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Why Every Personal Trainer Needs a First Aid Kit and First Aid Knowledge

“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” - Socrates, circa 401 BCClients often seek out physical trainers after years, if not decades, of poor eating choices and little to no exercise. They want radical change, seem willing to work hard for it, but acknowledge the importance of help and guidance. Physical trainers therefore typically have their work cut out for them when a new file is opened. Rightfully so: easy cases don’t make experienced professionals.

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Choose the positive path

Choose a "positive " path to pursue in life!

Want to fight? Best get a good base!

Ready to start your boxing career? First you will need to get a great "base" to work with. What? I take on new boxers or boxers that used to box and want to get back into it. What you need is to get some functional training under your belt to strengthen all of your muscles and your balance. Think you don't need functional training? Think again! Just check any boxing(ex. website and you will see that they sell the same functional training equipment that I will use when training you!

The Real Benefits of Functional TrainingBy: Nadia Ellis // The Trainer Hood River. Columbia River Gorge.

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