletter

Pilates for a Symbiotic Mind and Body

Wellness Matters Magazine May/June 2013 Issue You've Got to Move It, Move It!Pilates for a Symbiotic Mind and Bodyby Monique Molino 

Pilates Strong at Suncoast Pilates

Draft of article: Pilates Mind Body Synergy

 Today life is crammed with demands on personal time, energy, and space. When you continuously care for others without taking care of yourself, you reach beyond your capacity to function.  Like a hard drive with too much information, you essentially crash and burn due to these physical and mental imbalances. At a Pilates class it’s your time to recharge your batteries so you can rediscover your mind-body equilibrium. The Pilates breathing technique will help you to capitalize on your strengths without wearing yourself down.