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The Neck and Fibromyalgia

I hope this short video (Vlog) clip helps to add a simple and yet effective exercise to your daily routine. With fibromyalgia take it one day at a time and listen to your body.  However, this is effective for anyone who sits, stands, and drives a lot.

Back and Neck Pain!?

Eight (8) out of ten (10) adults will suffer from back and/or neck pain at some point in t

7 Easy Stretches to Do at Work

I am very fortunate that I have a job were I am on my feet, don't wear a suit and not looking at a computer screen for 8 hrs. a day. But I know some of you do. This can mess with your posture, core stability, breathing and your overall mobility. In other words feeling stiff. Do these stretches if any of that describes you. Enjoy.

Treat the cause Not the symptom

Have you ever experienced a pain, ache or discomfort in your body that just never seems to go away?You may have gone to a therapist of some kind such as a chiropractor or massage therapist to work it out and it may have subsided for a few days, weeks or months but then it just seems to come back again.