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Ab Training is Overrated (Most of it, Anyway)

The rectus abdominis is quite an extraordinary muscle.  They are so nice to look at!!  Sooo nice!  The rectus abdominis is also known as the abs.  Ah…now I’ve got your attention.  I’ll refer the rectus abdominis to “abs” from here on out because that’s how the muscle is typically identified. The abs are indeed a pretty damn cool looking muscle. 

Black Friday sale

Here’s your chance to save big on training.

Pre-Workout meals & Post-Workout meals

Pre-Workout Foods Vs. Post-Workout FoodsPre-Workout Food’s

Hiring a Good personal trainer

Hiring a Personal TrainerChoosing a good professional personal trainer can be difficult, due to the saturated field of personal trainers. Investing time, energy, money, and trusting a personal trainer sounds like  a marriage! Every personal trainer isn't the same, hiring a good personal trainer can be difficult. There are many good personal trainers and bad personal trainers.

The Ten-Minute Bootcamp

Are you a catalyst for community-wide fitness promotion?Would you consider helping me to reach out to the sedentary population to reintegrate physical activity into their daily routine? Sharing her perspective in the preface of her book Instant Recess the late Dr. Antronette Yancey, MD, MPH wrote

Goodbyes Aren't Always Sad!

Today I said goodbye to a training client. Like all trainers, I see clients come and go reguarly. Some start with a bang and peter out quickly. Others are stop and go before they stop their sessions. Still others hire me to help them achieve a short-term goal and when that is achieved they are off to other pursuits. The best kind of goodbye is the kind I got to experience today. Goodbyes aren't always sad!

Keep it guessing to keep it growing!

So I often talk about change, but primarily about ways to change strength training.

10 Rules Of Gym Etiquette

Here is my “Top Ten” list of things you should and shouldn’t do in a crowded gym:

Michigan Fitness in the Fall

It's FALL! My favorite time of the year. Do what I a bike! A new piece of fitness equipment was the perfect tool to not only keep me excited about the change in weather, but it's a new skill that I am determined to master. In case you were wondering, I bought a 2014 Stumpjumper made by Specialized. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Help has arived!