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Do Must Have Apps Equal A Smarter Business?


Fitbit or FitBUST?

I’ve been rocking the Fitbit Force for about a month.

Technology and Yoga: Is there an app for that?

Today you can download apps with yoga postures, or whole flows. You can subscribe to videotaped practices that teachers create with iphones and upload to their personal web pages. You can scroll through thousands of you tube clips, or subscribe to whole channels. You can get podcasts. You can get it on facebook. You can get yoga on your laptop, your ipod, your ipad, your smartphone, or your game console (think wii). And yes, you can still buy yoga DVDs, and books (and decks of practice cards, and calendars, etc...) 

Be Healthy With Free Helpful Food Apps

Be Fit By Design with Healthy Nutritious FoodBe educated on the foods you consume and understand how they effect your body. Learn how to choose the specific foods to improve your health. Start with the best of Be Fit By Design's healthiest resources. The research has been done to make it as easy as possible for you to access help when you need it.