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Basic knowlegde of Ceramic Pigments

Generally speaking, Ceramic pigments consist of some combination of salts, metallic oxides, alumina, silica and natural clays. These different materials each convey different colors to the final pigment. A combination of zinc, chromite, cobalt and alumina, for instance, produces a blue-green pigment, with the ratio of chrome to cobalt allowing for a bluer or greener result. These mixtures exhibit more stability than oxides, natural coloring agents that can react with one another or with the heat of the kiln to spoil the intended result.

Give the gift of health

What's a better gift to give to a loved one or your arch enemy than some training sessions to ring in the new year right? Let's face it. We're all going to eat, we're all going to regret it and start on our yearly " I'm gonna lose it by..." routine. Let me help you stick to it.

I love Saturdays

Started the day with spinach, raspberry, lemon and coconut milk shake. Great session with my client this morning, tackled the stairs this afternoon and now watching TUF finale.  I love Saturdays!