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The importance of WEIGHT TRAINING by Amanda Abdelrahman

"High intensity resistance training (above 60% of the 1 repetition maximum) causes large increases in strength in the elderly, and resistance training significantly increases muscle size. Resistance training also significantly increases energy requirements and insulin action of the elderly.

Osteoporosis in Men

At the last personal training conference, I attended a session on “Posture and Core for the Aging Spine” presented by Shari Kalkstein. I walked away with many good ideas on how to work the core without further jeopardizing clients with osteoporosis but I also learned one fact that I had not known before. I knew that not only women can get osteoporosis but also men. I had heard the statistics of a ratio of about 1 : 10. I have never really questioned it. It was in my textbooks, and I did not give it any further thought.

What It Takes to Follow a Healthy Osteoporosis Diet

When you think of people who go on a strict osteoporosis diet, you might imagine they lead much healthier lives. Loading your diet with calcium and vitamin D and restricting sugary and salty foods certainly would seem to promote good health. 

Skipping Jumping Rope for Exercise

IntroductionSkipping jumping rope is what we did as kids for fun.  However, they are still great for us as adults to do today. Here are three reasons why they are still not only effective and great exercises, but also fun!

Staying independent as we age exercise prescription

Dr. Wayne Westcott Ph.D. states that it is important to realize that muscles are the engines of our bodie . He explains that our muscles are where combustion occurs, where energy is released, where power is produced, and where movement originates.Muscles have long been recognized as key factors in physical performance and athletic achievement, however strength training has a much greater application by having a major influence on both our physical and mental health.

Alcohol and Sugar: "Bad to the Bones"

                Many people are not aware of the complete spectrum of health risks from alcohol and sugar or the role they play in degeneration of discs and bones.  Most studies do point out the harmful effects of sugar in diabetes and obesity, however, alcohol seems to be studied as to its benefits more often than its risks. 

What Women Need to Know about Osteoporosis


Soy Joy



 1.With only cardio you will go from a big pear to a smaller pear but you will still be a pear. Weights will help change your body shape not to mention all the health benefits. 2.Weight bearing exercises are great to help against and prevent osteoporosis. It also helps your nervous system stay alert and active.