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Play Online Games

Are you just all bored and want to experience some live games, why not play games online? The wide range of games for android/ iPhone puzzles, board games, and many more can hone the gamer inside you. Who doesn’t want to play the free games that have the best range without even paying an extra buck and that too anywhere around the world?  Internet connection is sufficed for what you need to experience and play games online!!

New classes starting soon

If you're in the LA area,come and join in!


Ab lifestyle a new way of health and lifestyle coaching online

Firstly I want to say sorry about the delay for this week blog post, I got a little caught up with finishing my new online coaching site that is now on its soft opening and will be fully live very soon.

Dominic Alexander Keeps on Running

I'm grateful to be mentioned in this inspiring article about a remote coaching client who suffered head trauma and persevered then triumphed.


FREE Sign-up, FREE Membership, FREE Coaching!ALL my services are FREE & only a link away!  :)  FREE individualized Coaching from ME, including customized workouts and complete access to my online support/accountability group.

Beachbody coach or no beachbody coach??? that is the question

OkHere's the deal. My friend and beachbody coach wants me to sign up under her team and become a beachbody coach myself.