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Understanding the Benefits of Stem Cell Nutrition

The body never gets any younger and in fact it gets older and with time the effects begin to show. At a certain age, your body will begin to break down more rapidly because the release of stem cells into your blood stream will be reduced. Generally, stem cell nutrition should not be a problem. Stem cells should be easily accessible on your bone marrow. You ought to have fresh stem cells taking over from the old cells that are probably sick or damaged and this helps your body to be invigorated and to function better.Understanding Adult Stem Cells

Healthier Road Trip Snack Ideas...

On-the-go treats don’t have to be bad for you—or bland and boring. Instead of fatty or salty foods, opt for some of these healthier snack swaps for the open road.

ID Life Changing the Health and Wellness Space with Individualized Nutrition

Check out our video and get in touch to design your ID LIFE! 

Protein Supplementation Overview

Good Saturday!

Been working on nutrition. Going on all natural foods very minimal processed foods. My light bulb is my current pregnancy.

Orange Theory

I had a blast at Orange Theory last Friday! Trainers must also prioritize their own health and sometimes even we need some external accountability! I have failed in this department and I believe I have identified an error in my priorities. OLD1-    Faith (spiritual- where does my value come from)2-    Family (physical- what are the needs of my family)3-    Work (financial- what are our financial requirements)

Are vegetables considered carbs?

Carbs…101 Carbs is another term that when defined by 10 people yields 10 different answers. 

Is DAIRY just another one of the white devil foods?

 Is DAIRY just another one of the white devil foods? Well, it depends on what, how much, and who you are. Don’t you hate that answer? I love my fresh home delivered milk service (36 hours from a local cow to my front porch, gently pasteurized to meet US legal requirements with a low temp process, and transported in a glass bottle). Delectable! 

Sugaraholic's anonymous

She's crafty… …and all of our brains are extremely good at rationalizing to get what they want. This is the kind of nonsense we all are capable of and I quote, “I only smoke when I drink and I only drink if I need to smoke. So, unless I need to smoke or drink, I never drink or smoke.” Laugh but it’s true. My name is Tanner Shultz and it’s been 3 months since my last sugar binge. For stronger living,